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Caysi McQuillan
United States
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"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars" - unknown
Name of game: Defenders of the Realm + Hero Expansions 1-3 + Minion expansions 1-3 + Alternate Generals
Number of players: 1-4
Playing time: 90 minutes
Mechanics: Action Point Allowance System, Co-operative Play, Dice Rolling, Hand Management, Point to Point Movement, Variable Player Powers

On November 22nd I got to show off the new Minion expansions of Defenders of the Realm to Nostalgia Ink. They have been waiting for them since my last demo.

I managed to get two players interested in playing this game. My husband and I sat in making this a four playing game. We had the following characters in our party:

• Chaos Wizard
• Barbarian
• Monk
• Noble Dwarf

Everyone remembered how to play, so I explained the how the new minion expansions worked. All were nervous when they learned there were also elite minions.

Once we started the game we quickly learned that the new and improved minion army will not let us win easily. I spent every one of my turns literally fighting minions because they were multiplying faster than we can get rid of them. Luckily for us the generals did not move much (honestly, they didn’t have to since we were having a hard enough time).

I was not getting the right combination of cards to consider fighting a general, but our Chaos Wizard and the Barbarian were able to accumulate enough cards between the both of them to attempt to take down Gash Bloodclaw. The Barbarian was up first and he was able to get three hits. The Chaos Wizard was hoping for more (he has a history with bad dice rolls), but didn’t have much of a choice at this point. He had accumulated enough cards to have 11 dice. After rolling he was happy to see that he had enough successes to win against the general.

Sadly this excitement was very short lived as the minion population on the board continued to grow. My dwarf did the best he could and managed to take out several every turn, but it was never enough. Our Monk was also a very skilled fighter against the minions. We tag teamed taking them down.

Just as we were making plans on going against Ygzell we sadly ran out of undead minions to place onto the board. Thus ending our game.

This was taken right before the end - our hopes were still high!


The defeat in the Realm did not set well with everyone as it was such a short game. They started to beg me to set it up for a second game. At this point we had others interested in playing. My husband and I gave up our seats so they could have an attempt.

In this game we had the below characters in our party:

• Chaos Wizard
• Rogue
• Assassin
• Cleric

This time we only had one new player to the game, and everyone was eager to teach him quickly so they could get on to defending the realm.

This time they took the strategy from the beginning to killing minions on every turn. Everyone pitched in. In fact they were so under control at this point that they were already devising plans to start taking down the generals. They have deemed the Assassin their “fearless leader” as he was coming up with crazy plans and managing to pull them off.

The first general to go down was Gash Bloodclaw. All four players took a hand in taking him down. Our Rouge was successful in dealing the fatal blow.

They didn’t have too much time to celebrate because Sapphire decided to move quickly this time. They had to act fast and form a plan to take her down. Luckily two players had enough cards to tackle this project. It was a close battle, but our Cleric was able to give Sapphire the fatal blow.

Sadly since their attention focused to the generals, the minions were once again getting out of control. They spent a few turns fighting minions and hoping that the generals did not move. Finally someone had enough cards to tackle Lord Vilehart. Once again this was a close battle, but our Chaos Wizard was successful in his attempt.

Since Ygzell was not really moving fast, once again they were taking out minions and trying to collect red cards to see if he can be defeated. No matter how hard they worked, since three generals were dead, they were in late war and the minions were popping up everywhere.

They started to make plans for the last general when there were so many minions that they once again ran out. Thus ending the game.

This game was a two hour journey. They had the plan. They had the cards. Sadly, they ran out of time. I honestly think that if they had one more turn each, all could have made it to Ygzell and they could have won the game.

After the game I asked what I should bring next month – in unison it was made clear that Defenders of the Realm needs to return with all expansions. In fact, I was in the store yesterday and they were still talking about the unfortunate loss in the game.

Everyone loves this game and I honestly can’t wait to take it back so we can reclaim our title as Defenders of the Realm.
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