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Ben Ajax
Australian Capital Territory
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As I said before, Castle Panic was so well balanced someone had obviously done all the maths to confirm that the odds of winning and losing were almost equal, but in this game there seems to be so many variables and extra choices to make that (while these add depth to the game) it's no longer possible to know if the game is properly balanced, mathematically. And that's before you even factor in all the house rules and assumptions that everyone is making when they play and the significant impact even subtle changes to the interpretation of the rules might have on the overall balance.

Has anyone actually tried to figure out what the odds of winning or losing this game?

Also, this will be different depending on how many players, given more or fewer overall player actions are been taken compared to the number of zombie spawns and moves.

So at what number of players is the 50-50 balance achieved, and when we change the number of players what house rules does everyone recommend throwing into the mix that have the most modest impact on the game balance such that the overall balance still stays pretty even?

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Thibaud Dejardin
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It is not that well equilibrated:

First: because not all cards spawn zombies depending on the player count. Only 15 on the 23 cards take that into account, and even in that case, a "+1" means a different thing if you're 2 or 6. How is it equilibrated to have to face a fixed number of zombies (2 or 4) with 4 or 12 player actions?

Sure, the fact that the cabin deck has a limited number of cards limits balance a little things, but not that much.

In castle panic, one player has a turn, then the game plays. So if you add more player, the game is not any easier (except by increased tactical choices). That's different here. More players mean more actions, that's all.

Second: More player means (a little) more zombie spawning, which is a good thing, because it allows the survivors (with radio pieces) to spawn faster, as you have to deplete the bag. It allows a quicker game.

So at what number of players is the 50-50 balance achieved

I don't know if a 50/50 winning rate would be satisfying. Plus, a winning should mainly depend on the tactic/strategy u used during the game, it shouldn't be an independent factor.

Personnally, I usually play 3 characters, but i use a severe houserule (no shooting during zombie combat, only using actions) to boost difficulty and balance the mechanics. I lose often enought to consider the game as challenging.

Honestly, i don't think dead panic is an excellent game. If the better zombie games i own (zombicide, i'm looking at you!) took less space and were faster, i would never play dead panic. I only think it's a good substitute to my zombie zaddiction when it calls me.

If you're interested, i made some comparisions between dead panic and castle panic in my review
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