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"...And over here, we could put another Churro stand!" Valeros gestured to an unremarkable spot in the woods.
"Look, Val, I'm just not sure that I get it." Lem couldn't even vocalize how bad an idea this was.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Lem Starting Deck
Aldern Foxglove
Holy Light
Lightning Touch
Wand of Force Missile
Holy Candle

"What's there to get? Everyone loves Churros." Valeros scowled at his partner. "I'm trying to come up with a name for it, but Murderworld is already taken. Any ideas?"

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Valeros Starting Deck
Masterwork Tools
Chain Mail x2
Magic Leather Armor
Shock Longbow +1
Spiked Chain
Sheriff Hemlock
Grizzled Mercenary
BoG x2

"Murderwha? OK, well I don't even know where to start with that one. Look, I'm glad you're thinking about the future and all, but I just don't know how..." Lem trailed off as he spotted movement in his periphery. Valeros sensed it as well, and both froze in their tracks. Lem's hand crept towards his newly "acquired" wand. The thing in the shadows sprang towards him, but it was too late. Lem's wand blasted the creature, a massive panther, sending it flying into a tree. It lay there, limp and motionless.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 1
Lem – BoG
Tangletooth :
Lem – Wand of Force Missile + Valeros – 5D4+1 = 13 = Success
Valeros – Reveal and recharge Warhammer + Lem recharge = D10+5 + D8 + D6 + D4+1 = 13 = Success
Lem Wisdom check to close + BoG = 2D6 = 5 = Fail
Lem recharge Wand = 11 = Success

Valeros regarded the creature, raised his eyebrows and nodded, "Nice." Yes, these woods were perfect.
"Look, I'm just saying I would appreciate your help with this business venture. You're good with money, right?" He moved closer to where the panther had emerged. Was that a door hidden in the brush? Only one way to find out. He kicked the obscured seam, and was rewarded with a satisfying crunch. It was a passage! What he didn't expect, was a boar to come flying from the blackness beyond. He fell back in surprise.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 2
Valeros – BoGorum
Locked Passage – Melee + Lem recharge + Lem Aid = D10+5 + D4+1 + D6 = 19 = Success
Examine next card – Tickwood Boar
Lem recharge Aid = Success

"Good with money? Why, because I'm a halfling? Man, that is so racist!" Lem took aim with his sling and brought the creature down before it could do too much damage. He helped his partner up and took stock of the portal his friend had found.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 3
Lem – BoIomedae
Tickwood Boar – Wisdom check failed – Reveal and discard sling + Valeros + BoPharasma = D8 + D6 + D4 + D4+1 = 21 = Success

Moving carefully into the darkness, Valeros was rewarded with the resounding clunk of something solid hitting his boot. He leaned down to inspect it. A chest! It popped open with ease one he put his lockpicking tools to the task. A gleaming warhammer greeted him. Magic? Possibly. He tossed his pedestrian warhammer in favor of this new weapon.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 4
Valeros – BoCalistria
Large Chest – Recharge Masterwork tools – 1 random weapon from the box = Warhammer +1

Lem had to admit, that warhammer did look pretty sweet. He was about to comment on it, but found himself unable to speak as spectral hands clasped over his mouth and dragged him deep into the shadows. He struggled, but it was hopeless as he was dragged deeper and deeper into inky blackness.

Once he was able to regain control of his body, he tried to take stock of his surroundings. It was hopeless. The dark that surrounded him was impenetrable. As he stumbled around, reaching for a handhold to get his bearings, he was unable to hear the sound of metal escaping it's sheath. Pain lanced through his body as a blade plunged itself deep in his back. As he cried out in pain, he heard rasping laughter echo in the dark.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 5
Lem – BoG
Spectre – Divine = D10+3 = 10 = Success but no magic trait so undefeated and Lem moves to a random location
Location moved to: Treacherous Cave
Discard BoShelyn explore – Longsword = Strength = D4 = fail
Discard BoSarenrae explore – Goblin Raider (forgot to add D4 for scenario) = Strength = D4 = 1 = fail = ton of damage
Bury sling

