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Ok, the sides are set, we've done our three sets of re-rolls for who goes first due to constant ties, now the first move is mine!

Let's see, scoot my troops forward. I think I'll resist the urge to send Obi-Wan and Anakin Vader too far ahead. First shot - Agh! Way off. Hm, this Clone Troopers is really slow. But his gun looks like it should be a nice long range weapon - we'll give him a shot from way back here - WOO HOO! The Battle Droid goes down. The first hit is mine.

Her turn, and some wild shots that miss. That's great, I have the advantage. Oops. Except, as she points out, I really shouldn't have left the closet door open. Well, surely the little plastic projectile can't be TOO lost in there. Search search search...ah ha. Found it. Now we can resume the blasting...after closing that door.

I'll advance some more. Maybe I can take down Vader with one of my Wookie Scouts - BLAM! CLANG! Ah, wait a minute, that was a direct hit! It just bounced right off! Darn Jedi force powers!

Uh oh, getting into close range now. Dooku charges up to Obi-Wan - but its a poor windup, and the just nudges him a bit! Ha! And that shot you are taking on Anakin isn't all that close. No way can a measly V-Wing pilot knock down a Jedi. WHAP! Er, well, technically he wasn't knocked down. Just clear off the table. Ah, but you can't beat him that easily! His power bar is white! I get to replace my Clone Trooper with him, and now he's mad!

Now its payback time. Those Jedi tend to be hard to take down with Lightsabers, so Obi will go after a V-Wing pilot instead. Slice! Down he goes! Meanwhile, a scout walks up and places his cannon point blank against Dooku. WHUMP! Dooku flies across the table. However, the V-Wing pilot's special has come up. The other V-Wing is rushing up for revenge - argh, he gets it! Nice shot though...but now Obi Wan is gone. What a poor defeat for a mighty Jedi.

Ah! No! Vader leave my other wookie alone! SLICE! So much for him. And the pilot is aiming for a point blank shot on Anakin - which only sends him spining in circles a bit! Ha ha, the force is strong with me!

Anakin shall have revenge! WHAM! With a mighty wind up, he takes down the pilot. Now its only young Vader and old Vader. (Which is reallly unfair. Old classic black armored Vader is so much cooler).

As he now proves by smashing down Anakin and reigning triumphant, the only figure still standing! Curses...defeated again.
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