Neil, the Tusken Tactician
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For this tournament, I had been playing around with two different lists. One is a rather genius list by a chap called Martyn Hotchkiss in the UK that gives Biggles 6 green dice. The other is a small ship build that I’m probably going to take to my next tournament, which is a small ships only tournament. I found the first list difficult to fly because it involves a lot of formation flying with big and small ships and that’s not something I’m used to. The other list is very low PS and against Dash and friends I just didn’t fancy it. Less than 24 hours before the tournament, I still didn’t have a list. So instead of looking at Rebels, I looked at Imps and the list fell into place in a matter of minutes. I asked friends in the UK what the list should be called, and I have Justin Powell to thank for this name:

“Whisper” + VI + Rebel Captive + Advanced Cloaking Device (40)
Commander Kenkirk + Lone Wolf + Ysanne Isard + Mara Jade + Intelligence Agent + Engine Upgrade (57)

This is a real first. I’ve never flown a two-ship list before and certainly not in a tournament setting. I normally far prefer Echo over Whisper but if I’m to have a pop at PtL Dash then I need Whisper. And this is much more me than the Rebel builds I was looking at – it’s Phantoms, for goodness’ sake. Moreover, I’ve really been wanting to use Lone Wolf in a build and I think it’s perfect in a two-ship build. It’s better than Predator, in my opinion, because people are tending to go higher with their PS at the moment and because once Kenkirk starts getting an evade die, I’m more likely to evade and last longer… Lone Wolf fits nicely with Kenkirk in a two-ship build. Although Chiraneau spanked me in the final in the last tournament, Kenkirk is by far my favourite Decimator pilot.

This was a casual tournament I had organised where every player would get a prize. Because I was a player TO, a second TO, Robert, was selected. I ran my builkd (without Intelligence Agent) three times the night before and won 3 times with it, once in 15 minutes. Overnight, I added Intelligence Agent to take me up to 98 points, thinking that it would help make Whisper more accurate. Most people in New Mexico fly 99 and 100 point builds, so this would allow me to choose initiative.

Instead of the 13 players who booked, 12 showed - a perfect number. This would be 4 rounds, 100 points, 60 minutes, Margin of Victory. The first round is drawn randomly.

Whisper + VI + Tactician + FCS + Stygium
Sigma + Stygium

Hank’s a fairly new player – I beat him in the last tournament I attended. His list is called Surprise Attack and the first surprise is that his Whisper has Stygium instead of Advanced Cloak. Is this a rookie mistake or a stroke of genius to fit in more ships? He’s certainly got firepower – 14 red dice versus my 7. He’s got the agility, too. This could be interesting. My 98 points means I get to choose initiative and I give it to him. My thinking is that although his Whisper will fire first, he’s not got ACD so he’s not going to cloak immediately afterwards. Also, I get to respond to his Whisper and line up my shot better.

We set up and his Alphas come charging out at me. Hmmm... Alphas means Predator would have been really nice. Stop it. Lone Wolf is good, just keep them apart.

Alpha 2 charges up but boosts right, aiming towards the edge of the board. That was unexpected to say the least. The Sigma comes forward and cloaks and Whisper comes forward but doesn’t. This is interesting. Kenkirk charges out 4 and then boosts in the hope that Alpha 2 drops a shot. He doesn’t – he just makes arc (it doesn’t look like it in the photo below but he does!) I was hoping for range 1 to Alpha 1 but that doesn’t happen. My Whisper goes 2 forward and cloaks. My hope is to get Hank to hit the Decimator a few times and then keep on sinking dice into it while Whisper stays at the back just chucking 4 dice at unsuspecting opposing ships.

Firing starts. His Whisper takes a shield from Kenkirk at range 3 before I return fire. Why the heck not…. he’s not cloaked with ACD, after all. But it’s my unmodified 3 against his 3 and he evades. Shame. Alpha 1 takes two Kenkirk shields at range 2. Alpha 2 takes my last shield and 1 hull at range 1. That’s perfect - now Kenkirk can kick in next round as well as Ysanne. Before that, though, Alpha 2 takes stress from Mara Jade. It is weird to be happy to have taken more damage. I feel like Joker having taunted “Hit me! Come on, hit me!” But it’s better for Kenkirk with Ysanne to take 5 damage in round 1 than 4 because then I can evade more in the second round.

