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Fought between the 3-5 May 1811 on the border of Spain and Portugal, the historical battle of Fuentes de Onoro saw an Anglo-Portuguese army (led by the future Duke – then Viscount - of Wellington) check an attempt by the French army of Portugal to relieve the besieged city of Almeida. While the main game Fuentes de Onoro 20 concerns itself with the 4-day campaign in which no French troops at all start in play, it also features a historical scenario that starts on game turn 13 on the 05 May – it is that historical scenario (which also features a semi free-style set-up for the French forces) that is the subject of this AAR

Situation at start of game – the bulk of the French troops have formed up in line against the Allied army, who are themselves in line between Nave de Haver and Fuentes de Onoro

Turn 13: May 05, Morning (French morale 6, Allied morale 8)

(no random events)
Mermet moves to engage Sanchez (in Nave de Haver), with Solignac and Marchand both moving to engage 7. Conroux, Ferey and Claparede all move to engage (and surround) 1 in Fuentes de Onoro, with Res Cav and Nord Cav both moving further NE. Lt Cav moves to Junca, with Merle to and along the road leading past the same.

Mermet engages Sanchez, with the latter forced to withdraw and with Mermet advancing after combat. Solignac and Marchand attack 7, routing 7 towards Poco Velho, with 7 failing a hazardous retreat and so breaking (+1 French morale, -1 Allied morale) along the way and with Marchand then advancing after combat. Conroux, Ferey and Claparede all engage 1, suffering a costly exchange of Claparede and Ferey with 1 (for a net -1 French morale, +1 Allied morale (as they lost 2 units to the Allied 1)), with Conroux also advancing after combat into Fuentes de Onoro

(random event = “Craufurd Returns!” Lt get both +1 MA and +1 combat Str)
Inspired by Craufurds return. Lt moves to engage Conroux, as does 3. 6 moves to Alameda, with 5 and Portuguese division both moving to engage Lt cav.

LT cav disenage, moving NW

Cav and Sanchez both attack Mermet but are both forced to withdraw, with Mermet declining to advance. Lt and 3 attack Conroux, forcing Conroux to withdraw over the bridge: a hazardous retreat, which they fail and so break instead (-1 French morale, +1 Allied morale), with 3 advancing after combat.

Situation at end of turn 13

Turn 14: May 05, Mid-day (French morale 5, Allied morale 9)

(random event = “Obstinate Guardsmen” Nord cav have both -1MA and may not enter any enemy ZoC)
The French commander spends a morale point to force march his troops (-1 French morale), allowing Solignac to move to engage Lt as Marchand and Res Cav both move to engage 3. Mermet then moves to engage Sanchez, with Nord cav moving to the bridge NE of Fuentes de Onoro. Merle and Heudelet move to engage 5 (outside Junca), with Lt cav moving back to Almeida

Mermet engages Sanchez, forcing Sanchez to withdraw and advancing after combat. Solignac attacks Lt, forcing Lt to withdraw (towards Vilar Formosa) and also advancing. Marchand and Lt cav attack 3, remaining engaged. Finally, Heudelet and Merle attack 5, also remaining engaged.

(random event = “Intelligence Gathering”. Next card will be “Heat and Fatigue”)
Portuguese move to engage Merle, with 6 moving to engage Nord cav

Nord cav disengage over the bridge as Res cav penetrates NE

Cav and Sanchez combine against Mermet, remaining engaged. Lt attacks Solignac, forcing Solignac to withdraw and opting to stand fast rather than advance after combat. 3 attacks Res cav and Marchand, and are broken outright (+1 Fr morale, -1 Allied morale), with Res cav then advancing into Fuentes de Onoro. 5 attacks Heudelet, remaining engaged. Finally, Portuguese (who remain steady) attack Merle, routing Merle 4 hexes (for -1 French morale) towards Almeida. One of these hexes involves a hazardous retreat (over bridge), which Merle fails and so breaks instead (+1 Allied morale), with Portuguese then advancing after combat.

Situation at end of turn 14

Turn 15: May 05, Afternoon (French morale 4, Allied morale 9)

((not so)random event = “Heat and Fatigue” All units have -1 MA)
Solignac moves to Poco Velho, with Marchand and Res cav moving to engage Lt, and with Nord cav moving to Fuentos de Onoro

Cav counter-charge Solignac, but are forced to withdraw: a hazardous retreat which they fail and so break instead (+1 French morale, -1 Allied morale), with Solignac then advancing.

