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Jonathan Nelson
United States
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Chef Showdown is a game by Kim Vandenbroucke, published by Educational Insights. It is for 2-4 players. In this game, players will be a cute animal chef as they try to capture showdown cards to gain the most points. The player that is best able to complete the task will be declared the winner.

To begin, each player chooses a color and receives the deck of cards and the matching chef figures of their chosen color. The deck of Showdown cards are shuffled and then 3 cards are dealt face up onto the table. The deck is then set aside. Each player shuffles their decks and holds it in their hand face down. Play now begins.

Once all players are ready, the sand timer is flipped over. Once the sand reaches the bottom, players will race to match their cards with the 3 face up Showdown cards. This is done by each player flipping over the top card of their deck face up in front of them. If one of the icons on their card matches one of the face up Showdown cards, the player will place one of their chef figures on the matching Showdown card. If there is already another player's chef there, they will knock if off the card and replace it with their chef. Once the sand timer runs out, each player collects the Showdown card(s) that their chef claimed. Players will then take back any remaining chefs figures and shuffle their deck of cards for the next round of play. New Showdown cards are dealt out until there are once again 3 cards face up. The sand timer is flipped over and a new round starts. This continues until there are no more Showdown cards left to play for. Players then count up their points. Players receive 1 point for each Showdown card and 2 points for each Chop Chop card they have collected. The player with the most points is the winner.

This game has some very cute pieces to it. There are four decks of cards each deck is a different color and corresponds to 3 thick cardboard Chef figures. Each card has several different ingredients on them, some of which have goofed up colors, like yellow broccoli or a blue strawberry. The Showdown cards are made of thicker cardboard. The artwork for each piece is very cute. I really like the different chef figures, especially the pink pig chef. The cardboard pieces are quite sturdy and the cards are very good quality. I really like the cute factor of the game, as does my daughter. She really likes the different chef figures and after playing through the game once, she wants to play it with a different character.
8 out of 10

The rulebook is a cute little booklet. The English rules only take up a page or two. The rest of the book is for other languages. There are a few pictures, including one that shows how to set up the game. There is absolutely nothing difficult or hard to understand about these rules. Everything is super simple and easy to understand. It only takes a minute or two to read through and you're ready to play. I like the look of the rulebook and think it fits well with the game.
8 out of 10

This game is very cute and fun to play. The main idea is to match up the Showdown card with an icon on your deck of cards. For younger kids, it will take a little bit of time as they try to match the color and item. As I stated earlier, there are some goofed up ingredients so the little ones might need a bit of help distinguishing between a blue strawberry and a regular red one. After a play through or two, my daughter got the idea fairly quickly. She still had a bit of trouble flipping through the cards fast enough. As I said, you have to distinguish between the different icons fairly quickly as there isn't a lot of time in the sand timer to think. This game really takes some quick thinking and some fast reflexes. The game is designed for ages 6 and up, but my 4 year old enjoyed playing it just the same. She loved the different chef figures and liked the oversized Showdown cards. In the end, she beat me like she usually does when we play.
8 out of 10

Chef Showdown is a light children's game of quick thinking and fast reflexes. It's not a long game to play. Most sessions usually last no more than 20-25 minutes. It's really easy and fun. Kids will really enjoy the cute artwork and design. They will enjoy matching up ingredients from their cards to the Showdown cards. My daughter's favorite part was when she got to knock one of my chef figures off an ingredient and claim it for herself. We both had a lot of fun playing this game and laughed quite a bit. The game is quite durable. Even after repeated playing, there seemed to be no wear or tear on any of the pieces. This is a really great game to play with your kids. It might even help sharpen some of those old reflexes and thinking patterns for us older folks too. We really enjoyed this game and think that you and your kids will too. I recommend it for kids of all ages.
8 out of 10

For more information about this and other great games, please check out Educational Insights at their site.
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