Turn 3. Alpha 1 K-turns and Alpha 2 does a banking 2 to clear his stress. The Sigma decloaks forward and then does a large sweeping turn to the left. Kenkirk sweeps to the left to get behind his ships. His Whisper turns and then cloaks. That’s big for me because he’s dropping 3 red dice from Alpha 2 and 4 more from Whisper. I do something rather brazen. I decloak 2 ahead and then turn 2 to the left to park myself in front of his Sigma at range 1. This is ballsy. I have to hit in order to cloak and focus.

My Whisper fires on his Sigma. HHHC versus 2 evades and that’s his shields gone. I auto-recloak. Kenkirk then fires on his Whisper. I get why he cloaked because he was at range 1 and didn’t have ACD. I roll 3 hits and he rolls 2 evades so that’s only 1 shield. It was probably a good call from him. His Sigma fires at my Whisper range 1. Hit hit crit and I get 2 evades so that’s a shield from my Whisper, too. But Rebel Captive means that his Sigma is now stressed and definitely facing the wrong way in the battle. Alpha 1 takes a range 2 shot at Kenkirk and I evade it. Because of Mara Jade stressing his Whisper, three-quarters of Hank’s squad are now stressed and I’m beginning to really love my squad.

Turn 4. Alpha 2 turns to get into the fight and Alpha 1 follows Kenkirk. The Sigma does a straight green to clear his stress and he’s way out of it. His Whisper moves forward to clear his stress and it’s perfect for my Whisper to decloak and hard turn right around him.

My Whisper fires at his range 1 with a focus – 4 hits from the 5 reds against blanks on his two greens and his Whisper explodes. I’m thinking Stygium over ACD wasn’t the right choice, although more about this later.

Kenkirk fires on Alpha 1 at range 1 and takes a shield, even with Lone Wolf. Alpha 2 has a range 1 shot on Whisper but I evade it with my cloak and focus. Still, that gives him stress and that’s going to help.

Turn 5. He hard turns his stressed Alpha and I wasn’t expecting it. His Sigma performs the necessary K-turn so he’s stressed, too. Try as I might to turn but even with a barrel roll his Alpha 2 is just out of arc from my Whisper. And I mean JUST out of arc...

Kenkirk took a slow turn so that Alpha 1 would have to catch up with it. My range 1 shot gets 3 hits, with a Lone Wolf reroll, and he rolls 3 blank greens. That’s a tough way for an Alpha to go, but go he does. No-one else can shoot.

Alpha 1 turns towards Kenkirk and Hank charges his Sigma forward. Kenkirk hard turns and then my Whisper turns and focuses. I’m flying Whisper very differently to usual – completely in-your-face…much riskier than usual. My range 1 shot on the Sigma gets 3 hits but he evades 2 so now he’s down to one hull. Kenkirk takes a range 2 shot on Alpha 2 and my hit hit crit is met by another unlucky green dice roll and Alpha 2 is toast. His Sigma fires at Whisper range 1 and gets 4 hits. I might regret being so reckless. I roll 2 evades so he takes a shield and a hull. One hull left for Whisper, too. That was lucky.

His Sigma heads for Kenkirk to clear his Rebel Captive stress while I K-turn Whisper behind him.

It’s a range 2 shot from Whisper and my 3 hits are met by 1 evade and it’s all over. 100-0, 1-0.

That’s a good start and I’m really liking this squad. The combination of Rebel Captive and Mara Jade stress is crippling. Yes, Predator might have helped a little there but Lone Wolf was nice. If my opponents get too close to Kenkirk, they take stress, so sometimes I play him slow while fast TIEs just get closer and closer. Sometimes, though, I go quickly and boost and they’re left alone for Whisper to pick off.

