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Keep your lovin' brother happy!
I’ve been playing International Checkers since October 2012 and the more I play the more I discover and the more I realize this is a very beautiful and depthgoing game. Unfortunately the BGG Community is having a different opinion. Certainly in comparisson with Chess and Go International Checkers in highly underrated and underappreciated.
This informal contest is meant to show the beauty and depthgoingness of the game. I hope it encourages interest in real play and besides that it improves your play.
Every member of the BGG Community is invited to participate.

The Contests
* Meet the Checkers 1.1 - Closed
* Meet the Checkers 1.2 - Closed
* Meet the Checkers 1.3 - Closed
* Meet the Checkers 1.4 - Closed

International Checkers Rules
The International Checkers rules are supposed to be known. To avoid confusion I have listed some of the noteworthy rules below:
* Kings are flying.
* Shots can be made both forwards as backwards.
* Shots are compulsory.
* The shot that generates the maximum captured pieces is compulsory.
* Captured pieces are only removed after the shot is made, which in rare instances can generate a problem in making your shot.
* No piece may be captured twice, which generally cannot happen.

Solutions should be written down using the official International Checkers Notation.

Proper examples of this notation can be found in the lila Spoiler boxes in the two threads below:
* Position Puzzle 1
* Position Puzzle 2

Hints for Memorizing
* The black fields in the last column but one are the 10s.
* The black fields in the very last column are the 5s.
* From these forementioned fields it is easy to orientate to the number of the right black field.
* This way the white fields are not numbered, like the Chess notation that Brazilian Checkers uses.

Me still too make mistakes in my notation every now and then. If there are errors in your solution it should not a problem to me as long as I can determine what you meant to achieve. In such cases the single point is awarded.

Solving the Diagrams
Presented are 5 named Diagrams of low to intermediate complexity level, which need a sollution to be found by you. These solutions should be noted in the forementioned International Checkers Notation.

For each of the Diagrams the question asked is … White begins and wins.

In general they should be solved in a maximum of 4 white moves. The last few Diagrams are of a somewhat higher complexity.

You should solve these Diagrams by heart. If that didn’t work out, then try to find a combination on a Checkers board. Although other people may help, the use of other external sources is not allowed.

Remember that you not only have to do your utmost for white, but also for black. Besides if the game ends in a draw it is not the right sollution. Three kings against one king is supposed to be a draw.

Write down your sollutions in Diagram order for my convenience. Don’t forget to mention the Diagram Id.

Hint: Store your solutions in a text or Word-document. Copy-paste all solutions later in a GeekMail to me.

* All your sollutions should be GeekMailed in a single GeekMail to me. This is for my convenience.
* Please mention in the title “Meet the Checkers - “ or “MtC - ” followed by the number of the contest.
* New GeekMails that includes new found sollutions may be sent. It overwrites your previous sent GeekMail.
* The sollutions should be GeekMailed before the set deadline. But if you are a bit late and I haven’t still published the results and sollutions, it should generally not be a problem.

The deadline of each Meet the Checkers contest will be the first Saturday of the next month. If the deadline is reached and I haven’t received any solutions at all, then the new deadline wil be automatically adjusted to the next first Saturday of the next month.

The Results
One point is awarded for each correct found sollution.
One additional point can be awarded if you found a fundamentally different sollution to the Diagram. Fundamentally different doesn’t mean a switch in the order of moves.
This way theoretically a higher score than 5 is possible.

The Ladder
Cumulative scores are noted over multiple Meet the Checkers contests for The Ladder.

Every period consist of four Meet the Checkers contest. Diagram 1.2.3 means the third diagram of the second contest of the first period.

For the three highest rankers of every period - in other words 20 diagrams - there is a Gold, a Silver and a Bronze Medal.

I still have to think out how to award these medals in case of a tie. This will not be on time of the latest received GeekMail, since this force participants to solve the Diagrams as soon as possible. And that is not what I want.

Apart from satisfaction and enjoyment, eternal honor and glory will be your part! And if you meet him in life, you will receive a firm handshake from your Host.

Above all I hope you find enjoyment in solving the Diagrams.

Comments on these Rules and Information may be GeekMailed to me.
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