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Centurion Lineup 2014-11-26

5-player game with all expansions to Kobol, Final Five, Personal Goals, Pegasus appears after first jump, CFB-adjusted treachery.

1.Karl "Helo" Agathon (jhsa, Admiral)
2.Anastasia "Dee" Dualla (Juh)
3.Louanne "Kat" Katraine (Sat, CAG)
4.Tom Zarek (Ant, President)
5.Felix Gaeta (me:a1bert)

jhsa rolls an 8, and gets to pick first, and selects Helo, because his drawback is not a big deal when starting the game. Juha picks Anastasia "Dee" Dualla, Sat seems fond of Louanne "Kat" Katraine, Ant picks Tom Zarek, and I try to avoid 2-skill characters this time and pick Gaeta for his OPG. I don't want to stay in the brig in this game!

We are playing with an adjusted Treachery deck to better suit playing with the Cylon Fleet Board. We have taken out 2x Bait, Dradis Contact, Personal Vices and A Better Machine, and added half of the treachery cards from Pegasus to dilute the Daybreak's treachery and give more variety to Cylons. The removals and additions keep the average value of the treachery about the same. After a few games we'll see how it works and we can do a few further tweaks.

My starting loyalty card is Final Five: If this card is examined, cylon ships are activated.

Game Starts

Helo wakes up stranded. Zarek decides to increase morale (at 11) and damage Galactica for Controversial Manuscript, because we have a lot of repairs. Admiral's Quarters and Fuel tank (at 7) are damaged.

Dee repairs Admiral's Quarters rather than escorts civilian ships. We would not like to get Mutiny cards this early in the game (with alternate Zarek it would be different) so we hold Secret Meetings(9YPB). Zarek: "There's no kill like overkill." me: "At least morale is not lost due to Iron Will." The check comes up with Iron Will, two Piloting and then a lot of positive, and the check totals 9 exactly. (And I did not play Iron Will into the check, I did not draw Leadership for my start cards.) It looks like the two Piloting had to come from the destiny deck, because both Kat and Helo did not play into the check.

Kat launches in the Assault Raptor, and orders one unmanned viper to cover the back of Galactica, then Launches Scout and checks the destination. She keeps it at the top. CAG-Kat uses Training a Rookie to escort a civilian ship, then raiders move in, and 3 more are launched from the basestar.

Zarek moves to Quorum Chamber and draws two Quorum Cards. Zarek saves our cards by losing one morale (at 10) for Familiar Face(12YGP). Raiders miss the unmanned viper.

I get more cards, but don't have a lot of options. I consider jumping, but Helo reminds he's next, so we'll have two rerolls on his turn. I almost move to Command, but decide to stay in FTL Control, so that Helo can XO me, and I can do another action besides the jump. I build another Assault Raptor while waiting. Centurion Assault(9PR) threatens my plan, but Kat has usable cards. Helo and Dee play also, Zarek and I pass. The check totals 7, Kat uses Declare Emergency to pass the check. More raiders are launched from the basestar.

Helo appears on Galactica, moves to Command, then XO's Gaeta in FTL Control. I jump the fleet. Kat plays Strategic Planning. The first roll fails, Gaeta rerolls, but it is not enough either. Helo rerolls and the jump now succeeds, and we lose no population. Admiral Helo takes us to Remote Planet - 2 distance for 1 fuel (at 6), destroy 1 raptor. Gaeta Launches Scout as his second action now that the previous destination has been reached. It succeeds, and I keep the destination on top.
(Ed.Note: Cylon Raiders - 3 distance for 2 fuel, add 3 raiders.) Helo picks the roll for Religious Turmoil(7YP) and rolls a 8, so no resources are lost. Helo then rolls another 8 to place a raider on the CFB, a civilian ship appears and we have jump preparation too.

Dee wonders what to do with the clean board. She moves to Communications and XO's Helo in Command. Pegasus appears. Helo launches an unmanned viper, which flies at the back of Galactica and escorts the two civilian ships. The pass effect of The Passage(14PRB) is jump preparation, so we can talk Dee into selecting it. Kat and Zarek play in 2, I put in 1 (saving my Unorthodox Plan), Helo plays in 2, and Dee wants to be sure and also plays 2. The check totals 25, Trust Instincts adds 7 negative, so the check still passes, and Dee uses Quick Thinking and can take a card. Jump preparation is at -3 blue, so we could jump again.

