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Subject: Journey home rss

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Ross Allen
United Kingdom
Greater Manchester
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I woke up, bleary eyed in an unknown location, looking around, I stumbled towards an orange light.

My eyes adjusted, and I found myself in a library, I decided to do some research.

Where am I?

How do I get back home?

I pick up the first book on the left and open it at a random page, huh turns out it’s a fake book with a cavity to hide things in, and there is a key, bright orange, dunno what to do with this. Maybe I should leave it? The orange glow though is warming, I’ll keep it, it may well be useful later. Still need to find where I am and how to get home, best put this book back and find a useful one.

Why is that bookshelf calling to me?

It’s dark there though I should be careful. I go towards the shelf in the dark and pick the book in the middle. It talks about observatories many different observatories, specialising for use during the day and at night. Other than that, nothing else in here.

I turn around and go back to where it is brighter in this library and just have a look around. I go around the bookshelf on the far left, and see a door or more accurately a door frame with a book balanced on top of it. Inside it I can see an observatory that was described in the book. It’s night-time and there are lots of stars out, do I have time to look at them closely?

What am I thinking?

Should I go through the portal doorframe thingy?

I might as well I can always come back to the library. I go through the door and it disappears behind me. Darn.

I see the telescope in the middle of the room and peer through it. It's fixed upon an earth like planet, didn’t know telescopes were this powerful. Its day time on this distant planet, many different greenery I have never seen before.
Where is the researcher?

I look around the room and see some stairs leading upwards and a see a green key like object next to a globe. I pick it up; it’s made with ferns and is surprisingly soft. That’s 2 keys now maybe that’s a good thing?

Anyway I climb the stairs and I come to a door with a picture of a globe above it and I go through the door, revealing another door, this one is locked, green with a flower above it. Seems like the key made of ferns will unlock this. It does, but it’s now stuck in the door.
Suppose makes sense being made of ferns.

It looks like I am back in the library. Maybe I should read some more. No this is a clearly a different library, it's much narrower, I can see a door with a picture of a book over it but between me and it, there is a large area of pitch black. It looks miles away.

I pick up a book; it’s about an aquarium, very specific, a bit like the observatory book, talking about day and night time fish that are present there. Ok, there's nothing left do but to go towards that book door.
I set off into the darkness, it gets cold, really quickly yellow lights appear from the shelves, no, not lights, eyes.

Oh no.

I feel something brush my thigh.

I instinctively put my hand to where I felt it. I feel the orange key, its warm, really warm. I take it out of my pocket and it glows brightly like a lantern and I immediately see what is attached to those eyes. I drop the key and make a run for the door in the distance, I glance over my shoulder and those nightmarish creatures are consuming the light from the key. I think I am safe; they are not interested in me.

I get to the door, its bright now; I can see out of a window and see the midday sun. A small key with what looks like a globe on it catches my eye, lying on the windowsill. Must be for the observatory.

I try the door. Locked. I search for a keyhole. Nope. Nothing. There must be something here that’ll open the door?

I feel around the top of the door and a bright orange key, just like before, falls to the floor, I look behind me to where the shadow people are. They haven’t noticed me or this new key. I turn around again intending to pick the key up but I accidentally kick it under the door, maybe that’s for the best, I don’t want another run in with those shadow things.

I look under the door to see if I can see that key. I see some more shadow people the other side of the door pounce on the key, just before the key glows bright and disintegrates itself and the shadow people gathered on it.

Seems to be the green garden I saw from the observatory. The door swings open and I get up and close the door behind me, I don’t think I want to go back to the library any more.

There’s another globe key where the orange key seemed to blow up. I pick it up; at the very least will cause a distraction if I see any more shadow people. It’s getting light now in the garden, I’m confused with how time is working.

How many days and nights have been and gone?

Why is it all too quick to change between night and day?

Anyway daytime will be better for me to find out how to get home and away from those shadow people. I keep walking, nothing but green for miles around. I trip over but brake my fall with my hands. What did I just trip over? Another key with a flower on it. Huh, 3 keys. Maybe these are useful?

