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Subject: Rule/Text clarifications needed. rss

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Christopher Niewiadomski
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Trait Deck - Erratic
It states you can spend a shield for placing an expose marker. As there is no once per round option this can used until you are out of shields?

Actually played: Used it until out of shield markers. Would be good for the Evilmancer

Yes, you played it by the book. No limitations on this trait, other than using all your shields.

Ability Cards - Dodge
We engaged the tentacle monster (long nights of potion drinking WoW came back to mind) and wanted to know when you dodge when the sneaky tentacle - Throw came up. Do you dodge when damage is resolved (like an expose marker) or when the whole text on the attack is resolved?

Actually played: As the dodge negated the damage of the "grab", we dodged at the tentacle and not after we were thrown at Yogg... ehm the monster.

You are pushed after resolving damage, before any other effect, just like in normal push rules. This means you have to follow these steps:
1. deal 1 damage to the hero
2. push the hero
3. throw the hero

Ability Cards - Vanish:
Does Vanish add a number to ignoring armor to an attack? Does it only work on Martial Trait attacks?

Example: Vanish + Any Magic - Elemental - Attack (eg. Meteor Shower/Shock) or Ghostly Strike or Wrath or Magic Missles

Actually Played: Well added it even to Meteor Shower vs. Evilmancer Zombie Horde

It works on any attack this hero makes, even from other sources than abilities (but it have to be an attack).
Armor reduction is cumulative. Thanks for noticing this, we will add it to the new version of the rulebook.

Ability Card - Party Charge:
Would highest ignore armor be used or only the one of the attacker? Would it break hidden for the added members?

Example: Vanished (Hidden, 1 Ignore Armor) adjacent Rogue is used in the charge but Warrior has no Ignore Armor.

Only the hero activating this ability is counted as the attacker, other heroes are just part of the additional effect and requirement.

It won't break the hidden status, these extra heroes are only moved, they don't do anything more.

Ability Card - Fan of knives:
To activate will need two sixes and not one six to use in initiative round?

It doesn't matter where exactly the lightning icon is printed, if it's somewhere near the dice symbols, this ability is always initiative enabled.

Map Card - Dark Forest - Elder Tree Option
Map Card - Mercenary camp - Grizzled trainer
Do we assign the card to a player we want?

Example: one character has six abilities all other have five and we choose to give it to the person with six cards because it is no level up.

In terms of the Elder Tree. Do we draw the card and assign it to any player we want or do we need to choose the player that visits the tree and draw the card?

You should respect the equality of leveling up. Gaining new ability card is treated as gaining a level up, even from other source, than camping.

The Elder Tree location instructs you to draw one ability card for one hero, you need to select him before drawing the card.

Item card - Red Orb of Scrying
Do we choose the deck if there is more than one or reveal all?

Example: Evilmancer Hycorax - Reveal one deck or all three?

Reveal the top card, this means one card only. Choose one deck.

It may not be as clear as I want it to be, but it's covered by the "Event order" rule on pg.1 of the rulebook. You have a choice of events, reveal one of the three decks, after you reveal one, you accomplished the effect of the item - revealed one card - so you can't reveal any more.

Aura cards are AI cards by the way, Hycorax uses them as his second activation, and by activation we mean drawing an AI card (from the aura deck).

Combinations - Forcewand of Exploding Heads and/or Frost Shards and/or Combustion
Resulting in a +3 for each push marker if all three are used, correct?


Try not to aim at your allies.

Combinations - The witch's hut map card + Desperate merchants setting card + Travelling merchant event card
This actually showed up otherwise we never would have stumbled upon it. But given the effects we could (with enough money at hand) cycle trough the whole common equipment deck?

Yes, and you don't need The Witch's hut in order to do it (but it helps a lot).

These merchants are not thinking straight.
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Gun 3D
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Do you gain an extra dice if you gain/buy ability cards from Map Locations?
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