The pursuit tack is in the middle, so it is unknown if we should hurry the jump or delay it.

Kat flies a bit to avoid her drawback, then XO's Gaeta in FTL Control. I have Unorthodox Plan, which I can use if I stay human, potentially with 5 distance traveled things would look good for humans. I jump the fleet. I don't have Strategic Planning, but Kat does provide one, and it is enough to make the roll a 7, so reroll is not needed. The destination I buried is not that good in this situation, so it's nice to see where Helo takes us. Helo says the other one is not bad in this situation. I reply that a long distance is okay for me, unless I turn Cylon, in which case it is not that good. Helo decides to take us near a Dying Star - 2 distance for 1 fuel (at 5) and 1 damage (Pegasus Engine Room). We have traveled 4 distance and reached sleeper.


My other loyalty card is You Are a Cylon: Damage Galactica. It looks like I'm not going to be playing that Unorthodox Plan anytime soon. This is nice, I have not been a Cylon in ages (10 games), although we have had a lot of 5-player games lately.

I have to pass my second action.

Kat's crisis is Standoff with Pegasus(22YGPR). We tank the check, but I put in one of my zeros (Trust Instincts, hoping for treachery coming up). The check reveals two negative and Trust Instincts, which brings in Exploit Weakness, and Kat takes the Mutiny card herself. Population (at 11) and morale (at 9) are lost, and with no other vipers in space, Kat's Assault Raptor is destroyed (AR can not be just damaged) and Kat ends in sickbay. I say I'm glad I build another one! (Not a bad job done for a single Trust Instincts.) A basestar meets with the cylon fleet and two civilian ships are added.

Zarek receives skills and is disappointed. He then plays Critical Situation and State of Emergency (food at 7). He draws a Quorum Card and makes Kat a Mission Specialist, and gets two Politics cards. I would have XO, but can't play it now either, because Critical Situation was already played. I can't do much in FTL Control, so I get the hell out of there. Unfortunately I can't really change ships, because I would need to discard a card to pay for it, and my loyalty may come out, and I am not ready for that yet (with Gaeta's OPG unused and all). So I move to Weapon's Control. Helo Launches Scout and looks at the next destination, and keeps it at the top. Dee looks at the civilian ships from Communications and puts them into the same pile at the front left of Galactica. Kat moves away from sickbay to Hangar Deck. As his action Zarek plays Negotiation, receives a politics card and a basestar appears in front of Galactica. Treachery could end up in the destiny deck with Requisition for Demetrius, but the destiny has just been filled, so it is not that critical. Helo decides to lose one food (at 6) and roll the die. The roll fails, so two treachery cards are added to the destiny deck. The lone basestar does not shoot due to Negotiation.

I draw Politics this time (in the distant hope of Political Prowess), hoping it goes unremarked. I Consolidate Power for more Tactics, trying to get Critical Situation or Strategic Planning. Helo does not spend fuel for Rescue Mission (for obvious reasons), so Gaeta ends up in sickbay and we lose morale (at 8). Basestar launches two raiders.

Helo XO's Zarek and recommends using Zarek's OPG. Zarek first draws a Quorum Card and gives an Inspirational Speech, but it fails. He then makes fuel (at 6) out of the raw hides of the population (at 10). The Circle would let Zarek execute Helo. Zarek still does not want to give up the presidency, so they discard cards instead. Raiders move to intercept the civilian ships. (Now that Helo has 6 fuel to spend, I hope I get to Scout and trash the destination before the fleet jumps.)

Dee XO's Helo in Command. Helo launches an unmanned viper, which hits the two raiders in 3 shots. Rebuild Trust(9YG) has tactics as negative, and the fail effect loses 2 morale, so I think this is the check to spike and get rid of the Unorthodox Plan at the same time. Zarek plays At Any Cost to make treachery positive. (And I hope the reckless check triggers!) Kat plays two, Zarek 4, I put in 3 purple cards saying I put in a little (Gaeta can only play in 3), Helo passes, and Dee plays in two cards. The check comes up with 5 positive cards, 6 negative cards and Red Tape, which does nothing. (That's a surprise even for me. So, there surely is another cylon in the game.) The check totals -1, but there is no Iron Will this time, so -2 morale (at 6). Reckless check triggers. The raiders are activated first, then two new ones are added in front of Galactica. (EdNote. we forget to activate the raiders from the crisis.)

