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Subject: New Card Ideas rss

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Bijan Ajamlou
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new property card ideas:

Draw 2 cards at end of turn instead of 1, choose one to keep and discard the other.

As an action choose one card from your discard pile and put it into your hand.

Counts as an tower and can be played as a free action. This tower absorbs 2 incoming damage and have 2 defence.

This land can field 1 troop and muster 1 troop but gives no army when played. When played place 1 influence cube into the bag and move 1 black viking marker back.

This is a land that can field and muster and 2 troops and gives 2 troops when played. The King can as an action take owners ship of the burgage from any player controlling it.
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Ortus Regni
United States
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Bijan, we also think there is space to explore here.

New cards would be a dramatic change, and those are interesting options.

This winter we intend to post some variants and house rules using the existing game set. Probably closer to the release of our software.

For example, some of the notions that we are playing with are:

What if Churches and the Cathedral are Fiefs (i.e. operate like Castles)… but maybe with a Church being a Str. 1 “castle” and the Cathedral being a Str. 2 “castle?” And what if these religious Fiefs (“castles”) can only accept Monks as Lords, and are still vulnerable to Intrigue, unlike proper castles?

What if there is an additional new victory condition: If you hold both the Kingship and the Cathedral for a full round of play you win?

What if the Banquet card, as your action, allowed you to *either* 1) draw 3 cards and select 1, discarding the other 2, or 2) draw 2 cards, as it does now, or 3) draw 1 card from your discard pile, but then discard the top 3 cards from your deck?

What if you could “sell” a Land card, that is in your Earldom already, when facing a battle, discarding it to instantly field 2 cards drawn from the Army Deck? This Land would not be available to field Army cards from your pool, in that battle, but would instead be discarded to immediately gain 2 Army cards, fielded for that battle only.

Just some food for thought.

The published rules are fairly tightly balanced, so, as you can imagine any change can have a significant knock-on effect during play. But sometimes a change that you expected to make a big difference just doesn’t seem to, at first, but instead might simply give you a flexibility that you particularly wanted to see in the game.

We are also playing around with what we causally call tournament rules. 1) you are not allowed to attack at the start of the game, not even politically, for two full rounds. 2) The extra Kingship and Cathedral win condition (noted above) would also apply.

The Mulligan rule is also fairly popular, that you can reshuffle and redraw your opening hand once if you wish. And we have been playing with the idea of using sideboards of 6 cards, to alter decks between “best out of three” duels.

None of these notions are gospel (wink), certainly, and there are more things on our play testing list. Some more radical than these, some less so.

Letting your mind wander through thematic possibilities, with any of Ortus Regni’s cards or mechanisms, is totally fair game! This is an outgrowth of the game’s own development process, and part of the reason that our cards are pictorial. With no rules printed on them, there is nothing holding you back from repurposing a Mercenary, a Champion, a Vassal, a Banner, the King card, anything, at all.

There are even some drafting schemes, and/or starting deck alterations, that may be appealing, using the Ortus Regni Earl card sets and trays.

This is not to say that it is impossible to imagine adding wholly new cards, never say never. It is a longer term kind of project, of course. We will say, that one of our goals was specifically not to make a collectable card game’s economic model (and I do appreciate that you were not suggesting that we do that, either).

We think the possibility space is ripe for exploration and believe that in the long run players will discover better variants than we might!

It can be kind of exciting to dive into Ortus Regni, with a rule alteration, when you have no clear idea what might happen “in game.” Fun and scary work, for some intrepid souls.

Truly, for us, one of the very nice convergences in our design was the thought that we are also providing a game platform that can be readily modified by gamers, as is, in ways that many other printed card games are less amenable to. Ortus Regni is a little bit of a medieval sandbox or toolkit for anyone to play around with, but only if they so desire. Most changes won’t play super well, but you never know, some change big or small might be a cool mod. There certainly does not have to be a single orthodox way to play Ortus Regni
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