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Subject: Twilight Imperium - december 20th rss

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Tiago Perretto
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Thinking about my next move.
So, if my only options are these, then I shall...

Hello, people!

We started the set up around 16h40, and start playing near 1 hour after. The races, drawn randomly, were:
- the Yssaril Tribes
- the Federation of Sol
- the Ghosts of Creuss
- the Lizix Mindnet
- the Barony of Letnev
- the Winnu (I)

The neighborhoods were: Winnu / Yssaril / Federation / Letnev / Lizix / Creuss / Winnu.

In the early game, the Winnu had three battles against the Creuss - the Creuss started, and I attacked twice to show that I wasn't afraid of losing ships in order to show that I wasn't going to accept attacks or only give an "equal" response. No, if you attacked me, I would attack you as many time as I could - or so I said I would. The Federation was attacked by the Yssaril, and were crushed, losing a system with three planets. On the other hand, the Federation attacked the Barony of Letnev and won some planets. The Lizix and Letnev opted to build strenght.

Red/Winnu, Black/Creuss, Green/Yssaril, Purple/Federation, Gray/Letnev, Yellow/Lizix:

The embassadors of the Yssaril told the Federation they would leave the system, but lied: the Yssaril attacked another system with three planets and destroied all the Federation ships. The Letnev sent a fleet to take the home world of the Federation, and succeed in this, only to be defeated, in the same round, by the Yssaril. Also, the Barony destroied several positions of the Federation, and this was on the verge of extinction. The Lizix Mindet was suffering from lack of resources, and was building way less than the others. And the advance of the Creuss to their frontier was seen as a thing to be worried. The Creuss and the Winnu made some trade agreements and exchanged system, to show peace to each other. Thus, both could use their forces against their other neighbours (the Lizix, for the Creuss, and the Yssaril, for the Winnu).

Red/Winnu, Black/Creuss, Green/Yssaril, Purple/Federation, Gray/Letnev, Yellow/Lizix:

Several conflicts happen in the galaxy: the Creuss advance upon the Lizix, in order to block a dock and to take hold of an artifact. The Lizix were outnumbered, but their ships were stronger and hit more, but the command of the Lizix told the fleet to retreat before seeing that the battle was going better for them, but the command was worried about the losses, even if they won, since they would be hard-pressed to build new ships with so little resources available. The Winnu attacked two systems of the Yssaril, including their home system, and won both battles - however, the Yssaril had a big fleet near by, and sent them to recover the home system, which they did easily. Also, the Yssaril tried to exterminate the Federation, attacking them in the last world they have, using for this the mothership (a special ship of the race), but the mothership took a critical hit from the PSD protecting the world and was torn into pieces, killing everyone inside - no one saw this coming, surely not the Yssaril! The Letnev attacked the Lizix, and this time the Lizix didn't fled and, even more, they won the battle, holding their ground and destroying a huge Letnev's fleet.

Red/Winnu, Black/Creuss, Green/Yssaril, Purple/Federation, Gray/Letnev, Yellow/Lizix:

The Lizix built a War Sun, and after some threats, the Creuss agree to leave the system tey took, and use a new technology, to build a wormhole and cross the galaxy in order to take the biggest fleet ever seen to attack the last planet of the Federation. The Federation tries to plead that the attack be postponed, so that they could leave - the Creuss could keep the planet and the artifact there. But the Creuss didn't agree and went to battle - but, yet again, the Federation survived, due to some heavy hits given and the weak force of the Creuss's attack. The Federation manage to retreat (we considered that this was how Battlestar Galactica begun). The Winnu took Metacol, destroying the small force there, and built, later on, a dock there, in order to keep and defend better the position. Also, the Winnu sent a fleet away from a second enormous Creuss' fleet, and used it to attack two systems of the Yssaril, winning both battles against much smaller numbers. The Yssaril built forces in their home world, but in another part of the galaxy, the Letnev attack a system of the Yssaril and also won.

Red/Winnu, Black/Creuss, Green/Yssaril, Purple/Federation, Gray/Letnev, Yellow/Lizix:

And this was the end of the game: the Winnu holding Mecatol, threatened by the never-used War Sun of the Lizix. The Creuss would destroy everyone near him on the other side of the galaxy, since the Yssaril there nor the Letnev had enough forces to resist. The Yssaril still had a dozen planets under its command, and could built a new fleet easily, but still they lost momentum and would still lose ground. The Winnu had several weak positions, since they put almost everything they got in two fleets: the one attacking the Yssaril and the one holding Mecatol.

- the Winnu - 9 points
- the Yssaril Tribes - 9 points
- the Ghosts of Creuss - 7
- the Barony of Letnev - 7
- the Federation of Sol - 3
- the Lizix Mindnet - 3

The winner were the Winnu, that reached 9 points by fulfilling the secret objective (control of Mecatol, plus a dock and 6 ground units there), for 2 points, plus the public objective of winning two battles in different systems against at least three enemy ships, for another 2 points. The Yssaril also reached 9 points, by having control of 11 planets besides the home worlds, for 3 points. I, with the Winnu, couldn't change this, since my battle fleet didn't carry ground units - was only meant to fight. But the tie-breaker were in favor of the Winnu - they had the 2nd action, Diplomacy, while the Yssaril had the 5th, Trade. Really, really close, specially because the Yssaril player made a mistake and understand his secret objective wrong, otherwise he would have won one round ealier than the one that actual ended the game. Better for me!

The game took us around 10 hours, including set up and tear down time.

And that was it!

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