There Seem to Be Cylons at Work Here

I joke that becoming a cylon is a reason for Sat to always pick Kat. And then Helo says "fuuk" when he realizes that Kat is a Mission Specialist and gets to choose from the next 3 destinations.

But Kat reveals and brings jump track backwards by 2, bringing it back to the beginning of the track. Sat (almost) always seems to get that exact reveal power. The Mission Specialist and Mutiny card is discarded. The CAG title goes to Helo, and the unrevealed loyalty card goes to Dee.

So, now we're (the humans) in a hurry, and the Engine Room is damaged, Helo sighs. But it was him who damaged it. Zarek XO's Helo in Command. Helo instructs the unmanned viper to shoot down the raiders, and it succeeds taking them out. The pursuit track is stuck, but the cylon-Kat can certainly roll it forward before the next jump. So Helo takes my advice to escort the other civilian ship, then launches a second one. Zarek discards 5 cards for Water Shortage. Basestar misses its shot.


Gaeta starts in sickbay, and I pick an Engineering card in response to Engine Room being damaged, but act to not have a Repair. (I think I had one Repair in hand already.) I pay Install Upgrades to move to Administration (as to prove I did not draw Repair). I then Launch Scout, but roll a 2, so a raptor gets destroyed (one left). Reactor Critical(7PRB) threatens fuel. (If the next destination is what I think it is, failing this crisis would make a long way convincing the humans to not perform a premature jump.) There's still treachery in the destiny deck, Helo, Dee, and Zarek play one, and I play in 2 cards just in case. The check comes up with Iron Will, Quick Thinking, Establish Network, three negative cards. I'm told that I can get the 3-treachery out, but I take out Launch Scout instead, soft-revealing in the process. But that makes the check negative, so one morale is lost from Iron Will (at 5), fuel is lost from the fail effect (at 5). Three raiders are launched from the basestar.

Zarek says the president can do something. Helo plays Critical Situation, and an unmanned viper takes out three raiders at the front of Galactica. Unfair Bias(12YGP) totals 8, so it can't be helped. Protect the Fleet takes out a raider. Pegasus Main Batteries are hit. Raider misses its shot at the unmanned viper.

Dee doesn't have XO, so she moves to Command and launches more unmanned vipers. She saves the Assault Raptor, so Helo can get into space if he wants to. Widespread Starvation loses one population (at 9) and one food (at 5). Raider damages an unmanned viper.

Cylon-Kat draws Piloting and moves to the basestar bridge, tells CAG to place a civilian ship, then rolls for tracks. The cylon fleet catches up with the human fleet.

Zarek mines the Quorum. All players change two cards to treachery for Code Blue(12YGP). A heavy raider is launched from each basestar. The jump track is at -1 blue.

I launch scout, and it succeeds, and I check the destination, and it is the one I thought. (EdNote: Lion's Head Nebula - 3+ distance, -4 fuel.) I put it to the bottom of the deck. I choose the skill check on Analyze Enemy Fighter(7PB) to get more treachery out. Dee plays in two, but other players pass, I play in one. Quick Thinking and the check totals -4. I use Quick Thinking and take God's Plan into my hand. The check still fails with -2. One population is lost (at 8). Raiders are activated and the fleet jumps. Helo laughs that this destination is better brings us to Cylon Ambush - 3 distance for 1 fuel (at 4), place 1 basestar and 3 raiders in front and 3 civilian ships behind Galactica.

Zarek has something to restrict Gaeta, but Helo thinks of something more permanent. I try to bluff, but he still flies to Airlock and throws Gaeta out of it. I know this is going to pass, so I do what I can. I make the check reckless with Guts And Initiative. Zarek plays Investigative Committee. Dee plays 15 positive, cylon-Kat -1, Zarek increases it by 5 also using All Hands on Deck. I only have a few negatives, so I just dump in my hand, because it is going to be lost anyway. I think I played more than 15+ into the check. At the end the check totals 36. I reveal loyalty, and proceed to the resurrection ship. Bait adds a civilian ship, Helo goes to sickbay, and players draw treachery for Special Destiny. (EdNote: reckless check is not done here, although I specifically made the skill check reckless for a reason.) Admiral Grilled(9YG) loses one morale (at 4), and Dee is getting more and more terrified.

