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Subject: Summary of my Anti-Sub-Warfare rules as of Nov. 2014. rss

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Summary of my ASW rules as of Nov. 2014.

DD ==> DD+CVE*, cost $12 . . 3-3-2 . . [which is more than a FTR & it's almost as good, so a FTR dies to save a DD+CVE because a FTR can fly from home faster, Trans** remain the cheap ship to die.] All the DD include some small carriers, CV or CVL at the start and CVE for those built later.
. . . Anti-Sub rules are – when a CVE+DD is present Subs are reduced to 1 and when they submerge they are turned on their side for 1 more combat round indicating that they can't fire, but can absorb a hit from a ship, not a plane. CV and Bombers also reduce Subs to 1, because the planes can keep the Subs *submerged* which makes them slower which makes them less effective.
. . . Optionally 2 DD+CVE can carry 1 FTR.

Add with edit, 11/27/14. Subs were very hard to find on the open ocean with ships. They are small and can submerge when they see your ships coming. Sonar had very short range and could only be used by a slow moving ship. Therefore add this rule.
. . . Subs that are not with a surface ship can avoid battle with a surface ship by submerging before the 1st attack. They can't do this if attacked by planes, the planes will always get 1 shot, but ships with the planes will not get a shot if the Sub's owner says so.

Subs . . . cost, $8 . . . 2-2-2 . . & can move under enemy ships, do stop enemy ships, can submerge in place to end [or avoid the rest of] combat, 1 hit from a Sub sinks a BB because the torpedoes go under the armor***, can't hit a plane at all, & can't fire at just Subs but can hit a Sub that is with other ships. Subs that submerge to escape combat remain submerged [on their side on the map] until the start of their next turn. Except they can surface at the start of the next player's turn if it submerged to escape from ships [not land based planes] and there is no DD or CV in the SZ with the Sub. Notice that the CV doesn't need to have any actual planes on it, there are always enough planes for anti-sub patrol.

Notes * Some or all of the at start DD could become CA which can bombard at 2. This would include 1 from each nation. But, it's not necessary to do this.
. . .** No more than 1 Trans can fire no matter how many are there, but they die normally. This is sort of the reverse of the AA gun.
. . *** Optionally, subs can target a “non-BB” ship (chosen by the owner if the Sub hits something).

Since DD don't hold Subs *on the surface*, don't save the shot of a Sub's victims, and don't stop Subs from moving under them, Subs are harder to deal with. You can not be sure to sink one. It can always submerge to limit the combat rounds. Planes are your best bet.
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