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Amarice *
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Hi, I wrote an alternative solo variant for the game. There is already an official solo variant by Mike Nudd, but I thought the official one could be more like a training mode, while this one that I tried to put together was more like a competitive approach.

Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy it...


* Note: if not mentioned, original game rules apply.

Players description...
- Bees-bot0 (orange): it disables or interferes positions of available cards, it doesn't play.
- Bees-bot1 (light blue): first opponent and starting player in the first turn of the game.
- Bees-bot2 (dark blue): second opponent.
- Player (yellow): last player in the first turn of the game.
- Initial set-up: 3 honeycomb tiles and 6 dice/bees (same as the original rules).
- Variant: roll the white die (voluntary bee) at the beginning of each turn to determine initiative, the first player will be bees-bot1 with results of 1-2, bees-bot2 with results of 3-4, or the player with results of 5-6.

Game play...
- Objective: to make honey with each type/colour of nectar (6).
- Victory: the first player to reach the objective automatically wins the game.
- Advance mode: the Player needs to make honey 7 times, 6 with each type/colour of nectar and a 7th one with the same color of nectar present on any of its adjacent honeycomb tiles.

- Eggs: only 9 eggs are used for the game.
- Queen Bee deck: remove "Volunteer", "Shift Change", "Scouting" and "Feint" cards, making a deck of 30 Queen bee cards.
- Description: cards are displayed in 3 rows (R) and 4 columns (C).
- Level 2 (R1): BEFD*
- Level 1 (R2): AGCD*
- Level 0 (R3): DDDD*
- "D" cards are shuffled and randomly placed on their locations (R1) and (C4). A bee-bot0 die (orange) is placed on each "D" card at (C4).
- 3 orange dice (bees-bot0) are rolled to cover 3 different numbers of the "E" card.
- 3 orange dice (bees-bot0) are rolled looking for 3 different results, place them on cards "A", "G" and "C".

Dice rolls...
- Bees-bot1: 1D6 (+7thD6, +8thD6) / 2D6 (+9thD6) / 3D6.
- Bees-bot2: 3D6 / 2D6 (+9thD6) / 1D6 (+7thD6, +8thD6).
- Player: 2D6 / 2D6 / 2D6.
- Rule: when hatching an egg (receiving a new die), the player will add it to one of his/her rolls, not being able to change dice distribution during the game.

Dice placement...
- Bees-bot: they follow cards sequence for each roll, start placing the rolled results on the free spaces or jump to the next card, all "D" cards are available as their last choice.
- Bees-bots, roll 1: A, G, C, D.
- Bees-bots, roll 2: G, C, D.
- Bees-bots, roll 3: C, D.
- Bees-bot, double results: with available spaces on cards "A", "G" or "C", two (2) dice/bees are placed one on top of the other on the same card, once night phase is finished, this space will be locked by an orange die (bee-bot0) for the rest of the game.
- Player: free placement, he/she can't place dice/bees on empty honeycomb tiles and he/she can't place more than 2 dice/bees on the same honeycomb tile.
- Variant: instead of rolling and placing dice individually, bees-bots and player roll their dice roll at once, then they place their rolled dice in turn order.

- Day: dice are rolled and placed on action cards following turn order and dice roll/placement rules.
- Night: action cards are resolved individually in turn order, starting from left to right at level 0 (R3), then level 1 (R2) and finally level 2 (R1).

"A" card...
- Hive limit: 7 tiles.
- Rule: once bees-bot1 and bees-bot2 (both) have reached their hive limit (7), "A" card is flipped and cannot be used in following turns.
- Easy mode: the player has no hive limit.

"C" card...
- Bees/dice limit: 9 dice/bees.
- Rule: once bees-bot1 and bees-bot2 (both) have reached their dice/bees limit (9), "C" card is flipped and cannot be used in following turns.
- Easy mode: the player has no dice/bees limit.

"G" Card...
- Player: he/she draws and plays them according to the original rules.
- Bees-bot: they draw and discard them.
- Rule: once the Queen bee deck runs out of cards, "G" card is flipped and cannot be used in following turns.

Making honey...
- Player: according to the original rules.
- Bee-bots: immediately once 4 nectar cubes of the same colour are collected on an unique honeycomb tile.
- Rule: each colour of nectar that Bees-bot1 and Bees-Bot2 claim goes to a different and unique honeycomb tile, meaning each honeycomb tile will always belong to a single and unique colour nectar.
- Note: when honey is made, leave a nectar cube on that honeycomb tile, if honey is made with 2 different colours of nectar, the player may choose one of them.

Making bees/dice...
- Player: according to the original rules.
- Bees-bot: immediately after collecting 3 egg counters on a honeycomb tile, a die is added to the roll sequence as stated in the "dice rolls" section (above).
- Rule: all eggs claimed by Bees-bot will be placed on a same single honeycomb tile in their own hive; when there are no eggs in the hive, if there are no empty honeycomb tiles available, egg(s) won't be claimed; if Bees-bot1 or Bees-bot2 already reached their maximum of 9 dice/bees, they will keep stocking egg(s) with no effect.
- Note: remember there are only 9 eggs available during the game.

External link:
Spanish version:
Gameplay examples playlist (Spanish):

Cooperative Variant for 1-4 players:
Queen Bee's Challenge for 1 player:
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Henry Jasper
United Kingdom
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Re: Alternative Solo Variant
Amarice, this is amazing! I've had my head stuck in Terralith so much that I've only just seen what you've been working on!

We're hosting a playthrough event for Waggle Dance next week so I'll make sure to test through your solo version before then. We do have the official version from Mike but I want to see how yours feels played in conjunction to this and I find the idea of the co-op vs competitive versions very attractive - utterly brilliant!!! When you coming to Cornwall? =)
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Amarice *
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Re: Alternative Solo Variant
Introduction and game play demo (Spanish version):

I will be doing more videos playing other variants and options for the solo mode. Thanks.
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Amarice *
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I recorded another example of gameplay:
...and tweaked the rules. (Any further revision may update the current text).

External link to the rules in English:
Spanish version:
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