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Subject: Pushing and Getting Pushed - 5-player suspicion mode, random tiles rss

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Pasi Ojala
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Pushing and Getting Pushed 2014-11-15 / 1

5-player game, Suspicion mode, Random tile composition

1.Dude - jhsa
2.Bimbo - Juh
3.Colussus - Sat
4.Little Girl - Ant
5.Scientist - me:a1bert

It has been 8 months since we have played Room 25 the previous time, so it is about time to play it with all the other traitor and hidden team games we are playing tonight (BSG, Avalon, Panic Station, One Night Ultimate Werewolf and Coup).

I deal the identities and I'm a prisoner in this game.

My freebie Look shows an Acid Room, and Bimbo marks it just because of my reaction. Little Girl looks at it too.

Round 1

Dude Looks, Bimbo Looks a different tile, Colossus Looks too, but Little Girl Walks blindly into a room, and finds a dark room. I Look and don't find a good room either (Prison Cell), so that route is blocked too.

Dude Walks, but does not want to go to the room that he looked at, so he follows Little Girl, and Bimbo follows them. Colossus knows the Prison Cell, but still Walks in to reveal it. Little Girl shifts the three of them away from the center room. I can now safely move to the Acid Room. No-one can follow me there.

Round 2

Bimbo is Pushing Little Girl to the Unknown

Bimbo Pushes Little Girl to a Cold Room. Colossus Walks back to the center room. Little Girl would Push, but there is no-one with her now. I Look at the tile at the edge and see a Twin Chamber. Dude Walks to a Vortex Room at the other side of the board.

Bimbo Walks backwards and finds herself in a Flooded Chamber. Colossus does not get new information from his Look. Little Girl Shifts the row back to the original position. I walk into the Twin Chamber. Dude's Shift is a no-op because he's back in the center room.

Round 3

Colossus Walks to the other Acid Room, and Little Girl follows, killing Colossus. I Look another edge tile. Dude walks into the Acid Room and kills Little Girl. Two down, so we see Colossus was a Guard and Little Girl reveals she's one too. (It should've been hidden until the next character bites it, but it did not take long to happen.) Bimbo Looks at a tile.

I take a risk and Walk into a Moving Chamber, and fly to the other end of the Twin Chamber, because I know the other edge tile. But Dude Shifts me to the other side of the board. Bimbo walks into the room she already looked into.

Round 4

I Look and find another Vortex Room. Dude Looks another one, so does Bimbo. I Shift, Dude Walks blidly, and enters the Mortal Chamber (the other one in the game). Two prisoners are left.

Round 5

Bimbo Looks, I Shift to change to the other corner, Bimbo Walks, I Look and see a Vision Chamber.

Round 6

I Walk into the Vision Chamber and Look at the other corner, and it is another Empty Room just like the one beside it. Bimbo Shifts. I Shift to the other side.

Round 7

Bimbo Looks, I Look, Bimbo moves to the Illusion Chamber. He takes a tile that is not in my reach, it's another Empty Room. I Walk into an unknown room (it's safe to walk even if it were a Traped Room), but find Room 25.

Round 8

I only program one action. Bimbo Shifts closer to me, I Shift Room 25 to the edge, and Bimbo Walks in.

Round 9

I Shift us to safety.

Prisoners Win!
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