There are three players on 5 points, 200 MoV – myself, Anthony Albo and Tim Howes. I’m drawn against Anthony whom I played last September and who fell foul to my 4 Sigmas. This time, though, he’s got a much meaner build...

Whisper + VI + Tactician + Fire-Control System + Advanced Cloaking Device (41)
Chiraneau + Expose + Mara Jade + Ysanne Isard + Tactician (59)

Anthony starts by saying he misread Tactician and didn’t realise it was only primary firing arc, so he’s rather regretting bringing it now. That’s a slight tip in my favour. However, when I give him the initiave, it means that he has two ships that fire early – it’ll be his Whisper, then mine, then his Chiraneau before my Kenkirk. That could be a problem.

My Kenkirk comes charging out and boosts left again. I really do like the boost on the Decimator. His Chiraneau comes charging out, too.

His Whisper also charges out and cloaks where mine is more restrained – he did a 4 ahead, I did a 2. We both cloak. This is going to be interesting.

Chiraneau fires at range 2 on Kenkirk, rolls 1 crit and takes a shield. Kenkirk returns fire on Chiraneau and rolls one hit and takes a shield. That was simple.

Round 2. Both our Decimators do 1 ahead. Now this is crunch time. Anthony pulls a shock move and K-turns his Whisper in the hope that I’ve done a 4 ahead. But I have a banking right 2 on my dial so I decloak left and back and then bank right into range 1 of his Whisper who is stressed and who doesn’t have a shot. Advantage Tusken.

I fire at his Whisper. 4 hits versus an evade on his greens means that his Whisper has 1 hull left. Close. Chiraneau, who used Expose, hits Kenkirk at range 1 for 3 more shields. I return fire with focus but don’t need it and roll a natural 4 hits. Superb. I’ve never liked Expose on a Decimator. I know it seems clever on paper but I much prefer a focus. Still, with a natural roll like that, who knows what I could have done with 5 dice?!? Both Decimators then Mara Jade stress each other!

I use my Intelligence Agent to see Whisper’s dial and it’s perfect. I park Kenkirk right in front of his stress-clearing Whisper. He can hit me as much as he likes but Mara Jade is going to stress him at the end of the round. My Whisper is hot on his heels and his Chiraneau banks into the board.

Whisper hits Kenkirk for 4 hits. It’s big but I can take it. My Whisper is range 1 behind and on five dice with focus I only get 2 hits and a crit, but his 1 evade means that his Whisper is down. That was shocking dice from me but thankfully it didn’t matter because of shocking dice from him and my positioning. Chiraneau has a tough choice here – a range 3 against Kenkirk or a range 2 against a cloaked Whisper. I would have taken the latter shot but Anthony chooses the former and he takes 2 more hull. Kenkirk returns fire at range 3 and gets 2 hits to Chiraneau’s 1 evade so he also loses 2 more hull. To win this, I have to throw 7 dice at Chiraneau each round or he will wear Kenkirk down first and then have a real chance of picking off Whisper.

The Decimators turn towards each other and Whisper decloaks and hard turns. I’m crazy close to having crashed into my own Decimator but I just make it.

My range 2 Whisper shot gets 3 hits and a crit and his 1 evade means two hull and a Damaged Cockpit crit. That’s huge. Now his PS is 0 which means both my shots are before him. Anthony knows that’s the game-changer. Chiraneau hits Kenkirk at range 2 using Expose but because he can’t modify his dice he gets two crits on four dice and they are both evaded by Kenkirk’s ability (1 evade on the green) and Ysanne’s freebie. Love this pilot. Kenkirk returns fire and the hit crit means Structural Damage on Chiraneau as well. Now I’m in the driving seat.

Chiraneau turns to get close but bumps into Whisper and so loses an action. Kenkirk then bumps into Whisper which ensures I get to shoot Kenkirk and Whisper hard turns for the shot. This is mine. Whisper’s range 1 shot on Chiraneau scores 2 hits and a crit and he evades 1. It’s hit and crit and it’s a Minor Hull Breach. It’s entirely academic, though, as Kenkirk has a range 1 shot too and the 2 hits that get through are enough to blast Chiraneau into smithereens. 100-0, 2-0.

