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Subject: RIF2 2 Fleet Build rss

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Thomas Blackwell
United States
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Greetings all!
I finally won an OP. Noone in my meta is more amazed than I am.

Our OP was using the new 3 Ships < 50 points rule. We had distinct fleets for Rebel and Borg sides. We also played with rebuilding the Blind for each side but it didnt make a big difference to me.

Rebel Fleet:
Kraxon (26)
Fleet Captain: Independent (Klingon) (5)
Mirok (2)
Decoy (4)
Amat'Igan (1)
Elizabeth Shelby (1)
Quark (Tech) (1)
Independent (Klingon) (0)
Advanced Shields (0)
Shroud (0)
Shroud (0)
Total (40)

Cardassian Keldon Class (24)
Luaran (1)
Glinn Telle (0)
Shroud (0)
Shroud (0)
Total (25)

Cardassian Keldon Class (24)
Sar (0)
Miles O'Brien (1)
Total (25)

Fleet total: 90

Generated by Space Dock for Android

Goal was to keep soaking damage and repairing it with the Kraxon.
Used Glinn Telle and Decoy to disrupt attack dice. My goal was to hurt the Borg Missile, but didnt see any. Miles was also there to disrupt opponents Assimulation Tubles/ Borg Missles, but didnt see any.

Borg Fleet:
Queen Vessel Prime (42)
Tactical Drone (2)
Scavenged Parts (1)
Fourth of Five (4)
Goval (0)
Total (49)

Borg Sphere (38)
Tactical Drone (2)
Four of Twelve (1)
Total (41)

Fleet total: 90

Generated by Space Dock for Android

I figured everyone was going to setup to be anti borg missile (I was right) So I wanted to bring something else disruptive. Scavenged parts makes a big difference when you are leaning heavy on your Tactical Drone.

Blind was the Kazon Banana

1st matchup (Rebel):
My opponent didn't have any borg, had no interest in playing borg, so he just brought Klingons. He is still relatively new to the game and made a decision in the 1st turn that lost him the game. I focus fired, he did not. I took out two ships, he took out zero. From there it was just my hunting down the rest. He got my Blind but nothing else.

2nd matchup (Borg):
This one had me nervous. I was playing against Sean, a player who has won several OPs in our meta. He had a dual Scimitar build. I was also worried I was going to fall in love with the Borg
I immediately screwed up my placement. I was planning on sticking to board edges but for some reason deployed everything in the middle. So the Banana Boat ended up going out on its own and getting blown away, while I get the borg in position. Horrible mistake on my part, should have just stuck it out. But I figured the Banana was going to be blown away regardless. As it turned out that was the only shots fired at my fleet the whole game. using the borg 360 and cardinal movement I stayed out of the firing arcs of the scimitars the whole game. The big thing that helped is a bit embarassing. Sean forgot cloaked ships can sensor echo... He usually plays Borg as well.
I ended up destroying his fleet minutes before time was called. He only got my Blind. Fourth of Five was a champ here and kept the Interphase Generator disabled. Also Scavenged Parts getting me some much needed rerolls.

3rd matchup (Rebel):
I wasn't in the finals. 2 other players had gone 2-0 and had higher scores. No worries. I'm here to have fun. As such I chose the fleet I was having fun with rather than the one I was sure I would win with. Went against a Double Borg Cube + Vulcan Blind build. Using dice reductions and the Kraxon I was able to keep all my ships alive while destroying the borg fleet. My opponent was not a normal borg player, so that played into as well. It didn't help that she found all 3 warp core breaches in the deck.

The top 2 at the other table beat the snot out of each other. I believe the winner had 1 ship left with no shields. After points were calculated I came out the winner.

The Kraxon confused both opponents. The fired at the Keldon threats, realized the Kraxon was soaking all the damage and regenning, so they started attacking the Kraxon. Which then evaded shots and healed the rest. Both games by the time they realized they needed to focus fire on the Kraxon it was too late. Just as I'd hoped!

Great time!

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