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Before we start, I gotta tell ya, this was one of the weirdest games I’ve ever played with our group (and this is after hundreds and hundreds of games). It wasn’t that game itself that was the problem – we’ve played Industrial Waste before and found it pretty good. But this playing was so ridiculous that we called the game when it appeared that a) it would probably go on forever and b) Corwin was skunking us so bad that the rest of us had no hope of even coming close to him.

How did this happen? Well, things started out as normal. The players were Corwin, Joe, William and me and we had all played the game before. We all started the game doing the usual things, buying raw materials, completing orders, innovating, etc.

Joe’s plan was to deficit finance his operation – grab a $10 million loan, do some innovations and then pay it back with his newfound wealth. The idea started okay, but then went awry, he made some money but was never able to get the cash to pay the debt back.

William and I had no intention of going into debt (I never had to do so in other games of Industrial Waste) but before too long we were also in the red. We tried paying back our loans but then had to take out new ones because of a lack of cash. By the end of the game both William and I were $30 million in the hole.

What ended up happening was the Joe, William and I were struggling the whole game just to stay afloat. We just couldn’t get enough cash to get out of debt – once we finally got some cash and paid back a loan, we’d need to take out another loan to pay for an innovation or for basic costs. Throughout all this, Corwin didn’t take out any loans at all – he was always a bit short on money but never had to dip into the well for more.

Right before we decided to call the game it was William’s turn and he was dealing out the cards. Joe, William and I were all in the yellow or red zone for waste (Corwin was in the green) so were all praying there wouldn’t be an accident or we’d be even more hosed than we already were. William dealt the cards one by one slowly as we held our breath. He finally got to the very last card of the deal and turned it over... it was a duplicate of another card in that pile so it was discarded. The next card... was another duplicate! And finally the next card came up... and it was an accident! Ahhh!!!

At this point, seeing that Joe, William and I were completely hosed, we called the game. It was all very strange, throughout the game none of us could get out of the hole and just struggled to keep our heads above water. None of us had any chance of catching up to Corwin who, even though he was doing pretty well, still didn’t have very much cash.

I was thinking about why all this may have happened and have come up with a theory – I think we were paying way too much for raw materials at the beginning of the game. We’d pay 10 or 11 hoping to sell them for 15 or 16 but we didn’t factor in having to pay for basic costs and innovations. This all became apparent towards the end of the game when we the price of raw materials dropped like a stone to around 3 or 4.

Nevertheless, Corwin was the big winner. These scores were our standings at the point where we called the game.

Score: (Innovations + Cash – Loans = Total)

*Corwin* - 28 + 2 – 0 = 26
Joe – 12 + 1 - 10 = 3
William – 22 + 0 -30 = -8
Rick – 15 + 3 – 30 = -12

I didn’t get ratings for the game because it was so weird, though later William did mention that he enjoyed it and would have given it a seven. Even though it was strange, it was entertaining. This is a game we are defiantly going to have to try again.
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