This was an extremely fast game. Each of us only had 2 ships and we were done in 27 minutes, which gave me time to take photos of other competitors and also of the prize pool.

This is the prize table. The prizes are...
Star Wars Storyboards book
Mint condition Star Wars stamps
Boba Fett bobblehead
Alt art Luke
3 Alt art Scimitars
Star Wars T-shirt
Jawa Utinni! socks
Car decals
Darth Vader and Son book
Boba Fett keyring
Han Solo ice trays
Angry Birds Stormtrooper
Angry Birds Vader

I’ve got my eye on the Star Wars Storyboards book. It’s an excellent book and the obvious pick for the first place player.

By the way, the Dallas Cowboys were apparently playing football (despite the fact that most of the players seemed to be using their hands) and some people can multi-task by playing X-Wing and watching the Cowboys play. That was a new one on me…!

I also have a chance to think about the last game. There were a few rounds near the end where I couldn’t use Lone Wolf but I’m getting more and more comfortable with the build as it goes on. I was very lucky with the K-turn by Anthony – had he simply gone ahead or banked slightly the game might have been very different. Whisper really is a monster and I’m getting very comfortable with having half the movement options that I would normally have with Echo. PS9 is great on a Phantom.

There’s no doubt who the third game is against. Tim Howes, who has only played about 20 games so far, has brought a Corran and Dash build which is also tearing through the opposition. We’re the only two players on 10 points and 400 MoV. A streak of fear goes down my spine when I see that he’s put VI on Corran Horn. He can hit my Whisper before I cloak and his HLC Dash will be rolling 4 dice against my 4 greens. Whisper could be in trouble. Tim, by the way, has a relative who is a very keen stamp collector so he’s very keen to win the mint-condition Star Wars stamps. There’s a chance he’ll get his pick of the table with this build.

Corran Horn + VI + Fire-Control System + R2-D2 + Hull Upgrade
Dash Rendar + Push the Limit + Outrider + Heavy Laser Cannon + Proton Rockets + Nien Numb

Now this is really interesting. Dash hopes to get to range 2 or 3 but if you’re in range 1 and in his firing arc, he’ll PtL and throw Proton Rockets at you. That’s really interesting. Corran with R2-D2 is going to be annoying. Tim lets it slip that he’s not yet fired the Proton Rockets and that’s helpful to know. Still, this is a really nice build and I’m going to have to be very careful here. We both know this is a big game. Whoever wins this is in the driving seat going into the final round. The banter is extremely friendly, as with all games. Tim mentions he’s only played about twenty games, although it’s clear that he’s doing well as a beginner – he mentions that he’s never flown a ship off the board and he’s on maximum points so far.

We put down asteroids and there’s a fair whack of room at his end of the table which I’m hoping to exploit. He’s gone for debris clouds in order to stress my Whisper if I make a mistake and in order that Dash gets a shot if he parks on them. For the last two games I’ve charged my Decimator out but now I want to go slowly to split up his two ships – Dash can go over the asteroids but Corran can’t so I want to draw his Dash down and split him from Corran who is likely to stay in the clear space.

We draw closer.

Tim rides the asteroids very well and turns his Corran so that he’s near enough to Dash while still not on the asteroids. This guy knows what he’s doing and my lure has not been successful.

It’s Corran who opens fire first – range 2 on Kenkirk through an asteroid but Kenkirk evades it. Dash squeezes out a range 3 HLC shot from on the debris cloud. Clever – had that been an asteroid he wouldn’t have had the shot. He gets 3 hits and because of obstructions I get one evade, so I’m down 2 shields. Kenkirk fires at Corran and gets 3 hits and he, too, rolls 1 evade. It’s a fair start. Whisper needs to come into the fight – frankly, she should have been in as soon as firing started and that’s my mistake... I was afraid of the HLC and wanted to keep her distance while Kenkirk soaked up some damage to help her get around to flank. She has to fire this turn, though. Tim makes a slight error and forgets that Dash moves before Corran so he ends up bumping into Corran who in turns bumps into Kenkirk.

