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I would suggest there be no more original lair cards, though if the reserve deck get too thick, there will be dilution issues, so maybe more copies of the lair cards already there should be supplied with an expansion.

I introduce the modification which says that so long as they remain in two identical internal path groups, the Cryptozoologist player may place cards at the start up a path as visible, and subsequent cards as invisible. This represents the initial visible distance up a path, or baiting a path. If an entirely visible path bridges to an invisible one, that path does not “automatically free reveal cascade” forwards. This opens up the option for cards to set one isolated one down the path visible earlier, etc. Paths must be entirely invisible, or start as visible and change to invisible further along, and remain the latter.

New device cards could be, for Bigfoot or the Cryptozoologist:

-Giant Bigfoot Trap
-Infra Red Vision
-Observation Hide
-Laser Break Line (there should be no tripline)
-Eye Witness Claim
-GPS Scanner
-Telescopic Spotter Lense

New ideas for action cards, or action card halves could be, for Bigfoot or the Cryptozoologist:

-Call Blasting (for the Cryptozoologist)
-Wood Knocking (for the Cryptozoologist or Bigfoot) *
-Direct Encounter (for the Cryptozoologist or Bigfoot) *
-Unknown Noise (for the Bigfoot)
-Up-ended Tree (for the Bigfoot)
-Flying Rock (for the Bigfoot)
-Discovered Footprints (for the Cryptozoologist)
-Hair Sample (for the Cryptozoologist)
-Nearby (for the Cryptozoologist)
-Noise Mimicry (for the Cryptozoologist or Bigfoot)
-Eye Shine (for the Cryptozoologist)
-Suspected Group (for the Bigfoot)*
-Bait (for the Cryptozoologist or Bigfoot)
-Camouflage (for the Cryptozoologist)
-Eyes in the Dark (for the Bigfoot)
-Still for Ages (for the Bigfoot)*
-Too Loud (for the Cryptozoologist)
-Waiting Game (for the Cryptozoologist)
-The Wrong Animal(for the Cryptozoologist)
-Disturbed Foliage (for the Bigfoot)
-Changing Lair (for the Bigfoot)
-In Cave or Tree (for the Bigfoot)

The concept is introduced here of one action card, with two halves which are titled the same, but have different text for bigfoot or the cryptozoologist.
*These cards allow the bigfoot to intereact with the hunter somehow. Both halves of the one action card could reference each other somehow (or not).
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There needs to be more options for Bigfoot and the Cryptozoologist hunter to do things.

-There should be an update ruling that requires that the cards along a chosen path be revealed one at a time (as stepped through, via walking) and not in one full hit.

-There could be a card that allows one or two or more cards placed in a path to be placed face up (starting from the path beginning) and not down, to "bait" a path, or with certain unique cards only "evidence" a path for the cryptozoologist, with evidence cards only.

-There could be cards that allow someone to sight (with binoculars) a card, ie. turn a further down path card face up before getting to it.

-There should be a card that allows Bigfoot to hop parallel paths part way, even at (but not past) the end of the other path.

-There should be cards that allow bigfoot to scare the hunter into, say, the hunter skipping one (or more) of their path cards.

-There should be a card which allows some additional number of paths, past 2 paths, to be added (and more than 6 cards drawn if needed) and dealt with appropriately.

-There should be a card which allows bigfoot to (rarely) quit a path early, or force the hunter to end his path early if bigfoot "reveals" himself, where there is a direct, suspected bigfoot encounter.

-There might be an option for bigfoot to exchange one of his hidden lair cards between on of the left over lair cards not yet taken, during the game.

-As the Cryptozoologist may lay sensor cards, the bigfoot may be able to insert evidence cards into a decided path (as well as "baiting"), to stop the hunter taking any more paths from the path the hunter is on, forcing the path to end early there.

-There should be a "run in terror" card which requires bigfoot or the hunter to only take every second card only in a path (or finish their chosen path at that).

-Apart from flipping bigfoot to tired to avoid a sensor card, bigfoot should have cards with the abilities to alter guesses, in order to force the hunter to pose a separate, non-asked question. OR there should be other cards that simply have the option to "tired" bigfoot, or "shame" the cryptozoologist the first time, just as a consequence for them using an advantageous avility. With more rejuvenation cards for both too.

-There should be cards which allow bigfoot to ignore individual categories from guesses, to respond with fewer or no bigfoot tokens, even if the category matches.

-There could be cards which can cancel other action cards. Or even a card that plays the other half of a just played card, simultaneously, even with the original activated path cancelled or not.

-Maybe Bigfoot could be able to steal hand cards from the hunter, but not vice versa.

-There could be ways to further "conceal" or "hide" lairs, giving the bigfoot player the option to rules legally ignore questions, or answer in the negatively, only once (unless otherwise forced through at requirement by certain cryptozoologist cards).*

*Unless allowed, bigfoot players aren't allowed to ever lie. This game operates on a simple level of trust.
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