Valeros hadn't seen the spectre take his partner, but he knew Lem was in trouble. The scream of pain had echoed out to reach him. He drew a torch and plunged into the cave. A small creature lunged at him as he ran through the small tunnels. He didn't even slow as he used his martial training to kick the thing into a wall. A goblin! He should have known. He made a mental note to exterminate them all at his earliest convenience as he moved deeper.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 6
Valeros – BoG
Treacherous Cave
Wand of Force Missile – Fail Int check
Discard Sheriff Hemlock Explore – Goblin Warchanter (D4 difficulty increase from scenario – 3) – Fail Wisdom check - Melee + Lem recharge = D10+5 + D4+1 = 13 = Success

Lem tried to catch his breath as he slumped against a wall. He heard a gurgling in his lungs. It wouldn't be long now, he thought. He was getting colder.

NO! Not like this! He closed his eyes and focused, shutting out the world and concentrating on his body only. Unconsciously, he murmured a prayer to the gods and incanted healing rites. He could see the tear in his lungs closing in his mind's eye. Taking a deep unimpeded breath, he offered a silent thanks to the celestial powers and regained his footing.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 7
Lem – BoSarenrae
Exchange Aid for Cure
Cure – 5
Cure recharge – Success
Crown of Charisma – Diplomacy – D10+5 = auto-success
Discard Toad explore – Monster in the closet – Fail Wis check

Valeros wasn't going to abandon his friend in this place. An entire army of goblins wouldn't slow him. The air was getting heavy down here as he crouched through another small opening in the rock. The descent was steep, but he paid it no mind.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 8
Valeros – BoG
Monster in the closet – Fail Wis check

Lem extended his focus to his surroundings, trying to form a mental image of the space he found himself in. It was a shame he didn't have a torch with him. As he reached outward with his senses, he felt movement near him. The creature that stabbed him was close. Probably waiting for him to die. Not today. Lem reached outward, and summoned holy light from his fingertips. His aim was true as the creature, a foul goblin, caught the light full on. It's tiny form was ablaze with a white flame as Valeros burst into the room.

Once they had ensured that nothing else lurked in the dark, they worked their way back through the small tunnels. Emerging back into the woods, they sealed the tunnels with rock.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 9
Lem – BoIrori
Goblin Raider (D4 difficulty increase – 3) – Holy Light + Valeros = D10+3 + 2D6 + D4+1 = 16 = Success
Recharge Holy Light - Fail
Wisdom check to close +BoShelyn = 3D6 = 7 = Success

Valeros wasted no time. He had spent enough time in these woods to pick up goblin tracks easily enough. Those little bastards were going to pay for interfering with his retirement plan. These woods were his. It didn't take long for him to catch one of the foul creatures slinking around in the brush. He snapped it's neck without pause.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 10
Valeros – BoG
Goblin Warchanter – fail wisdom check (D4 to increase difficulty – 3) Melee + Lem BoSarenrae = 2D10+5 = 16 = Success

Lem recognized the murderous glint in his partner's eyes. He was touched that Valeros cared enough about him to be so incensed with these goblins. It was sweet, in a homocidal way. He struggled to keep up with the his psychopathic partner, stopping only to check the pockets of the goblin corpses left in his wake.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 11
Lem – BoLamashtu
Potion of Healing – Int = D6 = 1 = Fail

Valeros found more evidence of goblin passage as he moved deep into the woods. He was farther from Sandpoint now than ever before. He stooped to examine a roughly-hewn shortbow. Goblin-make, most definitely.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 12
Valeros – BoG
Shortbow – Dex + Lem recharge = D8 + D4+1 = 8 = Success

Lem nearly stumbled over a half-buried crowbar as he finally caught up with his companion. He took a moment to take stock of his surroundings. The trees here were thinning, and those that remained looked dead and twisted.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 13
Lem – BoG
Holy Candle – 5
Crowbar – Str = D4 = 4 = Success

