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Subject: Shadowlord rules cliff notes rss

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Norm Hastings
United States
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Shadowlords cliffnotes
Follow setup instructions..

Each player receives one Master, 1 warrior, and 1 diplomat. Also one power card and 3 spaceships to distribute. Power cards can be put in attack hand or under character card.

On your turn
1. Draw 1 power card, then Draw 1 power card for each merchant and each ruin you control.

2. Roll dice. Play special.

3. Draw 3 spaceships for every station (corner) you control. Use one card in attack hand per turn to trade for same number of ships.

Distribute ships amoung rings, place on planet, place on galaxy you control, or put in storage.

4. Move characters.
-If loose ship on galaxy is picked up, can't move further.
-Drop ship off then move, or move, drop ship off, don't move.
-More than one alliance character can occupy galaxy.
-Can't move through battlefield.
-If piece is moved on galaxy with loose spaceship, opponent can try to get an ally there to fight. Otherwise, ships are discarded and player controls galaxy.

5. Diplomats can turn over disks. If it's white, Add to alliance, trade to player or put him out of game. If it's a shadow, Draw power card to determine ships he gets, then place him on an unoccupied galaxy or opponents galaxy w/o diplomat. Vote to keep him or banish him (unless 2 p). Opponent must fight if he stays and occupies his galaxy. Diplomat's movement ends as soon as he turns over a disk.

6. Bribe enemy characters. Briber discards 4 cards of same number. Players roll. You can do this once per turn. If defender wins or ties, his character stays. If briber wins..give new ring, equal ships+loose ones on galaxy to new ally.

7. Move/Fight Shadow
-Shadows can move one galaxy only, and only when they have ships.
-Ally moves up to battle amount of spaceships he has per movement rules.
-Shadow cannot be moved to lostf, planet, diplomat space, one of your characters.
-If moved on opponents space, fight as normal.
If player wins, remove shadow. Get ships equal to his. If shadow wins, piece is captured by shadow; same ship penalty.

8. Dismissing member
Offer to player. If he takes it, he receives new ring, equal spaceships, his portrait and power cards. If not, out of the game.

Battle with player

1. Call in Allies
-Defender: One character from his own alliance. Can also ask other players to send one character to help.
-Attacker: Can ask other players to send one character to help. (exc. 2 player)

2. Attacker: Play power card from character or hand
Defender: Play power card from character
Both can redistribute ships for battle.
Attackers and defenders must fight to the end.
If attacker beats opponent who has one of his disks captured, the disk returns to his planet.
If attacker is attacking an opponent that has a different colored captured player than his, the player with the captured disk must battle twice. If he loses twice, he and captured player go under winners ring.

3. After playing initial power cards, Attacker and defender draw a power card and play it.

4. Total points (char power+ships+cards+stone)
Most points: Winner

5. Winner draws card to see how many spaceships defeated opponent loses. If number is greater than his number of ships, the winner loses the difference.

6. Winner draws reward power card.

7. Winner removes losers space ships it still has, and adds that number to his ring. If too many, put on home planet or storage. Winners ring placed on top of losers ring.

8. Loser can escape if ship defeated by member of own alliance.

9. If a master is defeated, player is out of the game.

10. Person who was main attacker, I believe, can move his disks off the space per movement rules.

9. Power Blast
Must own power stone
Each member in alliance on same galaxy can use stone, provided they roll a higher number when it is their turn to duel. To determine if stone is used, both players roll a die.
If roll is won, winner can either draw a power card or roll a die to destroy number of dueling opponents spaceships. If lost, can't use stone.

10. Fighting Shadowlord

-Must battle shadowlord and all other shadows located at fortress.
-Each shadow receives power card before they duel. They receive that number of ships. They also must roll for use of power stone. Other player plays as shadow.
-You can call your allies to you if they can reach you per movement rules. You may also call one character from each of the other players to assist.

11. Shadowlord defeated?
-Remove all shadows and their ships.
-Return their captured players back to their home planet.
-Possess power stone. Give it to one of your members.
-Teleport back to home planet on this turn unless an enemy is in your galaxy.

Lose to shadowlord
Draw card to give him spaceships. He possesses stone.
All shadows captured return to fortress spaceshipless*

Galaxies with Diplomats are neutral zones. If opposing Diplomats are on it, this is negated and battle ensues.

ON games with more than two players, voting occurs during the following.

1. If a Shadow disk is turned over. Yes to keep him, no to banish him.
2. Moving a shadow to a certain galaxy. Yes allows it, no makes him stay where he was.

You can use power cards to:
1. Place in attack hand
2. Place under character for offense or defense.
3. Trade in for spaceships
4. Bribe an enemy player
5. To fight.
6. Determine ships gained or destroyed.

Voting (more than 2 palyers)
When moving a shadow minion, all the players get to vote on whether to allow your “suggested” move to occur. A single yes vote allows the action to occur. Similarly, any of the special events that can occur on the second phase of a turn that effect another player must also pass a vote. This mechanism is interesting in that it allows the players to keep some amount of balance to the game. Players can use the voting to keep one player from getting to far ahead of the others and can keep the losing player from being wiped out by another vicious player. When there are only two players left in the game, any action requiring a vote is always takes place (as if a yes was voted).

Winner is player who is the last army standing.
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Todd Woodward
United States
Bowling Green
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Does the defender draw a power card in the first step of combat if there isn't one under their character? I don't think the rules state this, but everyone I know seems to have house ruled this.
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Norm Hastings
United States
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Hi there..The rules say that the defender can only use a power card that is under his character, and not from his attack hand. The attacker can play from either his attack or character hand. It doesn't say anything about drawing a card, so it's a house rule.
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