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Subject: Rushed Review of One Night Ultimate Werewolf (Smoothsmith) rss

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Chris Smith
United Kingdom
West Midlands
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Welcome to my short(ish) review! I decided to review every game I own, and seeing as that takes a while, they're kinda rushed! I tried to break things down nonetheless, and I hope you enjoy the review!

Rushed Reviews Of All My Games

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

The Short Sell:
A near-perfect, fast-playing social deduction game. Simple to pick up and cuts out that 'talk people into admitting they're bad guys via boredom' part of the resistance with a strict 5 minute timer. Fantastic.


- Role Cards, on thick cardboard (For easy picking up off the table)
- Role Tokens (For reminding players what roles are in play)
- A well made app, that suckily isn't available on Windows

The components are extremely minimal, and totally not even close to £15 in value, but they're absolutely fit for purpose. The app is really nice, though sadly doesn't support my Windows phone (Nor half of peoples present at a games night I had recently, fortunatey I have an old android tablet).



Players select roles to include (2 Werewolves + X) equal to number of players plus 3. These are shuffled and dealt 1 to each player, with the unused 3 face-down in the middle.



Someone hits play on the app (Or just reads out the script), and players follow the instructions (Everyone close your eyes, werewolves open your eyes, werewolves close your eyes, seer look at another players card or 2 centre cards...etc). At the end, when everyone is told to wake up, players have 5 minutes to discuss what they know/think. At the end of those 5 minutes, all players simultaneously point to another person at the table. The person/people with the most votes die - If one or more werewolves died, the villager team wins, if a villager and no werewolves die, werewolves win, simple!

There's a few unique roles in the box that make things interesting and provide information for players making each game very different. The 'tanner' for example wins if he's killed, making everyone else lose, and the drunk switches his role card with one from the centre without looking at the new one, so he doesn't know what team he's on. The hunter, if killed, also kills who he's pointing at, making him a villager who might lie to get killed if he's sure he can pick a werewolf as his target.

It all stays simple though, and fast, taking less than 10 minutes per game. Very awesome!



The theme is a really good fit here. The village falls off to sleep, and hears all sorts of horrific sounds through the night, with the seer having visions of her peers, troublemaker interfering with fate and the drunk er...What was happening again?

Now, some parts are a bit...janky (I don't know when I started using the word Janky...what..), like the trouble-maker changing someone's profession over-night, but I think its' easy to think of the roles just being what team you're on, and changing of cards just being an interference with fate. Perhaps the troublemaker is messing around outside, and the villager that was about to go outside and run into a werewolf (Proceeding to get bit and become one) stays in, while another comes out to shout at the troublemaker and gets hit by the wolfish fate instead.

I think the night/day split works really well for this, particularly if you try out the 'werewolf sounds' background music on the app. I can see some people having more difficult getting into it, but for me, this is great fit!



There's a decent number of different roles that there is a lot of different ways to setup. You do need to be careful, as throwing them in randomly is likely to cause games with too little information (Leading to boring discussion) or too much (Too easy for villagers), though that's easy enough to do and doesn't throw away too many combinations. I'm definitely looking forward to adding the roles from the sequel, Daybreak, as that will make things fantastic as far as variety of choices.



I've only really had one 'session' of this as of writing, but we did have ~9 games in that session ^^. (I had another where we did a couple quick ones, but one was 3-player which...meh, and the other had a heavy anti-social-deduction person so we stopped). We had an absolutely fantastic time with the game, and love the way interactions evolve through many games, particularly as you switch about the roles.

I think one of the best bits are the sort of 'highlight' moments you get. One game, our hunter lied and claimed he was a villager, with another player also seeming rather suspicious. Split between them, we ended up voting for the one that turned out to be a hunter, who in turn killed the other suspicious player, Hoo...what!? He was a tanner, dang! ^^. In another game, we got a split vote killing 3 people (All on 2 votes/7). The minion died, which he's supposed to try and do in place of the werewolves, but both werewolves died too, clean sweep!

I will admit I had some reservations because of the game requiring an app. Actually I still do, as it means carrying around my android tablet (I use a windows phone), and a speaker, as unless you're playing in a very quiet place, phone/tablet speakers aren't powerful enough for it to work effectively. I still like that its' there, as having someone sit out and read the script would be a pain, but its' a shame the game is designed around something so awkward to organise. That said, the app is awesomely easy to use, and is narrated by Eric Summerer, which is just fantastic ^^.

Fast, easy to learn, and means a comfortable 5 minute discussion not 20+ like in the resistance, where people will talk so long people give up and flip their card/the table. Great game.



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Pasi Ojala
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Smoothsmith wrote:
If one or more werewolves died, the villager team wins, if a villager and no werewolves die, werewolves win, simple!

Fixed. Unless, of course, Tanner dies, but you come to that later, or if there are no werewolves then villagers win.

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