Over Christmas my friends and I played our first eight player game of Twilight Imperium, using both expansions. We had one team of two experienced players playing the Nekro, experienced players playing the Arborec, Mentak, Sol, and Ghosts. Then we had two fairly newbies playing the Embers and the Xxcha, and one first-timer on the L1Z1X.

We played with the full set of Shattered Empire Strategy Cards, Political Intrigue, Artefacts, and Preliminary Objectives, as well as a few other optional rules.

The game was fairly tight most of the way through, with the new players doing well for the most part. The game was really anyone's to win, apart from maybe the Sol player, who had a bum-deal with secret objectives and galaxy creation. The Mentak took an early lead, which led to a bit of ganging-up, and eventually allowed the Arborec to sneak in the win. The game was played over two days and took eighteen hours, including set-up. This was actually pretty fast for us, as we seldom finish a six player game in under fourteen hours.

If memory serves, the full standings were:


I have mixed feeling about the eight player game. It certainly has scale, but I think it lacked the intensity of some of our five or six player games. This may be because we had a few less-experienced players. I also felt significantly more drained after eighteen hours compared to fourteen. Normally after finishing I'm raring to play another game as soon as possible; this time, however, I'm perfectly happy to have a several-month break.

Regardless, the Ghost player always records our games in a sort of narrative report - and some fans may get a kick out of it. The "First and Second Galactic Ages of After-Lasax" are the first and second days we played respectively - we had about five hours sleep between the two. I'm happy to answer any questions. Enjoy!


Space Date: AL3452-56

A hush descended over the Galaxy. The once mighty Lazax Empire was in ruins, and there had emerged eight contenders vying for control of the Galaxy. The anarchic Mentak Coalition, the parasitic Arborec, the ruthless L1Z1X Mindnet, the diplomatic Xxcha Kingdom, the mysterious Ghosts of Creuss, the sinister Nekro Virus, the stalwart Federation of Sol, and the fiery Embers of Muaat. It was a time of tension and uncertainty, where any of these warring factions could seize control. The descent into Galactic turmoil began…

The Arborec seized Lodor, the planet housing the old Lazax Armoury, a powerful strategic position.

The Xxcha requested a research grant from the Galactic Council. Before negotiations began, Reverend Hendriksen of the Federation assassinated Asmodai of the Nekro Virus. The Xxcha’s proposition was unanimously rejected.

Galactic Trade was opened, and treaties emerged between the Embers of Muaat and the L1Z1X and Arborec.

The first seeds of war were planted when the Mentak Coalition sent their cruisers against the Nekro Virus, after numerous concerns were raised by the council concerning their place in the galaxy. After a skirmish above the planet Quann, the Nekro fleet was destroyed, but not before they managed to cannibalise the Mentak’s technology.

The Mentak took control of El’Nath, home of the Imperial Data-Cache, a source of much knowledge.


Space Date: AL3457-61

The L1Z1X advanced upon Wellon, the resting place of the mysterious Precursor Fossil.

The Xxcha constructed a new vessel, to act as their Flagship, the impressive Loncara Ssodu.

The Embers took control of Planet Loki, home of an Ancient Shipwreck.

The Ghosts of Creuss struck out though the Alpha Wormhole to the Nexus at Planet Mallice, destroying the Arborec fleet and ground force stationed there. At the Garrison on Mallice, they trained the Galaxy’s first Shock Troops.

Skirmishes continued to erupt throughout the Galaxy, a harbinger perhaps of full scale Galactic warfare?

The Ghosts of Creuss were revealed as the Chosen Ones of the Prophecy of Ixth.


Space Date: AL3462-66

The L1Z1X sent assassins to the Arborec laboratories, significantly compromising their scientific development.

The L1Z1X then unleashed a virulent plague on Planet Capha, crippling the Federation ground force.

The Xxcha proposed to the Council a system of planetary conscription. As the Council convened, the Mentak spy Cador Gim attempted to assassinate the Xxcha Brothers Qquiar. He failed. After much negotiation, the motion was passed.

The Federation captured the Precursor Fossil on Wellon from the L1Z1X.

The Embers of Muaat sent in their mighty War Sun to conquer Mecatol Rex. They took the Galactic Capital with ease, securing a foothold in the centre of the Galaxy.

The Mentak’s Agent Kilik captured the Nekro Space Dock over Planet Quann.

The Xxcha took Planet Tempesta from the Federation, capturing Agent Connor in the process.

The Mentak attacked the Xxcha controlled Bellatrix System. Seizing control of not only the planet, but the Tsion Trade Station. They seemed to be well on their way to taking control of the Galaxy…


Space Date: AL3467-71

The Arborec discovered some long buried Archive Secrets, granting them a distinct tactical advantage.

