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Subject: Zombie!!! 2 player rules betterisation (?) rss

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Michael Jones
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Zombies!!! Super 2 player rules

Recently got a copy of this and im loving it. I generally only play with just my brother and find the game lacking with just 2 people. So I came up with this..... Ok not on my own some of it is borrowed from others on here
You will need a lot of zombies and a large table!

Use Zombies!!!, 1,2,3 & 3.5 (z1,z2,z3)

Players take 3 life and 5 bullet tokens.
Each may have max 6 lives and unlimited bullets.

Shuffle all cards, sort into 3 piles (54 cards each)
Each player takes one from each, and may swap one for another from any deck. Discard unwanted cards

Place town square.

Remove front gate, mall entrance and helipads

Shuffle tiles.

Remove 4 way and straight tile from z2 and 4 way from z3, place to one side

Take 5 tiles each from z2 and z3 (ensure escalator is not in these) shuffle helipad into each, replace on bottom of tile stacks. Place to one side.

Take 15 tiles from z1 shuffle in front gate and mall entrance, place on top of rest of stack, take 10 from bottom and shuffle in helipad.

Map tiles:
Use normal rules.

Event cards:
Players take enough cards to take hand back to three cards ONLY after placing new tile.

Players may choose which stack to pick from.

When discarding card at end of turn, take 2 and pick which to keep, discard unwanted card.

Any card which effects zombies (move,spawn,super zombies etc) must be played immediately, if they cannot be played they are placed at random back into pack.

One card may be played per turn (zombie cards don't count).

When weapons cards are discarded from players dying they are placed back into pack at random (pick which pack).

All other discarded cards placed face down in separate pile.
If a pile is used up, shuffle discard deck and deal 54 cards to new deck.

Players roll 2 dice and use highest.

As normal, but include:
May choose to dodge zombie, 3+ to achieve if failed must fight zombie and halves remaining movement.

Zombies in line of site of players (not diagonally) on same and adjacent tiles always move one space towards players as soon as player movement ends (zombies cannot see passed other zombies) these zombies may not move again that player turn (can't move them away, THEY ARE AFTER YOU!) unless by card effects.

Players roll 2 dice for number of zombies moved.

Each time player dies place a zombie on adjacent space if possible (if you can't, consider that you where eaten NOM NOM!)

Winning the game:
Players may only win by escaping on any helipad as per normal rules. GET TO THE CHOPPER!
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