Valeros retrieved his spiked chain from the pack on his back. His primary targets were the goblins, but he knew better than to be unprepared here in the wild. Only moments after, he saw a shambling figure move between the gnarled trees that littered this place. He struck out with his chain.
"Get over here!" he growled.
An undead humanoid was wrenched from the twisted undergrowth. Disgusted, Valeros grabbed the rotted skull with his bare hands, and tore it free from the trunk.
"...Fatality" Lem whispered in awe.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 14
Valeros – BoTorag
Zombie – Spiked Chain + Lem recharge = D10+5 + 2D4 + D4+1 = 22 = Success

A familiar feeling of dread surrounded Lem as a spectral hand reached out towards him. Not this time. Lem braced himself and unleashed a blast of electrical magic at the incorporeal mass. It dissipated in a howl of otherworldly pain.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 15
Lem – BoG
Spectre – Lightning Touch + Valeros = D10+3 + 2D4 + D4+1 = 18 = Success
Recharge Lightning Touch - Success
Wisdom check to close + Aid = 2D6 = 10 = Success
Recharge Aid - Fail

Ahead of them, Valeros saw a twisted maze of barbs and nettles where even the gnarled trees dare not grow. This; this was the goblins lair. He had no doubts. He glanced to his partner and nodded. They knew what they needed to do.

He switched weapons to his shiny new warhammer. It was time to go to work. As he rounded the first corner of the nettlemaze, a goblin leapt towards him, daggers in each hand. Valeros adjusted his stance and swung his hammer as hard as he could. There was a sickening pop as the creature's head flew off in midair, sailing over the barbs and into the distance. He could hear more movement deeper in the maze. This was far from over. Good.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 16
Valeros – BoG
Goblin Cutpurse – (D4 to increase difficulty – 4) Fail wisdom check = Bury a card
Reveal and recharge Warhammer +1 = D10+5 + D8+1 + D6 = 16 = Success
Spyglass – Goblin Pyro, Zombie Giant

Lem took a support position behind Valeros and leveled his wand at the next creature to round the corner. It was a goblin carrying bottles of flaming oil. Even as the diminutive monster was knocked away from the duo, the oil landed near enough Lem to burn him. Worse yet, the dry nettles were beginning to burn behind them. There was no going back.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 17
Lem – BoErastil
Cure – 4
Recharge Cure – Success
Goblin Pyro (D4 to increase difficulty – 3) – Wand of Force Missile + Valeros = 4D4 + D4+1 = 14 = Success
1 damage from Pyro after encounter
Recharge Wand – Success

Valeros barely noticed the raging flames behind him as he put his hammer away. The thundering sound from deeper in the maze told him that his next foe was no goblin. He readied his longbow and took aim. As the lunbering monstrosity came into sight, he launched an arrow directly at it's misshapen head. A sploching sound told him that his aim was true. The thing, a zombie giant, stumbled for a moment before collapsing into a wall of thorns, revealing a path deeper into the maze.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 18
Valeros – BoLamashtu
Zombie Giant – Reveal Longbow + BoG + Lem Recharge = D8 + D10 + D8 + D4+1 = 23 = Success

Lem stopped for only a moment to check the corpse. It was rotted and the smell alone nearly made him pass out. Once he concluded that there was nothing worth taking, he crept deeper into the maze, lit only by the raging flames behind them.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 19
Lem – BoIrori
Mace – Strength = D4 = 2 = fail

Valeros noted an inscription, some kind of symbol, carved into the zombie. Strange, he thought, but understanding such things and their meaning was beyond him. He slung his bow over his shoulder and unsheathed his glaive. Time to go to work.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 20
Valeros – BoG
Mystic Inscription – Int + Lem recharge + BoIomedae = D6 + D4+1 + D6 = 5 = Fail
Choose not to Banish it