I continue on. Looking to the sky, maybe I am on the other world I saw? A gaze at the sky thinking back to the observatory. Wait was that one of those shadow’s eyes in the sky? No can’t be. Stay focused. Concentrate on…

what’s that in front of me? It looks like a building advertising fish. Is this the aquarium I read about in the book?

I run towards the building and head towards the door. It has a flower above it, and a keyhole, flower shaped. I pull out the keys from my pocket, the globe keys have seemed to forge into one, strange. Anyway, I use the green flower shaped key and the door opens.

I pull the key back out of the door in case it is useful later on. It is the aquarium. I look around seeing the fish described that I could see during the day. One of the fish is intriguing. I stare at it not noticing that the other side of the fish tank the unmistakeable eyes of a shadow person staring through the tank directly at me. It knows I see it. I can feel the flower key growing within my hand; I throw it in the shadows direction.

It pounces on the key and the key seems to grow and engulf the shadow and they cancel each other out, taking the daylight with them. Scared, I continue looking through the aquarium looking at the now nocturnal fish when I notice a glass key with a fish inside it. I pick it up and suddenly the day is back again. That’s a shame, I didn’t really get to look at the nocturnal fish.

I see a blue door with a fish above it and enter the new room in front of me. Its dark in this room but the tanks seem still and empty. I look around thinking if I read anything to help me from the books I from the library. Nope. I go towards the window and see that it’s still daytime out in the garden although strangely no light is entering through the window. I find another glass key with a fish in it lying on the windowsill and pick it up. As I look up, I see in the reflection in the window. Shadow eyes.

I quickly turn, throwing the glass key at the shadow person. It explodes and covers it in acidy liquid and it dissolves slowly. I recognize what it is. It is an incubus a read about them in a story book. How can they be real? They are made up! I decide throw the other key at it for good measure, make sure it’s gone.

I decide to look for the light source in this room and there it is, obviously another glowing orange key. I take it to use as an old fashioned lamp, but I can feel myself becoming nervous, getting frightened about more of those incubi, appearing, remembering back to those myths.

I look around with the help of the orange light, and come across a door with a fish above it, but it is behind a sheet of glass. I cannot get to it. Maybe I can find something to break the glass? I touch it and suddenly the room is filled with light, I turn around, things start shaking, like an earthquake, maybe it is one but made with light, is that even possible? I don’t know, but I don’t want to stay and find out.
The glass shatters and falls to the floor and I decide to quickly run through the door. I am back in the observatory I was in before. It's night time here now. I look through the telescope and can see where I had just been, and I can see incubi flying about the place just where I was standing moments ago. One of the bigger ones seems to be looking at me, that world falling apart behind it.

I feel a keyhole on the side of the telescope, a perfect fit for the orange key. I place it in the keyhole and it disappears. Suddenly I see a light through the telescope pierce some of the incubi that were coming towards this world.

The ground begins to shake, it turns to day outside, getting ever so bright, and then I see it, absolute clarity a glowing red door with a map of my home country. That’s where I need to go, but in the way is without doubt the scariest shadows in which inhabits many incubi. I must get past them; this globe key though looks like I need it to get through the door, after all they are both red.

The incubi have spotted me and are coming right towards me. I can see some glowy things between me and them on the way to the door. I start to run; the earth starts to shake violently.

This is it. I grab and throw the glowing objects towards the incubi coming at me at my flanks, they burst into flames nicely consuming them with it. Quite clearly, what can only be described as the boss incubus sees what I have done and starts charging at me.

The ground begins to crack. I begin to sprint, literally for my life. I get to the door, key in hand, panickingly trying to get the key into the door before the boss incubus gets me and the earth falls apart.

It’s in.

Eyes closed, I turn the key.

The door opens I jump through it and slam the door behind me just in time. I open my eyes into a glaring bright light.

I hear a recognizable voice…

“You’re awake, I was worried sick”
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