Corran fires at Whisper range 3 unmodified and rolls 1 single hit. That’s perfect because that keeps Whisper safe. I roll my 3 greens and they’re all blank! Oh, come on! Thank goodness I blocked Corran. Corran is now Rebel Captive stressed and that’s very helpful. Whisper returns fire at range 3 and gets 2 hits and a crit while he can only muster 1 evade so, because he brought R2-D2 in, that’s 2 more shields. R2-D2 is really good on Corran. Dash can’t fire on Whisper because she’s out of his range so he opens up an unmodified HLC on Kenkirk and gets two hull. I can roll defence dice from next turn. Kenkirk can’t fire on Corran so he shoots Dash at range 2 but it’s evaded. Corran decides to double tap against Whisper. I think it’s a big mistake because Whisper is now cloaked. I’m hoping it’s a mistake. He rolls one unmodified hit and I roll an evade. I have to make him pay now – the next round he’ll almost certainly green, still remain stressed and he won’t be allowed a shot.

Corran turns to the left and greens to recover an R2 shield. I’m starting to dislike R2 intensely. Whisper decloaks back and turns nicely for a range 1 shot on Corran. I roll 2 hits and 3 blanks. I did not need that. He rolls an evade so I just take the R2 shield he just put on. That’s not good dice and that droid is pissing me off. Dash has an HLC shot on Whisper and rolls 3 hits. “Could kill her,” I say. I roll my four greens. Blank blank blank blank.

I howl loudly. Many people in the room turn because they know something big and bad just happened to me. I can’t believe my dice and that’s cost me the game there and then. I reluctantly remove Whisper from the board. Kenkirk has a range 1 shot on Corran, at least, and I get hit hit crit where he gets two evades. That means a crit gets through, and it’s Weapons Malfunction. Corran is slowly... slowly... getting worn down and he gets another Mara Jade stress. But I am in serious trouble now. I’m facing the wrong way to hunt Corran down.

My family walk in. They’ve just been to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and have popped in to see me before heading home for dinner. My kids start chewing on my tourney snacks and wanting cuddles and I’m not in a good mood for it because this tourney is slipping away from me quickly. They couldn’t have come at a worse time and my wife senses that and takes them home quickly. Nice to get a hug at such a dark time, at least.

Because Dash PtLd and hit Whisper with Rebel Captive, both his ships are now double-stressed. That’s something to hold onto, at least. I hard turn Kenkirk to the left and I’ll do it again next turn to hunt Corran. Then a stroke of luck. Tim turns Dash away from the fight, towards me, in order to clear his stress. The plan seems to be to sort out Dash, possibly lose Corran and then have Dash come back and pummel Kenkirk. Corran gains a shield and I have a range 3 shot on him. 3 hits including the focus and he only gets 1 evade so I take one shield and one more hull. Damn R2 and his shield regeneration.

The hunt for Corran continues. He’s not firing shots at all at me now and I have to exploit this. I hard turn Kenkirk to the left while he turtles green to activate R2. He regains a shield, I take a range 2 shot after boosting and he evades it. This isn’t funny – I can’t kill this guy! But Dash is going the wrong way – had he got close to Corran he would have been pounding me with the HLC while covering Corran’s shield regeneration. If I can kill Corran then I have a chance, albeit a slim one. Dash is now facing the bottom edge, angled about 45 degrees towards the bottom right. I’m thinking he’ll do a hard turn and start coming back but instead he K-turns. “Oh no,” says Tim. It’s close to the edge. It’s very close. It’s very very close. I think he’s on the line, just. I call over Robert, the second TO. It's a very difficult call to make. I pull out my camera and use the flash so we can all see really clearly.

