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Subject: Rushed Review of Last Will + Getting Sacked (Smoothsmith) rss

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Chris Smith
United Kingdom
West Midlands
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Welcome to my short(ish) review! I decided to review every game I own, and seeing as that takes a while, they're kinda rushed! I tried to break things down nonetheless, and I hope you enjoy the review!

Rushed Reviews Of All My Games

Last Will + Getting Sacked

The Short Sell:
The first to spend this huge chunk of money gets a huge amount more money. Spend money faster than everyone else to fulfill your uncles will and get all you need to fulfill your greed-driven desires. Clever twist, and interesting game mechanisms make for a great lightweight worker-placement game.

- Huge Pile of Cards, which just about fit in a 0.3ml Really Useful Box.
- 2 Main Boards + 1 Supplementary Board for Varying player counts.
- (GS) Alternate Main Board, Variable placement tiles & additional supplementary board.
- Pile of small wooden pieces, for tracking property value and companions.
- Hard cardboard money tokens (I really like these, nicer quality than most card money tokens).
- Cylinder action selection piece in each colour.
- 2 (GS has a third) AWESOME top-hat meeples, in each colour.
- (GS) Boss Rage Tokens

I'm really happy with the quality of components in Last Will. While its' mostly cardboard, the money/boss/property-value tokens have a nice coating or something that makes them feel a touch better than those in most games. Its' a bit of a shame the replacement main-board in Getting Sacked is foldable (I like that the base ones aren't), but I appreciate that was to fit it in the smaller expansion box. Finally...There's top hat meeples, instant win.

5/5 ('cause y' hat meeples)


- Place the required game boards for #players on the table.
- (GS) Shuffle the placement tiles for the #players and place out randomly.
- Place the 4 valuation tokens randomly on the market area of the board.
- Shuffle each of the 4 common decks and place below the main boards in easy reach of all players.
- Shuffle (Gs - Both) the special card decks, putting all 'one crown' cards at the top and 'three crown' cards at the bottom.
- Put all the money in a pile somewhere.
- Put all the misc bits in a pile somewhere (No need to bother sorting them)
- Each player takes a player board and pieces in their colour.
- Shuffle the Last Will deck and draw one, then give each player that much money (GS - Also give them a job card of the #lines shown).

Doesn't take too long at all. The various tokens and such are easy to distinguish so you don't need to bother keeping them sorted, and the deck shuffling can be easily split among players.



The aim in Last Will is to bankrupt yourself faster than the other players, and then steep yourself so far in debt the others can't match you before the end of the round. This is achieved through various ongoing card abilities and from burning through immediate white card events. The game takes place over a number of rounds, continuing until someone first goes bankrupt, at which point that year ends. (The GS expansion provides a fixed minimum for number of rounds as you also have to get fired, and can only get demoted once/year).

Each round has 3 main parts. First you choose turn order, which also sets how many cards you can draw, how many workers you get that year, and how many actions you get - In general the earlier you go the less you get, but not strictly (So you might be able to go second and get 7 cards, while 3rd is only 3, but 2nd has 1 worker/2 actions and 3rd has 3 workers/2 actions to balance it out).

The next 2 steps are placing workers and taking actions. Placing workers is as any worker placement, players take turns in the order determined above to put a worker down and gain something (Generally gain cards from the offering board, but you can rearrange the market, visit the opera and get expansion boards too).

In the actions step, players take turns to perform all the actions they have, as determined from the player order step and any cards they have active. This is where you get money spent, buying/selling property, going on wild trips, hiring helpers and whatever other money-burning things you might like to do.

Gameplay is very smooth in Last Will, and the turn order mechanic is genius, with the 3 resources from it (cards, workers, actions) being non-linear so you have a hard decision to make of where to place. Very clever.



The theme here is very...different. Your Rich Uncle has given you a chunk of money, and in response to his having a boring business-man life wants the rest of his estate to go to the relative that can enjoy it the most. To prove your leisure-ing abilities, the player to spend their chunk of money fastest wins.

Its' a strange fit, as mechanically you're just trying to burn through the money, and 'enjoyment of it' is something of a side effect. Watching the property market to buy high/sell low isn't something that can really be called 'enjoying the money' either ^^. That said, if you let yourself drift along with it the theme is a great deal of fun, and you can totally get involved with the fact you're raising horses, throwing parties and going on extravagant trips with the money.

Still, I feel like there should be some kind of 'enjoyment' value that you're balancing with money spending to be a perfect fit ^^.



In the base game, fairly limited as while there's plenty of cards that you're unlikely to see all of them until you've played a few times, they are generally variations on a theme, and every 'special' card is used in every game so you know what to expect (Well, if it goes to 7 years, so potentially not quite all).

The Getting Sacked expansion improves on this by giving a random placement-space setup, and different boss's to each player giving them unique aims. It also increases the size of many of the card decks, albeit with only minimal changes to the effects of cards.



This is a really clever game. Its' light and fast for its' category (worker placement), with some very interesting decisions to make, and a really fun theme. The base game was a bit lacking in feeling for me as you burn through money too fast to feel motivated into building an engine (As opposed to spamming white cards), but the GS expansion gives you an influx of money and some minor goals to aim for along the way (As you have to perform certain actions to get caught and demoted), making for a far better experience. As a base game...I think 6/10, but with Getting Sacked.. (Also, the variable planning spaces are awesome, I really love variable setup in games for level of replayability it adds).



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