Dee launches viper and escorts a civilian ship. Crippled Raider(10PB) could increase jump prep. Cylon-Kat puts in one, Zarek can't help, and neither can I. Helo plays in one, so the rest is for Dee to handle. Force Their Hand and Quick Thinking would be nice in a check, but Dee does not draw politics. And she reveals to us that she played Quick Thinking into an earlier check when she was supposed to play Trust Instincts. The check totals 14, and Bait adds a civilian ship. Dee gives herself a mutiny card for Exploit Weakness. Jump track goes forward one. A raider destroys the unmanned viper, two others proceed to meet civilian ships. Then jump preparation progresses again and is at -1 blue.

Cylon-Kat does the same thing from Basestar Bridge again. More civilian ships is good for cylons, and the pursuit track goes forward and another civilian ship is added. It's about time to lose a civilian ship, none has been lost so far.

Zarek XO's Helo, who gets out of sickbay. Assault Raptor could be used to launch into space, but Helo first launches an unmanned and escorts one civilian ship. Dee yelps when Unexplained Deaths(8GP) threatens morale. Everyone but me play a bit into the check, which totals 10. For solidarity, Zarek takes a mutiny card himself for Exploit Weakness. The unmanned viper gets shot down by the second raider.

I get a card, and Cylon-Gaeta decides that the best choice is to do the same as Cylon-Kat. A civilian ship is added and I roll the pursuit track forward by one. I wonder why the humans have not yet jumped, they could've done that during Zarek's turn. Although, that would've cleared their block of the pursuit track.

Helo launches into space in an Assault Raptor, and takes a wingman, then escorts a civilian ship himself. Riots takes population (at 7) and fuel (at 3). The basestar launches 3 raiders.

Dee XO's Helo in space. The unmanned viper flies to the back of Galactica, then Combat Veteran escorts three civilian ships. Helo passes his second action. I play one when I hear Sabotage is Investigated(9PB), Helo and Dee play too. The check totals 9 and Protect the Fleet escorts a civilian ship. Food is lost (at 4). The fourth heavy raider is launched and the human fleet jumps, finally. Helo lands the Assault Raptor and takes the fleet to Tylium Planet - 1 distance for 1 fuel, and risks a raptor and gains fuel (at 4) with Strategic Planning from Dee. (EdNote: alternative destination is Desolate Moon - 3 distance for 3 fuel.) The traveled distance is now 8, and the humans only need the final jump.

There are quite a lot of ships on the CFB, and the pursuit track is half-way. Cylon-Kat maneuvers the CAG to place a civilian ship, then the pursuit track goes forward and two more civilian ships appear in the main game board.

Zarek XO's Dee in Command, and she escorts two civilian ships. A Desperate Pact(15YGR) is quite desperate, so the humans select the skill check. Helo plays Restore Order and two cards. Cylon-Kat plays one, so does Zarek. The check totals 1.One morale is lost (at 3), which makes Dee quite uneasy. The presidency goes to Helo. A raider is added to the CFB, and the cylon fleet catches up with the human fleet.

Cylon-Gaeta goes to Cylon Fleet and activates raiders. The first sector takes out a civilian ship, losing one population (at 6) and morale (at 2), which is bad news for Dee. She is executed and reveals two plain YANAC cards and a Personal Goal. Two other sectors of raiders take out the unmanned vipers, destroying the other one. The last group of raiders destroys another civilian ship, losing population (at 5) and fuel (at 3). Juh has meanwhile selected Lee Adama (alternate) as his new character, and appears in Admiral's Quarters.

Helo wonders about nuking the front sector. But is it not that critical, except of the basestars shoot. The remaining civilian ships have population, so they don't need to be defended at any cost. Helo gives an Inspirational Speech with Strategic Planning, rolls 3 (4 required), rerolls it to 1. Set a Trap(10GP) would place centurions or get rid of them. Helo decides to roll, and rolls better now, avoiding centurions. Raiders activate, and take out 1 population (at 4), and the rest of them move towards the remaining civilian ship. The jump preparation does not go forward now either.

Lee Apollo can't get into a position to shoot at cylon ships. There is only one viper and an Assault Raptor (which Gaeta built) undamaged. Lee moves to Command, then Launches Scout, and scouts the crisis, and keeps it. Resistance(12YGP) gets some support. The check totals 3, even with Iron Will it is not enough to avoid losing one food (at 3) and one fuel (at 2). Human players get treachery and Lee gets a Mutiny card. heavy raiders are ready to board Galactica.