The Ghosts of Creuss, following on from their discovery of the Prophecy of Ixth, were treated as Messiah by religious leaders, who sent troops to bolster their forces.

The Mentak, meanwhile, had constructed their new Flagship, the deadly Fourth Moon.

After some not so veiled threats, the Xxcha returned Agent Connor safely back to the Federation.

It seemed to be a period of booming industrial advancement, as the Embers had also constructed a Flagship, The Inferno.

The Federation took it upon themselves to clip the wings of the renegade Mentak. The Mentak fleet was destroyed and Planet Lisis was conquered in the name of Sol.

After their defeat, the Mentak put Salvage Operations into effect to recover some of their lost fleet.

Here came the end of the first Galactic Age of After Lazax.


Space Date: AL3472-76

The Second Galactic Age of After Lazax began. The Mentak Coalition seemed to have the upper hand in the contest for Galactic supremacy. Though their fellow contenders would not give up without a fight…

The Arborec went through a period of massive technological development.

The Nekro Virus sent a small fleet on a daring suicide attack on the heavily guarded Mentak Home System. They destroyed a few Mentak ships, managing to cannibalise some tech, but were quickly demolished.

The L1Z1X, in retaliation for previous affronts, snatched the Precursor Fossil back from the Federation.

The Federation, following the loss of the Precursor Fossil, took control of the Embers’ Ancient Shipwreck, and also destroyed the L1Z1X force defending Planet Ashtroth.

The remaining Mentak sympathisers on Planet Velnor attempted to rebel against the new Federation government. Agent Connor valiantly gave his life to end the rebellion.

The Ghosts of Creuss attempted to strike the Xxcha force in the Tempesta System, however, Xxcha Diplomats managed to delay the assault.

The Arborec seized the Imperial Datacache from the Mentak’s control.

The Federation proposed to the council a system of aggressive expansion. Before negotiations opened, Letani Miasmiala of the Arborec infested the mind of RZ-82 of the L1Z1X, bending him to their will. Also, Hosh Gahloki of the Embers attempted to assassinate the Creuss representative. Their Bodyguard, San Omairo, thwarted the attempt and managed to steal some intel from the Embers.

Negotiations finally broke down between the Creuss and the Xxcha, and the Creuss fleet poured through the Beta Wormhole to attack the Tempesta System. The barely defended system was easily conquered. Though a lone unnamed Xxcha warrior managed to valiantly defend their final stronghold against both bombardment and ground assault for a good while, but was eventually defeated.

A single Nekro scavenger craft approached Mecatol Rex, and managed to steal the Muaat War Sun technology before promptly being destroyed.

The Nekro Virus had a good year for trade, receiving plentiful resources from their colonies. With the proceeds, they constructed a powerful War Sun in a system bordering onto Mecatol Rex. A declaration of war with the Embers perhaps?


Space Date: AL3477-81

The Nekro Virus continued their period of industrial boom with a production spike at their Space Dock over Planet Saudor.

The Arborec attempted to plant a virus in the Nekro communication systems. Agent Flayesh prevented the virus from taking effect, but sacrificed his own life in the process.

The Xxcha retaliated against the Creuss forces in the Tempesta System. The Xxcha Flagship Loncara Ssodu led the assault, and the Creuss fleet was easily destroyed. However, Admiral Nerio of the Creuss managed to escape the battle unscathed, and the Creuss ground force managed to hold Tempesta.

The Federation, tired of leaving the strange fungal creatures unpoliced, seized the Arborec colony on Garbozia.

War continued to rage between the Mentak and the Federation in the Velnor/Lisis System. The Mentak sent a powerful fleet, including their Flagship, Fourth Moon, to take back their colonies. The Federation fleet was easily demolished, and the Mentak conquered Planet Lisis, reclaiming their Space Dock.

The L1Z1X, meanwhile, constructed an extremely powerful Flagship, the 0.0.1.

The Federation proposed to the council that they grant a Galactic license to colonise. Before negotiations began, the Mentak Spy Cador Gim, fostering the growing conflict between the two factions, assassinated the Federation Councilor Ronald Wiley. The Arborec Councilor Dirzuga Ohao was killed, but the fungal spores controlling his mind promptly regenerated and he rose from the dead.

The L1Z1X took the Ancient Shipwreck on Planet Loki back from the Federation.

In a bold and surprising move, the Xxcha sent a lone cruiser to the Sol Home System and blockaded their Space Dock.

