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Subject: Window rules rss

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Dariusz Kaminski
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"Fools talk, cowards are silent, wise men listen."

I am after first play and my group has few question.

1. Window icon : Rules says :

"A player who starts their turn
in a room with this icon may
use two actions to move their
miniature to any other room
with a window, continuing play
from that room as normal. A
Possessed player cannot do this

but than it says "A Possessed player
can use 2 actions to move from one windowed
room to any other (both must have a window)"

So he can or cant move trough windows ? The room with window icon has normal window as well on the wall, so possessed player can in fact move from that room by window. What is the difference ?

2. What for is the necronomicon page that is given to first possessed player? Is that player stays possessed for the rest of the game ?

3. Do I need to spedn an action when taking attic chibs ?

4. What if I spedn all my action token and my last one is 2 A actiona chip ? When I take them all back ?

5. In most event cards the result apply only to player with highest Attraction value ?

6. In setup rulebook says :

Take the rooms with value 1 and
4 and place them face down separately to begin
your two decks. Choose one deck
to represent the 1st floor and the other for the ground floor.

So I think rooms 1 and 4 should be on different floors, but in rulebook on next page is picture where all rooms are on the same floor ?!?!
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kurt de vos
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1* in human form u can only use the window ability , when you are in the room with the window ability , so there is only one room like that in the game.
as a possessed you can travel from window to window in each room with a window , it does not need to have the window icon ability

2* the player that starts the game with the necronomicon book , starts the game possessed , but rolls the possession die like the other players , so he/she could become human in turn 2

3* no , the moment you enter the cellar or attic you recieve a chip

4* you only always get the 2 action token back , for the other tokens you need the use the 3- , 4- , 5- or 6- ability on the tiles , this allows you to recieve a action token of that value or less

5* yes , so if one player plays the action 5 token , and the other players play for example the 4 , the event card will be applied to the the player that played action 5 token , to be clear , the possessed player do not use action tokens

6* just build your cabin random , with the stairs in the middle , attic on top and cellar at the base of the cabin , if you have a room at the end of a hallway that has a door icon , that door icon is insted used as a window

hope this helps , love this game tbh , play it the wife and kids

have fun , feel free to ask away if u need help
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Ra Mab
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Hi, Dariusz.
What Kurt said is correct.
As an adittional comment I could add:
2* The necronomicon page counts as a normal page you can attempt to burn.
5* If there are several players with the same highest value of evil attraction, all of them are affected by the event card.
6* The picture in the page that shows how to set the house is wrong (It is a bug). You can set the house at random if you prefer it as Kurt says.

Thanks a lot to play and for sharing your doubs.
I hope you enjoy a lot dismembering your friends


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