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Subject: Kaiju Conquest - Playtest Game 47 rss

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Warren Loewen
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10 November, 2014


I playtested game 47 with my 7 year old grandson. He played the Kaiju (because he loves the monsters), and I played the human UNRF.

On Turn 1, he had a Portal appear in Perth, with a Sea Leviathan, Thunder Dragon, a Sea, Air, a couple of Army and Reaper units. He moved an Army unit with the Sea Leviathan to Wellington, New Zealand, which was easy to take out as their was only a UNRF Garrison unit there. They tried to take Sydney with some of the military units, but were fought off with only a UNRF navy unit remaining. Turn 1 ended with Kaiju player getting 12 Victory Points (VP's) and UNRF with 21 VP's.

On Turn 2, the Kaiju control Perth, Wellington, and Manila with a Base. They still have the Sea Leviathan and Thunder Dragon in play, as well as an Earth Shaker. The UNRF have 43 VP's and Kaiju have 51 VP's.

On Turn 3, the Kaiju appear in Panama City with an Earth Shaker an several Sazzarran units against a lonely UNRF Garrison unit. No contest. The UNRF try to take it back but no luck. By the end of the turn, the UNRF have 1 Command Warrior and 2 Aquatic Warriors each spread out at Hong Kong, Hawaii and Mexico City zones. The Kaiju control Manila, Perth and Panama City. The UNRF have 64 VP's, and Kaiju have 87 VP's.

On Turn 4, two Portals appear. One at Manila, and one at Los Angeles. The one at Manila has an Earth Shaker, 2 Land, 2 Air, 2 Reaper, 1 Sea deploy to support the 1 Land unit and Base. The Portal at Los Angeles deploys an Earth Shaker, 3 Reapers, 1 Land and 2 Air units. The Kaiju move to Lima on the West coast and Sydney on the East coast. The UNRF move to Wellington with the Sea Base a Navy and Army unit to take the city zone back from the Kaiju. The UNRF also move against the Kaiju forces at Panama City where a Kaiju Base was deployed, as well as Manila to take it back.

So there are four battle fronts: Lima, Panama City, Manila, and Wellington. Lima was a pushover as they only had a token force there to defend it. The Kaiju lost their base and their forces at Panama City. The Kaiju managed to hold out at Manila and still maintain control of it, The attack on Wellington resulted in defeat for the UNRF forces, as the Sea Leviathan proved its worth and changed the tide of battle in the Kaiju favour.

The end result was the Kaiju control Lima, Los Angeles, Manila, Perth, Sydney and Wellington. They have the Sea Leviathan, 2 Earth Shakers and 1 Giant Ape remaining with many Sazzarran units still in play. The Kaiju player wins with 145 VP's to the UNRF 123 VP's.

During this game, deploying the Garrison units at city zones not controlled by the UNRF worked. It gave support for the human city zones, and provided resources that they would normally not get. It also made more sense to at least have Garrison units at human city zones.

We also played with modifications to the CMD stats of the units on both sides. I had to modify their CMD stats so that they were balanced throughout the Battle Board, and not massed up on just one CMD level, CMD 7 and 8 being most common.

Having the mecha and titans take full or more damage on their good side then starting fresh on the Damaged/Wounded side, allowed the mecha and titans to survive little longer.

Overall, with the new modifications, the game was more balanced, as was proven by the Victory Points on both sides. Usually, the UNRF would win by almost twice as many points. If the Kaiju won, it would have also been by almost twice as many points. More playtesting will prove whether the new modifications will keep the game balanced. Also, when the blind playtesters start playing, hopefully it will give some new insight to game improvement.

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