You may have to expand the picture to make the call. Once you expand it far enough, you see it. He’s on the line, by a whisker. Less than a millimetre but he’s definitely on it. Robert makes the painful call - Tim just K-turned 55 points off the board and now completely switched the game around. I can’t believe my luck. Corran is still running away and Kenkirk takes a range 2 shot on him with focus. I roll 3 hits and he rolls only one evade and that’s the game. What an unbelievable turn-around. 100-40, 3-0.

Tim and I talk at length after the game about how he allowed me back in by keeping Dash out of the fight. He absolutely had me on the ropes and the tournament was his for the taking. Instead I now have one game left for the win. But that was one of the most exciting games I’ve played in a long time. Assuming Tim wins his next game, especially after we talk about how he could have won that (K-turn aside), he’s looking for 2nd place or possibly 1st depending on MoV if someone beats me. Tim is clearly someone to watch in the future. Right at the end of our discussion, Tim laughs out loud because he’s remembered the conversation we had earlier about him never having flown a ship off the board. I feel bad for him because it’s the worst time to do it but at the same time it’s a lesson he’ll not forget. I was extremely lucky to make it through this game. It wasn’t actually the K-turn that cost him the game per se, it was the three rounds of not firing at me. Had Dash turned right and covered Corran’s retreat and shield regeneration, he would have thrown 8-12 more dice at me and won 100-0. With the Whisper K-turn in the second game and the Dash misdirection in the third, I’ve been very lucky to be 3-0.

Oicunn + Expose + Mara Jade + Gunner + Ysanne Isard + Dauntless + Experimental Interface
Academy Pilot
Academy Pilot
Academy Pilot

I know a lot of people like Oicunn but I’m not a fan. It’s the same as Arvel – when your clear intention is to ram someone, it’s very obvious where you’re going. I much prefer Kenkirk, especially with Engine Upgrade, as a super-defensive, mobile, mean platform. I’m firing 7 dice before Andreas can respond so this should end well, especially with a whopping 63 points on his Decimator. I’ve also noticed in previous games that because of Experimental Interface his Oicunn would often be stressed, which would mean either more predictable greens or no Expose. As I mentioned earlier, I also don’t rate Expose on Decimators. I’d rather have 3 dice with focus than 4 without. I know that I lost in the final of the last tournament to Chiraneau with Expose but I’m fairly certain that was because I was flying 4 B-Wings who couldn’t K-turn round him and so kept dropping shots. Still, final game. He sets up his APs together and his Oicunn in the middle. I decide to put Kenkirk down in the right-hand corner so that I can damage some APs and also to draw his Oicunn towards the edge to try to force an error or restrict his movement. There’s no way he’s going to try to Oicunn-ram Whisper, so she goes slightly further out and will just spank Oicunn from behind. I make it a personal goal to see if I can go the whole game without being rammed by Oicunn once.

He banks Oicunn towards my Decimator and I move forward a little. I’m hoping to draw him in and then bank 3 left behind him. He draws closer to Kenkirk.

I go slow with Kenkirk on purpose because I want him to think I play my Decimator sluggishly. Whisper lines up perfectly to open up the firing.

3 hits on Oicunn is a good start. I recloak and Kenkirk is the obvious easy target, which is exactly what I want. Kenkirk fires first, though. Through an asteroid at range 2 I roll a natural hit hit crit and he rolls a blank, so I take his last shield, a hull point and get a Stunned Pilot crit. Let’s just pause there for a moment and appreciate the crit. Oicunn causes 1 damage to anyone he hits. Stunned Pilot means that if you hit someone (or something) you take one damage. It’s the worst possible crit for Oicunn. It’s like those school bullies who hold your hands and smack your face with them saying, “Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?” Andreas is clearly deflated by the crit but at least has a chance to return fire. Oicunn fires on Kenkirk at range 2 through an asteroid and gets 3 hits and a crit, taking 4 shields. Ouch. AP1 fires at range 2 and takes another hull, AP3 whiffs his dice, AP2 rolls a hit and a crit. It’s Injured Pilot. Now Lone Wolf and Kenkirk’s ability won’t work. Ouch. What an exciting start to the game, though – Oicunn can ram but it will hurt him, too, and Kenkirk can’t add one agility die or use Lone Wolf.