Mermet and Solignac attack Sanchez, breaking them outright (anotehr +1 French morale, -1 Allied morale), with Mermet then advancing. Marchand and Res cav attack Lt, remaining engaged. Finally, Heudelet (is forced to) attack both 5 and Portuguese and are routed 4 hexes towards Almeida (-1 French morale) and off the map (+1 Allied morale), with 5 advancing.

(random event = “Steady, Lads … Steady!” 1 rallies outside Freineda, with 3 also rallying outside Castelo Bom)
Both 1 and 3 move East along their respective roads as 5 and Portuguese close on Almeida and as 6 mives to engage both Res cav and Nord cav.

Nord cav disengage SW (to woods) as Res cav counter-charge Lt, forcing Lt to withdraw: another hazardous retreat which (again) is failed and so break instead (+1 French morale, -1 Allied morale), with Res cav then advancing.

Situation at end of turn 15

Turn 16: May 05, Dusk (French morale 6, Allied morale 7)

(random event = “Vive l’Empereur!” Both Heudelet and Claparede remain broken while Conroux rallies in Alameda and Ferey rallies just outside it, and as Merle is eliminated for good)
Marchand, Res cav and Nord cav all move to engage 6, with Solignac moving along the road towards Vilar Formosa and as Mermet moves onto and along the same road. Conroux moves to the ridge on the Spain/Portugal border, with Ferey moving along the same road as supply column enters Alameda. Finally, Lt cav moves east out of Almeida and crosses the river.

Nord cav, Res cav and Marchand all attack 6, sufferign an exchange (+/- cancel out), with Nord cav losing command control and advancing after combat.

(random event = “Poor French Intelligence” No effect)
Portuguese and 5 move to engage the Almeida garrison, with 3 moving thorugh Vilar Formosa to engage Mermet across the river.

3 attacks Solignac, forcing Solignac to withdraw and advancing after combat. 1 attacks Mermet, also forcing Mermet to withdraw (to Poco Velho) and advancing. 5 and Portuguese attack Almeida garrison, forcing it to withdraw: a result it can ignore.

Situation at end of turn 16

Turn 17: May 05, Dusk (French morale 6, Allied morale 7)

(random event = “I could do with far more troops and far less Bessieres!” Cards reshuffled)
Res cav and Nord cav both move to engage 3 as Conroux and Ferey both move alogn the road towards Sao Pedro and as supply column moves towards Val Da Mula. Finally, Lt cav moves towards Junca

Mermet and Solignac attack 1, remaining engaged. Res cav and Nord cav attack 3, with both attackers forced to withdraw.

(random event = “Intelligence Gathering” Next card will be “Clausel approaches”)
With no moves possible, it’s straigh to combat!

5 and Portuguese attack the Almeida garrison, but are both forced to withdraw. 3 attacks Solignac, routing them 3 hexes (-1 French morale), which involves a hazardous retreat: a retreat which Solignac makes safely as 3 then advance. 1 attacks Mermet, forcing Mermet to withdraw and advancing into Poco Velho.

Situation at end of turn 17

Turn 18: May 05, Night (French morale 6, Allied morale 7)

(random event = “Clausel approaches” Not yet he doesn’t!)
French forces force march (-1 French morale), allowing Conroux to move to the hill south of Sao Pedro, Ferey to move cross-country north towards Val Da Mula and the supply column along the road to the same. Lt cav moves to Junca, Res cav moves to Vilar Formosa and Mermet moves to Nave de Haver.

That night, both Heudelet and Claparede are eliminated for good while Marchand reamins broken, before the French forces regain a morale point from rest (+1 French morale)

(random event = “Heat and Fatigue” All units have -1 MA, allowing only road or force march movement as this is a night turn)
Only Portuguese and 1 are able to move via force marching, with both declining to do so (and the associated morale cost) as the Allied player decides instead to construct fieldworks: up to 4 may be placed. 3 constructs one outside Poco Velho, with both 5 and Portuguese constructing their outside Almeida.

(Note: I made a slight mistake here in allowing one of the fieldworks to be built on top of, instead of alongside, a road

Overnight, 6 rallies in Castelo Bom with 7 rallying just outside it as Lt, Sanchez and Cav are all eliminated. As the Allied player decided to construct fieldworks, there is also no morale recovery from rest.

Situation at end of turn 17

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