Vladimir Teneslav
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While working on the prototype for the sci fi boardgame I am creating I've researched quite a lot and looked at lots of shops out there. Below are the ones I've used and the ones that I recommend. For more images check out the BGG page.


- all my game cards are printed in linen 310g over at www.printerstudio.com. They provide a really great user interface to upload your files, they print them fast and with NO problems. Oh, and they are cheap and come in a free plastic box.

- all my miniatures are printed at www.shapeways.com. I've used them before and they are really awesome. They to have a wonderful interface to upload your models and to see how much they cost in different material forms. Recently they've introduced a new printing model called Print It Anyway where you can skip their model checking at your own risk. This however can speed up the process but end up with unfit models.

- all my boards, cardboard tokens and cover box are printed by Andrew Tullsen over at www.printplaygames.com, a very awesome person that I've found while researching for options at BoardGameGeek. Everyone was recommending this guy over and over again so I thought something must be right with him if he made so great client fans. His box wasn't up to standards though and I had to do it at a local shop.

- all other meeples and items come from www.thegamecrafter.com. I really don't like their website as it looks and feels like is from 10 years ago but they provide a lot of services and many people print and sell their games via their website.

- all my fliers and rulebooks are not in print right now, however for the moment I consider using these guys over at http://www.blurb.com/. I have some friends that print artwork books with them and end up really great.

This is my list, what are your recommendations? Also, what was your experience with the ones listed above?
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