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Subject: Sic Itur Ad Astra #6: Weyland vs Criminal (again!) rss

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João Almeida
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Magic the Gathering World Championship and a First to 10 Marvel vs Capcom 2 match between Justin Wong and Sanford Kelly. What a weekend!

Sic Itur Ad Astra #6: Weyland vs Criminal (up to All That Remains)

You can skip this introduction if you're already familiar with this article series.

A lot of players have problems building their own decks. Android: Netrunner gets new cards every month, and the game requires you to have two decks with playstyles completely different, so I can't blame those who ask for help. But let's face it, if I just tell people which cards to use, they'll never learn how to build their own decks. That's why I decided to start this articles series.

Once per week, I'll post my tests reports, where I'll try to identify my tournament decks' weaknesses and I'll use that knowledge to improve them. That way, I'm not only sharing my results and opening my decks for criticism, but I'm also helping people to understand how they can test their own decks.

But I'm not gonna lie, getting into the "perfect deck" is a boring task. It's how life works: to become good at something sucks. Studying sucks, training sucks, exercising sucks. To be the best, you have to do what no one else is willing to do, it is that simple.

About my testing method, what I do is to play with a pen and a paper on my side. Whenever I draw a card that won't help me, I take note. Whenever I lose a match because I didn't draw what I needed, I also take note. In the end, I check everything I wrote and see what I missed the most, which were the most useless cards, and then I replace them. That way, by trial and error, my deck keeps improving slowly as my studies keeps going.

Rival of the Week: World Champion's Andy/Sucker

Decklist available here

A lot of us think that playing Andy/Sucker is "common ground" and there's not much room for innovation, but Dan D'Argenio proved us wrong at Worlds.

When I looked at his deck list, I had the same feeling I had when I decided to play a single copy of Diesel in my Anarch deck: "this is too counter-intuitive to be right!". D'Argenio's decision of playing a single copy of Inside Job and Emergency Shutdown is brilliant. It forces the Corp to play around them without having them stuck in your grip when the Corp is adapted. I'll probably copy this for my Anarch (seriously, brilliant).

While I do agree that it is unfair to test a Corp deck with All That Remains cards against a deck that only play cards up to Up and Over, I don't think there are any card that relevant for Andromeda in this new data pack.

The Gaming Sessions

I believe this match up still is favorable to the Runner, even after all the changes I made. Criminal has too much pressure cards in the early game, and Corps are vunerable to bad opening hands while Andromeda is basically immune to it. That said, I'm satisfied enough to play my Weyland in a tournament.

As I expected, Snatch and Grab is huge. Denying Kati Jones prevents the Runner for keeping the gas at the late game, and Power Shutdown trashing Datasucker gives me some room to escape the R&D lock for a few turns.

The new morphing pieces of ICE didn't work out really well, except for Changeling. Changeling is a godlike replacement for Bastion. Lycan is too expensive, and Wendigo is too situational, so I don't think they were worth their slot. The other pieces of ICE worked out well, and despite everybody playing 3 copies of Arches, I'm happy with only two.

The Deck of the Week

ID: Blue Sun, Powering the Future

- Agendas (11 cards) -
3x Hostile Takeover
3x Project Atlas
2x Chronos Project
2x Priority Requisition
1x Government Contracts

- Assets (5 cards) -
3x Jackson Howard
1x Adonis Campaign
1x Aggressive Secretary

- Pieces of ICE (18 cards) -
3x Curtain Wall
3x Ice Wall
2x Archer
2x Architect
2x Enigma
2x Grim
1x Changeling
1x Lotus Field
1x Quandary
1x Rototurret

- Upgrades (3 cards) -
2x Corporate Troubleshooter
1x Will-o'-the-Wisp

- Operation (12 cards) -
3x Hedge Fund
3x Oversight AI
2x Power Shutdown
2x Restructure
2x Snatch and Grab

To Vegan or not to Vegan?

The main problem of my deck is the stealth Kit match up. With Cloak, Lockpick and Clone Chip, Power Shutdown is close to useless and it is pretty hard to win the Corporate Troubleshooter war against Dagger. On the other hand, I believe Scorched Earth is pretty good against it, so I'm still not sure which deck I'll keep playing. I guess it all depends on how popular stealth decks will be here.

Next week, as I'm confident about the Replicating Perfection match up, I'll put my Whizzard build against Minh Tran's Personal Evolution. Spoiler alert: I'm scared to death!

For the records, I'm not claiming to be better than the players mentioned above, and I'm not claiming that I could have won the tournaments mentioned above either. My tests and conclusions are totally based on my personal perception of the game, and do not account the players' skills.

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Hraklea's Guide to Metagaming: link here
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