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Subject: Third English Civil war AAR rss

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Terence Co
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OK so start of the 3rd English civil war. King Charles has been beheaded, his son Charles II has taken over and had rallied Royalist Scottish forces in the Highlands. The Royalists are still besieging Bristol and Hull and the Irish have been pushed back to beyond the Pale. So far the Parlimentarians get a B grade for suppressing Monarchy and Catholicism, C in suppressing Irish rebels. As in gaining influence in Scotland and the rise of Puritanical Power and a B in Parlimentary power. So quite good start for the Parlimentarians. so AAR as follows:

Feb 1649 King Charles II son of beheaded King Charles I rallies his loyal forces in Scotland to retake the English throne and destroy the godless parlimentarians. King Charles II declares himself King of England at Edinburgh while his siege of Edinburgh and Dublin turn out to be disastrous farces. Parlimentary forces further suppress Irish rebels.

June 1649 Parliment passes the Settlement of Ireland law which imposes severe penalties for the unrest in Ireland since 1641. Irish army disordered but remains in Munster despite several incompetent attempts by the Parlimentary forces to push them back

Oct 1649 Charles II and his Scottish allies invade England and march on London, riots of Catholics and Millenarians in London put down, the rioters say the end times are near. Bristol captured by Royalist but recaptured later by Parlimentarians. Scots fail to capture Edinburgh

Dec 1649 Charles II and his Scot army advances again on London but fails to take Edinburgh. Practice of Judaism allowed for the first time.

Apr 1650 Battle of Dunbar, close contest close Parlimentary victory as Cromwell cav supporting a weak Parl defensive inf. line manages to destroy Rupert's Blue Coats inf. unit. The left cav wing Ironsides was mauled by a botched cavalry charge. The London miltia was pulled from the battlefield to put down the riots in London and first time, the Royalist use French supplied Demi Curvin cannons on the battlefield for good effect but still ended in defeat. Northern Royalist army disordered and Prince Rupert's personal pet Boye the Battle Poodle(supposedly had supernatural powers) was killed on the battlefileld. Parliment forces push Royal Scot army back to the Highlands and is disordered.

Aug 1650 Commonwealth law debated in parliment. Parliment pushes back Irish forces to beyond the Pale and increases Parliment and Puritan political power while further suppressing the Irish rebels.

Dec 1650 Commonwealth law passes, parliment declares a commonwelath abolishes Monarchy, in the meantime, Charles II declared King of Scotland. Royalists fail to take Hull and Edinburgh.

Apr 1651 Battle of Worchester. Defeat for the Parlimentarians however on the bright side the Royal King's lifeguards unit was destroyed n battle but hte New Model Army unit was mauled. Royalists fail to take Bristol.

Aug 1651 Treaty of Breda, Charles II signs a treaty with the Scottish Presbytarianists guaranteeing them a trial period. Royalists fail to take Hull, Britstol and Edinburgh. Irish pushed back to Beyond the Pale.

Dec 1651 Massacre at Drogheda, Parlimentary forces under Cromwell massacre the inhabitants of the Irish Catholic fortress town. Parliment criticizes Cromwell which somewhat settles Irish catholic outrage.

Apr 1652 Cromwell Signs treaty with non Catholic Irish rebels. Irish Catholics are outraged. Royals fail to take Bristol , Hull , Edinburgh. Irish pushed back to beyond the Pale and disordered.

Aug 1652 Catholic clergy declares holy war vs. the Puritans. Little good that did them, Royalists fail to take Edinburgh, Parliment and suppression of Monarchs grows stronger.

Dec 1652 Puritans and Presbyterians engage in open warfare. Monarchy further suppressed, Puritan power up. Scots pushed back to Highlands.

Apr 1652 Ulster Presbyterians decalre for King Charles II. Suppression of Catholics and Parl influence in Scotland increase.

Dec 1653 Cromwell declared Lord Protector of England. Royalist fail to take Bristol. Parliment increases influence in Scoland , Increases Parliment power and suppresses Monarchy.

So the game ends. Player get 22 VPs A moderate victory(Historical) 1 point shy of Substantive Victory.So England is under Autocratic Puritan rule which happened historically. Irish rebels suppressed A, Monarchy totally suppressed A, Catholics really suppressed A, Scotland amenable to rule from Parliment B, Parliment and Puritan power both good both Bs. Excellent game. One of the best Solitaire games ever.
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