He tries to run traffic with his APs. One of them comes perilously close to the board edge. Kenkirk does a hard 3 to the right to go after Whisper. I wasn’t expecting that but I’ll take a range 1 shot and see what can happen. Kenkirk bumps into the APs because the 3 bank didn’t take me past. That’s my first crash of the day and the wrong time to do it.

I decloak Whisper for a range 1 shot on Oicunn and get 3 hits. He’s struggling now. Kenkirk also takes a shot at him and adds another hit. Whisper is cloaked and Andreas decides he’d rather wear down Kenkirk than take Whisper. I’m very pleased by that decision. His return fire on Kenkirk gets one hit and I roll one evade. It wouldn’t have mattered who he fired at, it seems and this game is definitely going my way. AP3 takes a range 1 shot on Kenkirk and gets 2 hits and a crit. It’s Damaged Engine so now my hard turns are all red. That’s annoying but also rather exciting. I’ve got a double-critted Decimator. Whisper takes stress, as do two of his APs.

I love Mara Jade. The next round and I’m TIE hunting. Whisper fires on AP3 at range 2 but both my hits are evaded. Kenkirk tries to hit AP3 at close range. My dice wake up and roll 4 natural hits. He evades 2 so he’s just alive. Oicunn then uses Expose to attack Whisper who is just in range 2. He rolls 2 hits and I roll an evade so I lose a shield. None of his APs have a shot.

The next turn it all goes wrong for Andreas. His APs move and Oicunn tries to get closer to Kenkirk but in so doing he hits an asteroid. He takes a hull because of his Stunned Pilot crit and then he rolls and gets a crit which is Weapon Malfunction. Now he’s hitting for less, too. We both have Decimators with two crits now. Whisper decloaks and Ks behind AP3. “Our first catch of the day” I say, before being reminded by another player that things didn’t end up well for the guy who said that.

It’s a range 1 unmodified shot and I get 2 hits and one gets through. That’s all I need and AP3 explodes. Kenkirk has a range 1 shot on AP1 and modifies to hit hit crit. AP1 blanks on his greens and a second TIE is toast this round. This is mine.

Whisper is now chasing the remaining stressed TIE and Kenkirk is going after Oicunn.

Whisper takes a range 3 shot and gets hit hit crit. He evades 2 but it’s a Direct Hit so he has one hull left. Kenkirk fires on Oicunn at range 3 and the three hits are all I need to make the Decimator explode into a million pieces. He has a TIE left with one hull. I ask Andreas if he wants to call it. A look of defiance shoots across his face. “No,” he says. I respect the confidence.

He hard turns his TIE and I decloak and barrel roll into perfect position.

It’s a range 1 unmodified shot. I roll 2 crits and he rolls 3 green blanks and it’s all over. 100-0, 4-0, 760 MoV.

This is a great build. I’m so pleased with it. I choose the Star Wars Storyboards book as my first prize. It is, by the way, amazing. Tim gets second and picks up the Star Wars Stamps for his philatelist father. Hunter, another Santa Fe player, gets third. Extraordinarily, Hank, whom I beat in the first round with his Whisper and Stygium, gets 4th. That’s extraordinary because he wasn’t able to play his last game due to time constraints so he got a match loss and still came 4th. Whisper and Stygium! That makes you think a bit, doesn’t it?