The Arborec attempted to retake their colony from the Federation invasion force. They succeeded in destroying the Sol fleet, as well as taking back Planet Garbozia.

A Mentak ship that had been thought to be lost unexpectedly appeared through the Alpha Wormhole.

The L1Z1X, in an act of increased aggression, attacked the Federation Home System, easily destroying the Xxcha blockade and taking control of the Sol System.

The Federation drew closer to the Xxcha Home System, taking control of the Three Rigels.

The lost Mentak ship advanced into the Arborec Home System, blockading their Space Dock. The ship was promptly destroyed by the Embers’ War Sun.


Space Date: AL3482-85

The Second Galactic Age of After Lazax seemed to be coming to a close. What desperate measures would the eight warring factions take to try and seize final victory?

The Mentak attempted to emulate the Nekro Virus’s affinity for replicating technology, but the L1Z1X sent Agent A6 to sabotage their intelligence gathering. He lost his life in the process.

The Ghosts of Creuss tried vainly to publicly disgrace the Mentak, however, Agent Kilik’s valiant sacrifice defended their credibility.

The massive force that the Embers had amassed over Mecatol Rex struck out to attack the L1Z1X fleet defending Loki and the Ancient Shipwreck. The L1Z1X fleet was destroyed without any trouble, and the Artefact was secured by the Embers.

The Arborec and the Nekro Virus took desperate measures and formed a last undead alliance to assault the Mentak Home System. The Arborec destroyed the Mentak fleet over Moll Primus, but could not secure the planet itself.

The Federation proposed the election of a Council Elder. There was much intrigue before negotiations began. Reverend Hendrickson of the Federation attempted to assassinate the Mentak’s representative, but he was stopped by their bodyguard, Orid Gim, who killed Hendrickson. Also, Hosh Gahloki of the Embers assassinated the Arborec’s councillor, Dirzuga Mantasa. The Nekro Virus sabotaged the Council Summit and stopped the vote.

The Nekro Virus then began their part of the assault on the Mentak Home System. They attacked indiscriminately, destroying their Arborec allies as well as the remaining Mentak forces on Moll Primus. The survivors were assimilated into the Nekro Virus and bolstered their armies.

The Federation and the L1Z1X seemed to have settled their differences, for the Federation allowed the L1Z1X to move their fleet through Federation space to attack Mecatol Rex. The L1Z1X fleet skilfully maneuvered through the Space Mines in the system, and engaged the Embers of Muaat in battle. The fleet was destroyed and the L1Z1X took control of the Galactic Capital.

The Nekro Virus sent their War Sun to attack the Embers’ Flagship, but the skill of the Ember pilots prevented battle.

The Ghosts of Creuss, in a final act of revenge for an earlier slight, conquered the Nekro Virus Home System.

The Federation of Sol sent their full force against the main fleet of the Embers of Muaat, in one of the biggest battles of the age. After a fierce battle, the Federation Dreadnoughts brought down the Embers’ mighty War Sun, and secured Loki and the Ancient Shipwreck.

The Xxcha sent their biggest fleet towards Mecatol Rex, led by their Flagship. They easily destroyed the L1Z1X fleet stationed there, but could not take the planet itself.

The Ghosts of Creuss sent a lone cruiser to attempt to take the Xxcha Home System. It failed, and Admiral Nerio was killed in the battle.

The Mentak sent the remainder of their ships in a last ditch attempt to take back their Home System, led by their Flagship, Fourth Moon. The Nekro fleet put up a fierce fight, destroying the entire Mentak fleet, but at the cost of their entire fleet. Admiral Malleon of the Nekro and Admiral Havvat of the Mentak ejected to safety, while the Mentak’s Diplomat Suffi was killed in battle.

The Arborec sent their main fleet to eradicate the last of the Nekro Virus fleets. They easily destroyed the Nekro ships, but left them with a few untouched colonies.

The Federation, seemingly taking a great interest in history, struck out to take the Precursor Fossil from the L1Z1X. They succeeded, and in the process captured the L1Z1X Scientist L485.

A small Creuss fleet emerged from the Beta Wormhole and blockaded the Federation Space Dock above Planet Capha.

As the last skirmishes died down and a hush descended over the Galaxy, the Second Galactic Age of After Lazax came to an end. There had been a great deal of contention, but the Custodians of Mecatol Rex finally named the Fungal beings of the Arborec as the rulers of the Galaxy. As a part of their hive mind, the Galaxy will see an age of order and prosperity.
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Justin Rio
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I'd like to have an author like that for my games.
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IndyOfComo wrote:
I'd like to have an author like that for my games.

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