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So, after a game of Friday while cooking dinner to get my mental muscles warmed up I decided to get out an old favourite. From I first got it SH DA was my favourite solo game, but looking at my plays it seems to have fallen out of favour recently (I've only played it twice this year).

As I own the Tyranid Enemy pack but never played it (because the last thing this game needs is the difficulty turned up to 11...) I decided to be a big, brave Space Marine (nothing to see here GW Legal Dept) and give it a go. A random draw of Marine teams put me in command of the Purple, Blue and Black (from SM Pack 1 expansion) teams.

The first time the 'nids attack and it no longer war, but murder. A Lictor takes Brother Metraen from behind, followed by Brother Zael in the second round, his support token being useless at preventing him from being backdoored.
Turn 3, I'm still in the void lock and the death spiral has begun. Sargent Lorenzo gets taken down by a swarn of 2 'nids, meaning the Lictor has been instrumental in the deaths of half of my Marines in just 3 turns, despite being able to use his support token to reroll.

The next event phase seems one blip pile empty and I'm at least spared the indignity of being wiped out in the void lock. Location 2 is the Teleportarium and I'm able to activate the control panel to skip forward to the 3rd location, the Generatorium.

Where Brother Omino gets killed, followed by Brother Deino, before the next event card causes the swarm to perform a flanking maneuver on Chaplin Raziel. Knowing there's nothing he can do against a swarm of 5 'nids he turns to face his enemy...

Final score

Lictor - 6
Space Marines - well, I forgot to count... (but it was more than 6)

Win for the 'nids, specifically the Lictor who was involved in the death of every single Marine. Next time I'll be gunning for him; I don't care if I lose as long as I splat him, then it will still be a win.


Well the Tyranid Enemy pack really does make a difference! When I played SH DA on a regular basis I would win a lot more than I would lose, and while some of my performance tonight could be due to being out of practice I think this expansion makes much more of a difference to the game than any of the other expansions. Before this game was quick to exploit any mistakes that you may have made, but with this expansion it will tear you apart!
You have been warned. devil
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Aaron White
New South Wales
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Bennett from Brawl
Slow and Thoughtful
It is a pity you never made it to the final location, the boss battles are one of my favourite things about the Tyranid expansion. I was lucky last time and did not draw any Lictors though, will have to keep an eye out for it next game.
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