The final standings with lists were as follows

1: TUSKEN TACTICIAN (20:760) - “Spaceship List of Spaceships from Outer Space” (98)
“Whisper” + VI + Rebel Captive + Advanced Cloaking Device
Commander Kenkirk + Lone Wolf + Ysanne Isard + Mara Jade + Intelligence Agent + Engine Upgrade

2. TIM HOWES (15:640) - “Come In, The Donut Hole Is Safe” (100)
* This won the prize for the best squad name as voted on by all the players
Corran Horn + VI + Fire-Control System + R2-D2 + Hull Upgrade
Dash Rendar + Push the Limit + Outrider + Heavy Laser Cannon + Proton Rockets + Nien Numb

3. HUNTER BIENVENU (13:488) – “Foghorn Bigghorn” (100)
Corran Horn + R2-D2 + Fire-Control System + Push the Limit + Shield Upgrade
Biggs Darklighter + Hull Upgrade

4. HANK PADILLA (10:405) – “Surprise Attack!” (100)
“Whisper” + Tactician + Veteran Instincts + Stygium Particle Accelerator
Sigma Squadron + Stygium Particle Accelerator
Alpha Squadron
Alpha Squadron

5. ANTHONY ALBO (10:400) – “Silent Decimation” (100)
Whisper + VI + Tactician + Fire-Control System + Advanced Cloaking Device
Chiraneau + Expose + Mara Jade + Ysanne Isard + Tactician

6. DAMON WILLIAMS (10:356) (100)
“Whisper” + Predator + Sensor Jammer + Advanced Cloaking Device
Scimitar Squadron + Proximity Mine
Scimitar Squadron + Proximity Mine
Scimitar Squadron + Proximity Mine

7. ANDREAS HARRISON (10:352) – “The Oicunn and Friends Show” (100)
Oicunn + Expose + Mara Jade + Gunner + Ysanne Isard + Dauntless + Experimental Interface
Academy Pilot
Academy Pilot
Academy Pilot

8. DAVE CHILDS (10:285) – “The Judean People’s Front Crack Suicide Squad” (100)
*A little context is needed to understand this squad name. I’m Dave’s Rabbi and the tournament took place in the Temple’s social hall. Enough said.
Dagger + Enhanced Scopes
Dagger + Enhanced Scopes
Grey + Ion Cannon Turret
Grey + Ion Cannon Turret

9. JOHN GARCIA (5:317) – “The Nera/Blount Fireworks Spectacular” (100)
Nera Dantels + Veteran Instincts + Fire-Control System + B-Wing/E2 + Weapons Engineer + Advanced Proton Torpedo + Proton Torpedo
Lieutenant Blount + Deadeye + Assault Missile
Bandit + Assault Missile
Bandit + Assault Missile

10. JOHN GRASSER (5:300) (100)
Chewbacca + Predator + C-3PO + Engine Upgrade + Millennium Falcon
Leebo + Determination + Outrider + Heavy Laser Cannon

11. ANTHONY JENKINS (5:273) (100)
Wedge + R2-D2
Ten Numb + Marksmanship + Autoblaster + B-Wing/E2 + Mercenary Copilot
Jake Farrell + Outmaneuver + Chardaan Refit

12. ROBERT SUMINSBY III (5:238) – “Trollololololololol” (100)
Ten Numb + Ion Cannon + B-Wing/E2 + Lando Calrissian
Keyan Farlander + Push the Limit + Heavy Laser Cannon + B-Wing/E2 + Tactician
Prototype Pilot + Proton Rockets

Things I notice from these lists…
1) Until I mention it now, at least, people in New Mexico tended to take 100 point lists. In this tourney, for example, I was the only player who didn't. This means that other players have been leaving initiative to chance.
2) “Whisper” has far overtaken “Echo” as the Phantom of choice.
3) Corran Horn with R2-D2 is a real pain. An extra hull makes him even worse to kill, and Corran with VI is at the right PS to be a real threat to every single Phantom.
4) B-Wings are struggling.
5) Twin YT builds are much harder to fly than people assume, especially in MoV because the loss of one significantly harms your point difference.
6) There were 7 Rebel and 5 Imperials builds. This was a huge change from our last tournament where I think there was only 1 Imperial build.

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Sean MacKinnon
Nova Scotia
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Great report as usual, where was the tournament held?
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Neil, the Tusken Tactician
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stmack wrote:
Great report as usual, where was the tournament held?

One advantage of being a Rabbi of a large congregation is that you have a social hall that is free to use, so it was at Temple Beth Shalom in Santa Fe.
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