Cylon-Kat draws treachery and piloting, then activates raiders. The lone civilian ship is destroyed, but it is empty. The rest 18 raiders shoot at Galactica, damaging Hangar Deck, Armory, Food locker (at 2), and Command, sending both Lee and Helo to sickbay.

Zarek flied to Weapon's Control and Launch Scout, buries the crisis (Reunite the Fleet(10YG)). Loss of a Friend(9YG) totals 9 with All Hands on Deck and Red Tape. The last raider is added in front of Galactica. Then three centurions board Galactica. (We don't advance jump prep here.)

Cylon-Gaeta activates raiders from Cylon Fleet. 20 raiders hit Galactica twice, in Weapon's Control (sending Zarek to sickbay too) and FTL Control.

The Humans Are Being Patched Up

Helo receives a card in sickbay, then draws engineering card from Science Lab. Food Shortage drops food to 1 and Helo discards 5 cards. 20 raiders activate, hitting once to CIC of Pegasus. Jump preparation goes forward. (Should be at -1 blue, but with FTL Control damaged it does not matter.)

Lee starts in sickbay too and draws leadership, and draws an XO and gives it to Helo. Helo plays Authorization of Brutal Force, and takes out 3 raiders, but it takes one population (rolls 1). Helo then plays Food Rationing and manages to gain one food (at 2). Helo discards his last card for Appoint Head of Security, then three raiders are launched.

Cylon-Kat receives skills, then activates raiders. 20 raiders shoot at Galactica, hitting 3 times, taking out both Pegasus and Galactica. The game is over.

Pegasus and Galactica Are Beyond Repair

Zarek reveals a Personal Goal: Sacrifice: 6 vipers damaged/destroyed,or lose fuel (at 1). Zarek's Mutiny card was damage Galactica and destroy a centurion.

Helo reveals a Personal Goal: Stand and Fight: 10+ raiders, or lose 1 population (at 2).

Cylon Win (me:a1bert, Sat) by damage at distance 8.
End Resources: Fuel 1, Food 2, Morale 2, Population 2
Game length 140 minutes.
Both cylons were activated at sleeper.

Crisis Played (29):
Controversial Manuscript, Secret Meetings(9YPB), Training a Rookie, Familiar Face(12YGP), Centurion Assault(9PR), Religious Turmoil(7YP), The Passage(14PRB), Standoff with Pegasus(22YGPR), Requisition for Demetrius, Rescue Mission, The Circle, Rebuild Trust(9YG), Water Shortage, Reactor Critical(7PRB), Unfair Bias(12YGP), Widespread Starvation, Code Blue(12YGP), Analyze Enemy Fighter(7PB), Admiral Grilled(9YG), Crippled Raider(10PB), Unexplained Deaths(8GP), Riots, Sabotage Investigated(9PB), A Desperate Pact(15YGR), Set a Trap(10GP), Resistance(12YGP), (Reunite the Fleet(10YG)), Loss of a Friend(9YG), Food Shortage, Appoint Head of Security

Final Thoughts

It was nice to be a cylon for a change.

It took 7 crisis to get to sleeper, and 22 crisis for the rest of the game.

I had the activate-cylon-ships Final Five card again. We have not looked at loyalty cards for a long while. There are of course not that many opportunities for that anymore.
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Robert Stewart
United Kingdom
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Personally, I'd have left Lion Head Nebula on top - 4 Fuel is a big hit, particularly with them at 5 at that point - dropping to 1 (assuming they didn't lose any more before Jumping) would have meant they'd need to gain some Fuel unless they both found a 0 Fuel Destination, and dealt with Zarek's Personal Goal (though you didn't know that was out there) - and would be one bad hit or lucky Civ kill from losing anyway...

If Helo (probably correctly) declined LHN, he'd then be forced to take whatever the other Destination was rather than having a choice of two.
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Pasi Ojala
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Get the Imperial Assault Campaign module for Vassal from
The next Total Solar Eclipse holiday in 2024 in USA? See you there!
rmsgrey wrote:
Personally, I'd have left Lion Head Nebula on top ...
If Helo (probably correctly) declined LHN, he'd then be forced to take whatever the other Destination was rather than having a choice of two.

I really wanted to slow the humans down more than force fuel to be spent, and feelings sometimes take over the logical thinking of the cylons.

So, you're right. It would've probably been better to leave Lion's Head Nebula on top, and scout the crisis instead. But Helo could've just selected the alternative one in any case instead of losing 4 fuel.

In this game it did not really matter in the end, fortunately for the cylons.
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