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Subject: Disappointed is an understatement rss

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The Nacho
United States
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I kickstarted this game, and just tonight finally got a chance to play through it.


It's games like this which have jaded me on kickstarting games. The rules are a hot mess. There are so many issues, I can't stand it.

- With only 20 adventurer cards, what is the outlay for a 3-person game?
- In a 2-person game, do we only play with a random 5 cards?
- What is the use of the equipment?
- I don't get the actual gameplay difference between a Quest and an Epic Quest.
- Where TF are the blue quest cards supposed to enter the game?
- WTF are the skull tokens for?

OK, I could go on... but thank goodness I did not KS the expansion before playing this train wreck of a "game".

I read elsewhere how you (the game creator) did not know about the ad cards from game salute, or why there are a bunch of blank hexes in the punch-board. To me, that's a failure on your part with proofing the game. Reading through the rules, it very much feels like you never gave the game to anyone to try and play on their own before sending it to print.

Listen, the IDEA of the game sounds good. But, what I have now is a craptastic box of cards -- with which I must start from scratch and make my own rules for. Furthermore, I read elsewhere that you want us (the players) to write all our house rules out for you and you'll go through them and then rewrite the rules incorporating the good ideas? WTF?!? So, you basically handed out (wait... SOLD) us a box of cards with broken rules and then you expect a bunch of beta testing to come up with something that works.

Epic Death? No.

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Sam Lamont
United Kingdom
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Hi The Nacho,

Thanks for your feedback! I've taken a moment to go through some of your points and provide some answers.

If you would like an easy to digest run down of the rules you can watch the excellent preview by Ryan Metzler here:

Quotes are from the rulebook:

-With only 20 adventurer cards, what is the outlay for a 3-person game?
"Split the Adventurer cards into four sets of five Adventurers, making four Adventurer Parties. Hand one of the Adventurer Parties to each Player."
So a set-up for a 3 player game would be 5 Adventurers each. Same with a 1/2/4 players game. 5 Adventurers each.

- In a 2-person game, do we only play with a random 5 cards?
"To keep the game exciting with fewer than four Players, it is recommended you play with 5 Quest and 5 Epic Quest Cards per Player."
So in a 2 person game you have 5 cards of each Quest type per player = 10 Quest and 10 Epic Quests. This is only a suggestion however, you can play with as many as you like to make the game longer/shorter.

- What is the use of the equipment?
"Only cards under dead Adventurers count toward your final score!
The Players count up all of their EPIC from their Loot (including any Set bonuses), Epic Quests and EPIC DEATHS! Then take away any FAIL they have accrued from that total. The number left over is your final EPIC! score. The Player with the highest EPIC score wins the game!"
Loot (or equipment as you call it) gives you EPIC and is used to win the game.

- I don't get the actual gameplay difference between a Quest and an Epic Quest.
"Once you have completed all of the the green Quest cards, your Adventurers move onto Epic Quests. Epic Quests differ from standard Quests in a few ways. As your Adventurers want to meet death in glorious battle whilst undertaking Epic Quests, there is no FAIL score.
If a Player fails an Epic Quest, they must choose one of their own Adventurers to kill, and the card is placed under the Adventurer adding to their EPIC score representing the fact they have died in an epic battle. If they succeed, they take the Rewards of their Victory as normal."
Epic Quests give Epic Instead of Fail and allow you to kill off your Adventurers.

- Where TF are the blue quest cards supposed to enter the game?
"Events are shuffled into the Quest decks at the start of the game. The distribution of Event cards is up to you."
This was printed on the extra rules card that came with the bonus pack.

- WTF are the skull tokens for?
"Tokens are used to denote an Epic Death!"
This was printed on the sheet the tokens came on (and mentioned in several updates regarding stretch goals on the kickstarter page). As this was a stretch goal, the files had been finalised before we had a chance to add the tokens to the rulebook, but hey, free stuff!

Thanks for your insight on the proofing and design process, all we can do is assure you we did everything we could to make the game great.

In regards to you (the players) writing house rules. What we wrote was the following:
"We are really keen on the idea of collating everyone's house rules/questions/etc. once everyone's had a little time with the game so we can make a little FAQ+ type document for people to download on the website."

So the idea was to create a handy document for everybody to be able to download offering alternative ways to play the game with fun house rules. I'm sorry if this upset you in any way!

Once again thanks for your feedback. I hope this answers some of your questions.

We are sad you didn't enjoy Epic Death! but we appreciate the support in making it a reality. Fingers crossed our future games wont be as much of a Disappointment/EPIC FAIL!

Sam + Beth
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