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Subject: France, 3er, Final Score 16-15-13 rss

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France, 3er, Final Score 16-15-13

Blue Centre
Green Southeast
Yellow East

The map was unusual with paris out on the fringe rather than in the centre. Looking at the board the initial build decisions will be important. I plan on buying the 3 or 4 plant to start.

This game I play Blue, and draw the B or 2nd seat in the first auction.

Turn 1
Y 5
B 8
P 4(7)

B +2 Grenoble, Saint-Etienne (2 cities, 2 powered)
Y +1 Paris (1 city, 1 powered)
P +2 Nimes, Aix (2 cities, 1 powered)

I passed on the 5 plant (2 hyb 1), and bid 4 then 6 on the 4 plant (2 coal 1). When it went for 7, i pucked up the 8 plant (3 coal 2 cities). What about the 3? Well, I decided to try the 8.

Purple started out in the far south, staking out the greens. Yellow started in the cheap paris area. The map was unusual with paris out on the fringe. Looking at the board I started towards the south, taking 2 cities that will hopefully hold me for a while.

Turn 2

B pass +0: (2c, 2p)
P pass +1: Marseille (3c, 1p)
Y 7 +2: Paris, Paris (3c, 3p)

With the 8 plant I need to hold off new plants and cities until I get passed. patience is hard. yellow takes the 7 pland (3 oil 2 cities) at cost.

Yellow and purple built past me, so i relaxed and added no cities.

Turn 33

Y 24 +0: (3c, 3p)
P 11(14) 0: (3c, 3p)
B 26 +1: Lyon (3c, 3p)

The 11 (1u2) plant gets bid and rebid. I do not bid for it, hoping for a great plant. Yellow takes the 24 (2g4) and lucky for me the 26 (2 oil 5) drops. What a bargain.

I can only add one city, and no one else builds, pushing me to the front.

Turn 4

B pass +1: Dijon (4, 4)
Y 22 +1: Orleans ((4, 4)
P 10 +2: Montpelier, Nice (5c, 5p)

Since I just picked up the 26 plant, I pass for 2 reasons. I need more cities, and I can wait for a plant. Yellow takes the 22 (wind 2) and Purple takes the 10.

I add 1 city, moving into 2nd place since the extra money will help me add more cities.

Turn 5

P 28 +1 Toulon (6c, 6p)
B pass +1 Clermont (5c, 5p)
Y pass +2 Tours, Limoge (6c, 6p)

The 28 (1u4) goes for minimum bid, and nothing better drops into the current market.

I stop at 5 cities since the 8 plant is not economic if I only have 6 cities. No reason to start Stage 2 just yet. I can wait.

Turn 6

P pass +2 Chamonix, Parpignon (8c, 8p)
Y pass +0: (6c, 6c)
B pass +0 (5c, 5p)

No good plants come up. Purple triggers Stage 2, building to 8 cities.

Turn 7

P 15 +2 Grenoble, Saint-Etienne, Lyon (11c, 9p)
Y pass +2 Dijon, Besancon (8c, 8p)
B 18 +4: Orleans, Paris, Nimes, Montpelier, (9c, 9p)

Purple takes the 15 (2c3) and nothing good drops. Since I have just 2 plants I take the 18 plant (wind 2). I will replace the 8 before the 18, so it will run at least twice.

The city building gets strategic, as we all watch the resulting turn order. I build to 9 cities so I can run the 8 plant, and am rewarded with 2nd place.

Turn 8

P pass +3 (14c, 9p)
B pass +0 (9c, 9p)
Y pass +2 Mulhouse, Clermont (10c, 8p)

No worthwhile plants, none get bought. So now my 18 plant will run at least 3 times.

I see no reason to build past 9 cities, hoping for a nice plant addition.

Turn 9

P 20(58) +1 (15c, 12p)
Y 23 +0 (10c, 9p)
B 25 +3 (12c, 12p)

The 20 plant (3 coals, 5 cities) is the first good plant seen in a while, it is finally bought for 67. Luckily I was in 3rd place in the auction, as the 25 plant (2c5) dropped down for me. Excellent.

Now that I can power 12 cities I build to 12 cities, stopping there.

Turn 10

P 39 (15 cities, 15 powered)
B 42 (17 cities, 16 powered)
Y 50 (13 cities, 13 powered)

Purple needs a 7 plant to be able to power 16 cities. the 39 (1u6), 40 (2 oil 6), and 50 (wind 6) are the best plants in the market. I let the 39 go for 39 to protect against a 7 dropping into the market.

I bid on the 50, and do not rebid, hoping for a 7. I get a 6 plant, letting me power 16 cities, I think I have enough cash.

Examining the board I could reach 17 cities, and the game ended.


Patience was helpful. The early 26 plant let me buy just 5 plants all game. That is very helpful managing cash.

It is rare to get both the 25 (2c5) and the 26 (2o6) plants. That helped too.

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