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The old wizard leaned back comfortably in his chair, ponderously stroking his beard as he eyed the tiles before him. His apprentice sat across the table, eyeing him with the all-too-common arrogance of youth.

Confident in his plan, the wizard allowed an almost imperceptible shaking of his hand as he reached for the tiles. The apprentice swallowed the bait whole, a wide grin involuntarily plastering itself across his face. Satisfied in the lesson about to be taught, the wizard deftly moved his fingers, causing the hexes to slide as bidden to forge the final designs of his elaborate crucible.

Of course, the old wizard knew the apprentice's fate had been sealed three turns prior, but he saw so need to highlight the futility of the young apprentice's position -- the slow blanching of the apprentice's fate confirmed the lesson had been delivered. Any hex drawn or placed would surely complete the old wizard's pattern. Heaving a sigh steeped in heavy exasperation, the apprentice drew his last tile and confirmed his fate, begrudgingly acknowledging defeat by placing his hand in concession atop the pile of hexes.

"I can't decide which is more horrible, master: you, or those blasted hexes!"

Stone Circle Games is proud to call all summoners to our circle in announcing the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for our head-to-head strategy puzzler, Horrible Hex.

Challenging even the most cunning of players, Horrible Hex features a constantly shifting landscape of possibilities requiring equal parts strategy and spacial relations in order to claim victory. Which will you be: the wizard, or the apprentice?

You can view the Kickstarter Preview Page at

You can also discuss the kickstarter on BGG here:

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