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Subject: Announced Items by World rss

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Bernie Roessler
United States
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Why were we not in the movie?
This is a list of all additional content items announced so far (that I am aware of) by World. I have placed Void Enemies under "The Accursed West" for lack of a better place. Hopefully others will find this list of use:

Accursed West
Outlaw figure
Female Outlaw (Variant Figure)
Female Gunslinger (Variant Figure)
Colonel Scafford
The Scaffford Gang (Enemies x6)
Scafford Gang Heavy Brutes
Male Rancher (Variant Figure)
New Hero Class: Prospector
Frontier Bandits
Nun -Female Preacher (Variant Figure)
Female US Marshal (Variant Figure)
Piano Player -Male Saloon Girl (Variant Figure)
Female Bandido (Variant Figure)
Female Indian Scout (Variant Figure)
Female Sherrif (Lawman Variant Figure)
New Hero Class: Orphan
New Ally: Blacksmith
New Ally:Henchman
New Hero Class: Drifter
New Hero Class: Gambler
New Hero Class: Darkstone Shaman
New Hero Class: Doctor
New Hero Class: Cowboy
New Hero Class: Wandering Samurai
New Ally: Faithful Dog
New Ally:Henchman
Mission Pack: Vampire Next
Mission Pack: The Lost Army
Lost Army Hell Cannon & Crew
Mission Pack: Werewolves' Den
Mission Pack: Black Fang Tribe
Mission Pack: Cult of the Crimsom Hand
Undead Gunslinger
Undead Outlaw Gang (set of 6)
Dark Stone Hydra (XL enemy)
Void Sorcerers (set of 3) Void
Void Hounds (set of 3) Void
Scourge Rats (set of 12)
The Ancient One (XXL Enemy)
Harvestors (set of 3) Void
Burrower (XXL Enemy)
Sand Kracken (XXL Enemy)
Terrain Pack-Doorways
Terrain Pack Mine Terrain
Expanded Frontier Town
Ghosts of the Damned Card Pack (5 gear,5 artifact,5 encounters)
Badlands Expedition Card Pack (5 gear, 5 artifact , 5 encounters)
Dead Man's Bounty 15 Gear Cards
Treasures of the Void 15 Artifact Cards
Blood Money 15 Encounters
Dark Omens 15 Encounters
Corpse Pile Terrain Hazard (set of 3)
Tribal Ghost Warriors

Swamps of Jargono
Serpentmen Warriors (set of 6)
Serpentmen Shaman
New Hero Class: Jargono Tribal Human
Jargono Swamp Raptor (XL enemy)
Murky Confrontations (15 additional Encounter cards)
Trun Hunters (set of 3)
Artifact Set (15 additional artifacts)

Guardian (XL enemy)
Custodians (set of 3)
Dark Stone Pylons (set of 2)
Ancient Terrors (15 additional Encounter cards)
Artifact Set (15 additional artifacts)

Caverns of Cynder
Caverns of Cynder OtherWorld with 3 Lava Men, Map Tiles and Cards
Lava Men (Large Enemies x3)
Beli'al (XXL Enemy)
Mission Pack: Hellfire Sucubi
15 Cynder Encounter cards
Fire & Brimstone (15 additional Encounter Cards)
Artifact Set (15 additional artifacts)

Trederra OtherWorld with 6 Trederran Legionnaires, Map Tiles and Cards
Trederra Raiders (set of 6)
Trederra Grenadiers (set of 3)
Trederran Field Marshal
No Mans Land (15 additional Encounter Cards)
Trederran Muntants (set of 6)
Artifact Set (15 additional artifacts)

Blasted Wastes
Blasted Wastes Otherworld with 6 Wasteland Scavengers, Map Tiles and Cards
Wasteland Teralisk (XL enemy)
Burning Sands (15 additional Encounter Cards)
Artifact Set (15 additional artifacts)

Derelict Spaceship
Derelict Spaceship Otherworld with 6 Necronauts, Map Tiles and Cards
Beacon Drones (Set of 3)
Flesh Stalker
Captains Log (15 additional Encounter Cards)
Auto Turrents Terrain Hazard (set of 2)
Artifact Set (15 additional artifacts)

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I am a "certified" art critic.
I am a professional BGG commenter.
Here was my take on a similar list, including a graphical version!
Themed Expansion Packs (and completing an Outlaw pledge)
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reaching out from the in-between spaces...
United States
New York
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KevBelisle wrote:
Here was my take on a similar list, including a graphical version!
Themed Expansion Packs (and completing an Outlaw pledge)

Klutz, you are the king of bling!

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