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Subject: Nothing in here. This Hulk is empty. rss

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Andreas Kaiser
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“I tell you guys, there's nothing in here. This Hulk is empty.”
“Even if it seems so, be careful Brother Valencio!” said Raziel, the priest.
“Of course, Raziel. Of course. Metraen are you with me?”
“Right behind you Brother.”
“Me too, I’m with you guys!” Brother Leon was the last of the Frontline Team.
“Can we get a move on guys? And why the hell am I the last one to enter this Trashcan?” that was Brother Adron...
“Does it matter? If this thing is as empty as Valencio says, we are the first two to step out again!” Kaphael smiled.
“Now let’s get down to business and check things out.” Ordered the priest, leading the backup Team.

There was movement in the dark Corners of the Hulk and suddenly 2 creatures crawled out of the ventilation shaft next to Raziel.

“Let me get’em!” Brother Adron barked!
“I’ll support that.” The priest was looking right into ugly faces.
“Let’s move forward. They’ll handle two lousy creatures by themselves.” Valencio activated the door in front of him.

Adron blasted the 2 Aliens in front of the Priest who gave him a thankful nod. From another dark corner another Alien attacked Brother Metraen who changed places with Leon. But the beast missed.
“You’ll pay for that!”

The ventilation shaft spawned two more aliens which crawled right behind the priest. From the dark corners of the Hulk came also one more monster to support his lonely friend. They both moved behind Metraen.

The Priest reacted and gave orders. “Metraen! I’m right behind you! Change positions!” Now both of them faced the Aliens which were in the back of the other before.
“Leon! Kaphael! Turn around!”

“Kaphael. Another order. Let me get closer to those Aliens on my side.” Adron smiled. Finally some Action.

“I’ll take’em down!” Leon fired 3 times. The 2 Aliens were pulverized right after his second attack. Leon didn’t care and fired a third time.

Metraen screamed as the two aliens ripped him to shreds.
“You’ll pay for that!” Adron moved forward. Kaphael at his heels.
The Aliens moved forward to catch the Priest.

“Empty, huh?” Raziel saw one more Alien crawling out of another dark corner, now facing 3 creatures and took one immediately down.
“Two in the front, two in the back!” Adron saw 2 Aliens crawling out behind Raziel. The Priest was in big trouble.
“Don’t worry, we’re right behind you!” Adron wanted to fire his rockets.

“Let’s move on!” Valencio opened the door and took 2 Aliens down.
“That’s how it’s done boys!”
“Leave some for us pal!” Adron yelled.

They entered more dark corridors with even darker corners.
“Perfect. Let’s get rid of those bastards first, huh?” Leon sounded a bit bored.

Brother Valencio was getting ready for action. Raziel took down the last Alien in front of him.
“Hey, that one was mine!” Adron cried.
“I’ll take the one behind you Raziel!” He fired but missed.
“Are you serious?” Adron shook his head in disbelief.
“I’ll do it. Watch out!” That was Valencio. Firing and missing also.
“You guys can’t be serious!” Adron could not believe what he just saw.

The Alien behind Raziel attacked but missed.
“Do you guys know each other?” Adron again...

“Finally!” There was an Alien right in front of Adron. Two more looked out of the Ventilation shaft but duck back in again.

Raziel turned around, now facing the Alien behind him.
Adron and Kaphael supported Raziel, ignoring the Alien in front of Adron.
Brother Valencio shot down the beast everyone was after. Raziel gave a thankful nod again.
“Guess who’s next!” Leon fired three times at the Alien in front of Adron. First shot took him down. Second and third were for the show.
“Empty.” Valencio again.
“Even if we killed all of them now, I am sure there will be more ahead!” Raziel kept control of his way-too-cool Troops.

Two Aliens came running out of the dark to attack Brother Adron.

“Guys be prepared!” Raziel called the boys to watch out.
“Thanks for the support daddy, let me get closer to the action.” Leon and Raziel changed positions.
“Bla, bla, bla... I say FIRE!” Adron took down the swarm in front of him with one nasty attack.
“Empty again.” You know who said that.

The door behind Adron opened and out came 2 creatures. From the ventilation shaft came one more Alien which crawled behind Leon.

“Let me handle this!” Kaphael and Adron changed places. Kaphael activated the Door.
“Leon! I’ll take care of your back.” Razael fired at the beast behind Leon but missed. Tried again, but missed again.
“You must be kidding...” Adron again.
“Let me try!” Valencio fired but also missed.
“Keep your mouth shut!” Raziel didn’t even look at Adron.

At least the Alien that Raziel attacked would not go for a counter attack. The two in front of Kaphael attacked but failed.

“Empty?” Each Space Marine now faced at least 1 Alien! Leon had one in his back and one in front of him. Kaphael now also had one in his back plus the two still in front of him.

“Let’s move on!” Kaphael took one Alien down as he opened the door to the next passage.

“Empty, Valencio?” Adron was somehow happy.

“Prepare yourself for battle.” Raziel, Valencio and Leon were getting ready for a big fight.
Kaphael and Adron attacked. Both taking one Alien down. Adron cleared his view.

Valencio was down. The Alien was too fast for our Brother.
Raziel fought well but the monster was tough and almost took him out. But Raziel is tough too and fought off the Alien.
The rest of the monsters attacked but failed completely.

Aliens spawned from the darkness. Adron had two of them now in his back. Kaphael one. The Priest also had two behind him.

Raziel shouted orders.
“Leon! Change position with me.” Both were now facing the Aliens of the other. Good.
Adron and Kaphael did the same. The only one who had one Alien in his back now, was Raziel.
Leon fired his famous shot. Two aliens, three shots. But this time he managed only to take out one of the monsters.
And he had to pay for it. The surviving Alien took him down quickly.
“Damn!” Raziel survived both of his swarms but saw what happened to Leon.
Adron and Kaphael had no problems handling their swarms.

From the dark corners behind Kaphael spawned two Aliens. Two more followed. Four Aliens in the back was no good.
The two in front of Adron changed position and were now in his back.

“Attack!” Raziel screamed.
“What else?” Adron...
Raziel failed to take at least one of his enemies down. Adron sighed.
“We’re doomed! Or out of luck brothers.” Adron and Kaphael both missed.

Raziel was taken by the Aliens behind him. Only two marines left.
Adron managed his opponents without any trouble. But Kaphael was down in no time.
Adron had 6 Aliens in his back now and 6 in front of him. Not good.

Aliens are evil. And nasty. And what ever you might call them. All of them where now behind Adron. How do you want to defend 12 Aliens in your back?
Adron fought well, but he was ripped to pieces. His final word was... “Empty.”
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Almost heard the cracking sounds of the hulk...
Very nice report Andreas!
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Guillaume Pages
United Kingdom
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Very nice write-up, and very much in the spirit of the game. You start confident-ish, and then after a few casualties, it is a spiralling downward fall where everyone suddenly dies very quickly.
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Esteban Beltran
Punta Arenas, Chilean Patagonia
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Vuelvo mar, montaña, vuelvo puerto. Vuelvo sur, saludo mi desierto. Vuelvo, vida vuelvo, a vivir en mi país
guigtexas wrote:
Very nice write-up, and very much in the spirit of the game. You start confident-ish, and then after a few casualties, it is a spiralling downward fall where everyone suddenly dies very quickly.

Just like in Aliens surprise
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