Another goblin leapt from the the maze towards Lem. He did not find the halfling unprepared, however, as the goblin was blasted back by a blast of holy energy.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 21
Lem – BoErastil
Goblin Cutpurse – Wisdom check – fail = Bury random card
(D4 to increase difficulty – 1) Holy Light +Valeros = D10+3 + 2D6 + D4+1 = 27 = Success
Recharge Holy Light – Success

They were nearing the end of this path of barbs, Valeros could feel it. As he rounded another corner, his suspicions were confirmed. A man in black robes was incanting a foul litany as a hulking hobgoblin guarded him. They stood in front of a crude structure, most likely the goblin stronghold. The Hobgoblin regarded him with what may have been respect.
"Finally, a worthy foe." It growled. It's hairy muzzle struggling to form words in the common tongue. It hefted a massive flail and charged at Valeros.

Valeros was able to ready his glaive in time to block the first swing, but the shock of impact shook him to the bone. This thing was much stronger than he was, physically. He had to end this quickly before he was overpowered.

He ducked the next swing from the monster, spinning as he did so. The shaft of his glaive struck the creature at the back of the knee. It stumbled forward, the momentum of it's swing carrying it off-balance. Valeros reversed his spin and planted the butt of his glaive in the dirt, blade pointed upward. Bracing himself, the burly monster fell upon his glaive. The force of impact nearly bowled Valeros over, but he was relieved to see the blade expose itself from the hobgoblin's back.

He lifted his gaze to the black-robed man, who still stood in the doorway, chanting. He appeared oblivious to the carnage around him. Valeros stopped the chanting with a swing of his glaive, and entered the fortress.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 22
Valeros – BoG
Cultist – Glaive + Lem recharge = D10+5 + D10 + D4+1 = 16 = Success
Discard BoG Explore – Bruthazmus:
First encounter – (D4 to increase difficulty – 4) Glaive + Lem recharge = D10+5 + D10 + D4+1 = 16 = Success
Second Encounter – (D4 to increase difficulty – 2) Glaive + Lem recharge = D10+5 + D10 + D4+1 = 16 = Success
Summon and defeat a random monster to close
Attic Whisperer Lem passes wis check, Valeros also passes (4!) – Glaive + Lem recharge = D10+5 + D10 + D4+1 = 20 = Success
Valeros shuffles Spyglass back into his deck from location close ability

Lem stooped to check the bodies of the fallen, but found nothing of use. He wondered who this man was, and what he was doing here, at a goblin stronghold.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 23
Lem – BoG
Goblin Fortress
Potion of Healing – Int = 1 = Fail

Entering the fortress, Valeros sensed danger all around him. readying his glaive, he was greeted by an ogre. Valeros wasted no time. He charged the massive humanoid with his glaive, and buried it deep in it's gullet before it had a chance to react.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 24
Valeros – BoCalistria
Goblin Fortress
Ogre – Glaive + Lem recharge = D10+5 + D10 + D4+1 = 18 = Success

Nothing worth looting on the ogre either! Lem knew he should probably be more concerned than he was, but he couldn't help but be disappointed with the haul on this outing. He should have expected as much from goblins and their allies. He sighed and hoped there was some treasure in here worth taking.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 25
Lem – BoG
Burglar – Diplomacy + Aid = D10+5 + D6 = 14 = Success
Recharge Aid – Fail
Cure – 5
Recharge Cure – Fail

A chorus of diminutive battle cries echoed off the fortress walls as a horde of goblins emerged from every crack and crevice. Valeros dropped his glaive and launched arrow after arrow from his bow at the mass of chittering creatures. Lem likewise levelled his wand and sent waves of the creatures crashing into the stone walls.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 26
Valeros – BoG
Goblin Raid:
Valeros - Goblin Raider (D4 to increase difficulty – 1, also +2 difficulty from location) – reveal Longbow + Lem recharge = D10 + D8 + D4+1 = 19 = Success
Lem Goblin Raider (D4 to increase difficulty – 1, also +2 difficulty from location) – Wand of Force Missile + Valeros = 4D4 + D4+1 = 16 = Success
Recharge Wand – Success

