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Subject: Dolphins (and Squid) Variants rss

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Lance Codarin
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It seems that the dolphin cute minis aren't really used enough or renders the tile useless.

We tried with a little variant/houserule that seemed to work rendering the dolphin not too powerful nor useless.
This variant was born uniting many suggestion found in the board.
I posted this also on the forum of the expansion so if the admins think that one should be deleted please delete that one!

Rules WITHOUT squid expansion):

d10-1 The tile with the dolphin is considered green and spawns a dolphin in the place, then it is discarded as normal

d10-2 Dolphins are immune to hazards but can protect only one swimmer at a time.
This means that a monster CAN move into the same tile eating all the swimmers but the one with the dolphin.

OPTIONAL RULE: dolphin aren't immune to sea dragons (rendering them a lot more dangerous)

d10-3 Dolphins follows the rules of the die; in case of a D you must choose one of the three action:
- have one dolphin without a swimmer dive and make it appear on another empty tile
- change possession of a dolphin (from one swimmer to another in the same tile)
- Separate a dolphin from a swimmer moving it in another empty tile

ALTERNATIVE RULE: instead of following d10-3:
- if the dolphin is paired with a swimmer on a result of a D you can move the swimmer up to 3 spaces (basically giving more chances to move the swimmers)

Rules WITH Squid Expansion:

d10-1 same as above

d10-2 Dolphins are immune to Sharks and Whales. They are not immune to The Sea Dragon and the Squid

d10-3 Same as above

d10-4 The squid is spawned by the whale tile as per rules. The anti-whale tile can be considered an anti-squid tile.

d10-5 The Squid follows the following rules:
- It can eat swimmers and dolphins, but won't eat islanders (people on land).
- It can't eat whales and doesn't destroy boats
- It can eat ONE islander on a boat with a single dice action

d10-6 Whales can Eat Squids. Act as normal for the rest

d10-7 The squid moves following the result of a die with a starfish or a whale results as per regular rules
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Soren Hedberg
British Columbia
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We tweaked the dolphin rule as well. Instead of the tile being "green bordered", we play that you can hold the dolphin tile in your hand until you want to use it. You then take the dolphin token and place it with the swimmer of your choice, then move them both up to three spaces. If the dolphin is rolled on the die, you can move the dolphin AND your swimmer together, or you can move a dolphin on its own, without the swimmer. We also play that if you roll the dolphin and the "D", you can dive the dolphin AND swimmer to any vacant space on the board. This might be considered overpowered, but generally speaking, if you've moved your swimmer 3 spaces with the dolphin already, you're probably pretty close to shore anyways.
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