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Subject: [WIP] CyberDome Football rss

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Evan Hill
United States
The Republic of Texas
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Hello, I am fairly new here and a little nervous about sharing incomplete work but I think it will be helpful in the end and hopefully fun.

I started working on this for fun and I might even include some pictures of the evolution of the artwork.

Here is the first design document I made for the game, its old so some things have changed or grown, but it gives a basic idea.

Cyberdome Football
Cyberdome Football is a two player football game set in a dystopian cyberpunk world. Star Players face off against one another in combat as they try to score a touchdown on the opposing team.

The target audience is male, ages 12-40. The game is designed for the more hard-core oriented players but has touches of casual play due to a reasonable game length and simple game mechanics.

Cyberdome Football is a tactical combat game combined with the strategy of football and its 4th down system.

Core Gameplay
2 Players take turns moving thier team members around the board in offencive and defensive plays. Combat is resolved through playing of cards, while special moves like passing and catching and pushing other players are resolved through modified dice rolls based off a characters attributes
The goal of the game is to have the highest score at the end of the game. The game ends when the time clock reaches zero.
on the football field there are squares a teammember can occupy that give offensive or defensive bonuses, as well as spikes on the ground that cause damage.
The game is broken up into Plays. Each Play consists of one or more rounds in which players take turns moving thier team members on the playing field. The play ends when someone with the football is tackled.
Before each play players draw cards from thier team deck until they have 7. After each play the timeclock is moved down one minute and a new timeclock card is pulled.

Visual Style
cyberpunk/ sci-fi fantasy theme with a touch of Texas wild west influence. There are 5 types of football players on the field cyborgs, mutants, androids, experiments and humans that play Cyberdome football. some cards are conditional to type of player.

I am happy with the game mechanics on a conceptual level but I need to write them out so others can understand them. The combat system works similar to dungeon command with attributes determining what type of card a character can use, but with a fatigue mechanic similar to Descent for paying for those cards. fatigue and damage can be healed by moving to the bench. 1 play on the bench for healing one point of damage? 1 play for regaining all fatigue?

There are 4 positions for the game

These positions determine where a player can start on the line.

There are 5 attributes in the game
LDR- 1 team member has this stat, lets him pass and play ldr cards.
Str- Primary stat for Lineman, lets players push and play str cards.
Agl- Primary stat for Runners, lets players dodge and play agl cards.
Mrt- Primar stat for Guards, lets players use guard and play mrt cards.
Psy- Stat for psycic powers, lets players use psy cards.

So the number of whatever stat a player possess serve 3 purposes, most cards have a stat that a player has to have to play the card and a certain number representing the power of the card, which the player has to have equal or greater than in that stat to play a certain card.
This number is also the modifier for the attributes corrosponding special ability which is preformed with a dice roll.

I will stop for now and add more later.


Heres a character card, it will be a jumbo poker card and is the current design minus the fatigue stat and icons for movement and health. Both the template and character painting are unfinished, but I want to see how things will look on a prototype.

Another character I am working on, there will be 6 star players on each team, the rest will be generic grunts for different positions.

Heres an early concept for the coach.

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Evan Hill
United States
The Republic of Texas
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I am working on this again. I have health problems so progression is off and on.

I have refined and changed the direction of the rules and art some.
Most of the actions football players on the board can take are dictated by color coded ability cards that corrospond to the stats of players. Its very similar to Dungeon Command.

Here is the updated look of the Player card. I decided to change the size of the card because each side will have 8 cards laid to the side of the board for reference when playing the game, and the jumbo size card was just too large.

Its a lot of hot pink I know, but about half of that border space is bleed. Some of the art isnt final either.
I had originally set it up where there were these small black lines going through the text to mimic an old 80s computer but I couldnt tell if they would disappear when shrunk and printed so I scrapped the idea.

The art is my bottleneck. Most of the rules I have written out, though its mostly in note form. Next I need to finish the player cards which you see above and the player avatars. The player avatars will be on little micro cards in stands, and will represent the players on the field. Blood Bowl 1st edition had something similar.

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