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Subject: Carbon Chamber Testing Vs. EBO rss

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Ken B.
United States
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My brother and I have recently been picking up our old Star Wars cards again after a looooooong break. I've never gotten into the Virtual Cards too much, and I doubt sincerely we'll ever adopt them at all (we may adapt the defensive shields for Senate and Lightsaber Combat, but that's probably it).

I've been building tons of decks that I just never had time for when I was caught up in the grind of continually having tournament decks and having to update and rebuild as each expansion came out.

We got a chance to sit down for a game recently, and I got to test out a deck I had honestly never used before--it was based on the Objective "Carbon Chamber Testing/My Favorite Decoration". This strategy was pretty weak before they released the 'Frozen Han' in Reflections II that really gave the deck a boost...but I had never built or tried it before.

My brother has been tweaking a speed EBO deck, meant to set it up and just drain you as quickly and as heavily as possible.

I started the Objective, Security Tower, Carbon Chamber, the Carbonite Console (a holdover from the objective that is made useless now, but ya still got to start it), Fear Is My Ally w/10 shields, and started Imperial Arrest Order, Mobilization Points, and Power of the Hutt with my starting interrupt. He only got the Hoth Shield Generators, the 4th Marker, and a New Secret Base to start.

On my first turn, I did the usual set-up--pulled and deployed Rendilli w/Mob Points, the Executor Docking Bay w/ IAO, the Audience Chamber via my objective, and deployed Ephont Mon to the Echo : DB with Power of the Hutt. Needless to say I was activating a TON.

He pulled the War Room and I think EBO with his effect, deployed the War Room, a Docking Bay from hand and put an X-Wing at the docking bay and drew.

From there, we just sort of went about our own business for awhile. I beefed up the Audience Chamber with Mighty Jabba, Bib, Boelo, and Aurra--a very strong defense force in case he came knocking. I easily moved Popsicle Han with IG-88 with Riot Gun (the perfect escort--he can initiate battle, but not be battled if he's alone...) and began retrieval.

My brother set up his drains after completing EBO. I used the Battle Order shield to force him to pay, even though it made me pay as well because I had so much extra force. The Hoth Shields were a nuisance for my deck because generally I want to start a lot of battles, drop a beatdown crew on you, retrieve with Scum, repeat. That wasn't going to be possible here.

Thinking I had no space, he spread out a bit, so I took a chance to strike. I played Lateral Damage on one of his ships where he only had two generic X-Wings, and dropped Zuckuss in Mist Hunter and Dengar in Punishing One to greet them. Unfortunately by destiny wasn't too hot and I ended up not doing nearly the amount of damage I'd hoped. Thankfully, this set me up to no longer pay for drains as I cleared the system.

About this time he dropped Obi-Wan to the 4th Marker and Qui-Gon w/Lightsaber to the Cloud City Docking bay. Now he didn't have to pay to drain either and was definitely outdraining me. I put Arica Undercover to the 4th marker, but I wasn't sure what I was going to do with Qui-Gon.

The next turn, I had an inspiration. I had been retrieving stuff with my Objective that I'd rather not have--such as destiny 1 characters. Then I remembered I could put them to use. I retrieved a Dark Side Lando and counted it as it moved up the next turn. With No Escape allowing me to take top card, I nabbed Bossk with Mortar Gun, landed on Qui-Gon, shot his mortar cannon and captured Qui-Gon with the "1"--don't worry, I had a Ghhhhk in hand in case I miscounted.

Then I made a couple of mistakes. He moved a refreshed X-Wing swarm over to the system where I'd parked Zuckuss and Dengar. Foolishly thinking I was a match, I putt EPP Fett in there for some forfeit fodder + more power and initiated, retrieving for Scum. I drew a "3", and that was +6 for all those X-Wings. He played...Organized Attach (+1 attack and immunity to attrition--THAT was the killer). So I ended up forfeiting EPP Fett and losing five more, and he lost nothing. Bad idea on my part, those X-Wings add up and I just didn't calculate, if he hadn't had immunity, I was counting on the fat attrition with Dengar helping me clean up the system--he would've had to lose three X-Wings otherwise.

Then I did mistake #2: I broke Arica's cover to battle Obi-Wan at Hoth. But I'd miscounted again and I drew low, while Obi pulled a nice destiny. So there went my block to his drain. I just knew Mara in dancer garb would be a match for the old man, but to no avail.

From there, that pretty much ended our interaction. He chose not to battle Dengar and Zuckuss again, probably because he didn't have another copy of Organized Attack handy. I spread out to drain since there was obviously no strike force coming to free Han, and we spent the rest of the time draining. He put in a late All Wings Report In to retrieve 7 force, probably almost matching all of my Scum and Objective retrieval in one scoop.

With is larger drains, it came down to the wire. He finally drained me out with only three force remaining. Tight game, I probably could've won if I hadn't gotten a case of the stupids there.

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