Stepping on and over the bodies of fallen goblins, Lem began exploring the small pockets in the rock that served as rooms for these creatures. A deadly-looking cutlass slashed out of a doorway at him. As he stumbled backward, he found himself facing a man. He was probably a mercenary hired by the goblin's leader for some nefarious purpose. Lem dispatched him easily with a bolt of lightning sent down the conductive cutlass he wielded.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 27
Lem – BoLamashtu
Mercenary – Lightning Touch + Valeros = D10+3 + 2D4 + D4+1 = 19 = Success
Recharge Lightning Touch – Success

Among the carnage and corpses of goblins, Valeros spied an amulet. He pocketed it for further study later.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 28
Valeros – BoG
Amulet of Mighty Fists – Intelligence + Lem recharge = D6 + D4+1 = 7 = Success

Unfortunately, there was nothing in the remaining rooms of value to Lem, and he moved back to the main passage to regroup with his partner.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 29
Lem – BoCalistria
Dogslicer+1 = Strength – Fail

Valeros was moving deeper into the complex. Disgusting trophies the goblins had procured hung from the walls in a sickening mockery of human nobility. Body parts, gnawed skulls, and worse littered the hall that opened up before Valeros. A bugbear looked up from the meal he was taking in, and stood to face him. It was no contest, as the bugbear joined the rest of the dead flesh in this place.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 30
Valeros – BoLamashtu
Bugbear (D4 to increase difficulty – 2, also +2 difficulty from location) – Glaive + Lem recharge = D10+5 + D10 + D4+1 = 26 = Success

At the far end of the hall, a goblin, hunched and cloaked in robes, regarded the pair. He cackled with glee as he unleashed flame at the intruders. Lem and Valeros dove to each side to avoid the blast.
"All is proceeding as I have foreseen!" the thing's voice creaked and cracked as it spoke. "Soon, Sandpoint will be crushed, and she will bring us great treasures!"

This creature was clearly mad, but Lem couldn't help but wonder who it was referring to. He wasted no time unleashing a holy light upon it, however, setting a diving fire in it's flesh. Valeros took the opportunity to get close and cleave it in two with his glaive.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Turn 31
Lem – BoGorum
Acolyte – Diplomacy – D10+5 = Auto-success
Discard BoG Explore – Gogmurt
1D4-1 Fire damage – 3 damage
(D4 to increase difficulty – 4, also +2 difficulty from location) – Holy Light + Valeros + BoPharasma = D10+3 + 2D6 + D4+1 + 2D10 = 30 = Success
Valeros takes the second check - (D4 to increase difficulty – 3, also +2 difficulty from location) – Glaive = D10+5 + D10 = 24 = Success

Behind the goblin was a steep staircase that descended into the heart of this place. Lem glanced at the human by his side. No, this wasn't over yet.

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Scenario reward - Random weapon from Box
Lem – Throwing Axe
Valeros - Shortbow

Post-Game Analysis

Having skipped over scenario 3 (due to accidentally having completed it first), I think I was unprepared for how difficult this would be. The first few turns saw me make some seriously reckless decisions, which almost got Lem killed when that Goblin Raider shanked him. Fortunately, I've had enough critical situations with him at this point that I was able to cure him back to health quickly enough.

It was pretty nice to be able to start reliably making those recharge rolls as well, which helped quite a bit. The Wisdom/Survival checks to close the Woods and the Cave were serious pains in my ass, however. Once again, I owed my ability to succeed on this scenario to the Holy Candle, since I went over 30 turns.

Making that final combat check was pure luck on my part, and thankfully Valeros was there to back Lem up on that second check. Not too many good boons were gained this time around, but Valeros did manage to get another magic weapon, which is always a plus. Next time, we face off against the final scenario of this Adventure Deck, and a conclusion to this chapter of our story. See you then!
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