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Attaque! Toujours attaque!!
This is the session report for our fourth game. Marten Jan played the Judeans, I stormed forward as the Romans.
It would prove to be a short game, as Titus plodded along ineffectively along the north wall, only to die in the last ours of the evening of the first assault…

The Romans mined for three weeks and got one shaft at near the North East fortress of the temple. Mining was not very successful, one breach in the north wall and the fortress at 6 or 7.

The attack turned sour straight from the start. The Romans wanted to ram the North East fortress of the New city. Not a smart idea.. in hindsight that is..
The Romans started losing cohorts from turn 1.
The Legions were spread out in order to force to Judeans to do the same. One legion at the North wall, in the North East. Another in the south, the third opposite Herods palace and the last opposite the north east part of the temple. The goal was to create breaches in the walls in the south, in Herods palace and destroy the fortress of the temple. Perhaps start ramming at Antonia’s Fortress..

By turn 4 the Romans had already lost 6 cohorts and a Tower. The Judean made a surprise visit to my siege engine near the temple.. (damn that ZOC).

Ramming and shooting of the New City fortress went ever so slow. The Romans shot at the fortress with all the artillery, but rolled two ones, disrupting their own units.
Because ramming was so slow, Titus assaulted the Fortress, but the attack fizzled in turn 5. Only in turn 6 the fortress changed hands. But at what price? Brave Cerialus died on the North wall, killed by Judean arrows..
Of course then the folly of the Roman tactics became clear.. Why bother ramming for 6 turns only to take the real estate in a melee?

In turn 7 and 8 the Romans attacked at full strength. The North wall next to the fortress had been breached and escalades had been raised on quite a number of places on the North east wall of the New City.
In turn 8 the Romans got a strong foothold in the New city, but Titus had to take enormous risks, by leading his troops in person. Vicious counter attacks proved the best of him. He died in turn 9…
By that time the Romans lost:
8 7-8’s, 8 6-8’s, 1 5-8, 3 Syrian Archers, 7 Velitae and 2 foederati, a tower, Cerialus and Titus.
That was the moment the Romans surrendered. Cerialus legion was butchered beyond repair. The New city was not taken and the Judeans had amassed almost 400 victory points. It was total defeat..

Hm.. That was a tough lesson. I do think now it’s wise not to start ramming a fortress with only one legion, while your other legions are occupied and tied down on some far away slope.
I just did not have back up plan…
It was nice though to some desperate attacking. Two Judean factions were almost totally destroyed.. If the day had only lasted some turn longer… But alas.. that’s just an afterthought..

I noticed I had forgotten a lot of precious lessons. I’m reminded of JC’s wise words to you have keep practising.. I guess that’s what I’ll do..

Turn 3 or 4. Herods palace and the South

Turn 3 or 4. Near the temple and the New city. Notice the wreck of the tower and lack of progress on the Roman side..

Turn 7. The Romans finally forced themselves into the New city..

Turn 9. It's too late.. Although the North wall is taken over a long stretch and many Judeans have been killed, attrition is to high. Titus dies in the sand of the open ground of the New City...
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