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Subject: Campaign Mode Variant (RPG Style / More Thematic Approach) rss

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Kurii Kurii
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So I've been browsing the forums around and putting together what made sense. I've come up with these rules to make it more of an RPG co-op. I know the point is not RPG/build up epic character, but for the story, but some people (like me) do enjoy a good RPG. Makes me feel more attached to the characters. I've read all the discussions about this topic so no need to debate this here. Please provide feedback to the rules below. Thanks!

1) 1 player per mice. Use "Extra Turn" cards in the initiative deck to match the number of mice that's supposed to be played in the chapter. If the scenario requires more mice than the players involved, then some players will need to control more than one. Not quite a 1:1 balance since players can get swarmed easier. Maybe create a "shadow" of a mouse/mice that can move around the board too which has the same items/abilities/etc as the mouse it represents?

2) More than 4 players. Add 1-2 minions to the board per encounter.

3) Search the Search deck and give every mouse their starting item before the game starts. This item is kept with that character and is not included in the Search deck (ever). Multiple items do not get pulled out. For example, you only pull out one Dagger for Filch.

4) Mice start with their starting items when they FIRST get played or when respawning. When a mouse gets played again in a later chapter, it does not get its starting equipment back if it's already gone. Starting items may NOT be traded due to the fact that you can trade a character specific item, then respawn with that same item.

5) Players keep all search cards, party items, equipment, and story achievements after finishing and starting the next chapter. Maybe wounds carry over too to balance this? Individual achievements not carried.

6) All mice have their items/cheese/abilities/tricks/(wounds?) saved and logged when not in use for the next chapter, and will have those when being played again in future chapters.

7) Players play until the chapter is over regardless of END CHAPTER marker. Use point system to help judge how well you did in that chapter and overall.

8) Upon capture and rescue, players are stripped by the enemy and "respawn" with just their starting equipment and learned abilities. No cheese, no tricks, no pack.

9) Search cards lost in capture or discarded through other means go in a discard pile (unless stated to go back into the Search deck), and are shuffled back into the Search deck at the start of a new chapter.

10) Ending the round on the last mouse on the initiative track with no minions does not add a cheese. STARTING AND ENDING the round with no minions on the track does add a cheese. To prevent exploiting this rule to search, the initiative track does not shuffle if you go back to an already cleared tile (treating all cleared tiles as one big cleared tile).

11) Monster spawns aren't limited to space requirements. If there are no minion spawn spaces, just put the minions as close to that space as possible.

12) Monster spawns aren't limited by availability of physical figures. Just use temporary tokens to fill the space.

13) When searching, new items can be instantly equipped, but if this makes your bag full, you have to discard the old equipment without getting a cheese.

14) Mice/minions only roll for defense if they attacker rolls a "hit". Attackers can roll no "hits" but still get cheese, and the defender does not roll.

15) Minions can attack in adjecent spaces. Minions will always try to move into a mice's space however.

16) A mouse can share with multiple mice in a single turn. They can also equip and unequip as they please. They can only play one spell/ability per turn though. Scrolls do not count as a spell/ability.
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Mathias H
Pendler zwischen Hessen und Rheinlandpfalz
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Thanks for collecting the ideas

1)Less Mice then Chapter-restriction->Extra Turns:
I like the idea, but will stick to the story book, because it is a 100% cooperativ game, for me it is not that big problem to skip playing a mouse, but stay involved with planning
I will not use this in campaign

2)More Player->More Minions:
This approach I will remember if i have to introduce the game to some one (bigger group), but for campaign i will use the 4 player restriction
I will not use this in campaign

3)Starting item belongs to mice and not to the search deck:
We also play this way. And it should be standard, because oterhwise you would have a conflicts if two mice should have this item on continuing a next chapter (f.e.:one on search, one on starting equip.)
I use this

4)Don't understand this approach:
In our campaing the mice starts and respawn always with starting equip. and can not lose or trade this stuff.

5)Keep all stuff, but also wounds:
This would result in too much stuff and trigger a lot more searching attemps, we play 1 additional search card and all abilitys (reseting before each new story book). It would slow down the mice if they carry two much items . Downwood Tales will add rules at some chapters in which you allowed to sell redundant items for cheese.
I will not use this

6)save mice stats if they are skipped:
We play it that way

7)End Chapter, is not the end:
We start over a chapter if we are defeated trough a Chapter End-Event, with the last chapter stats. You would kill the tension if you skip this rule. (sometime you can keep trying but you are too late )
I will not use this

8)Capture means you loose all you items:
We play it with the pack that can save items, means if a mouse trys something risky it can push his valubel stuff to his pack (some place that is secure [maybe a other mouse carry his stuff, but has just space for a certaine amount of items for each mouse]). Non starting Items that are not in his pack are lost.
I will not use this

9)Seach deck only refreshed a chapter begin:
We play it that way

10)One free round after defeating all minions (no cheese adding in the round you defeat the last):
Hm...I Understand this aproach but it will take away tension, maybe you can reduce this approach with a diffrent house rule:
Only add chesse, if no other mice is allowed to take a turn. If the last mouse on the ini. track defeats the minion, skipp adding cheese for the moment. After the next mouses turn add 1 chesse.
Reason: The mice did succed and rush to the next door
I will call this rule:
Hurry Up! We're Running Out of Time
I will not use this

11)Monster spawn aren't limited to space requirements.
We play it that way

12)Monster spawns aren't limited to availability of figures
This would lead to much more big minions on the board, which should be some kind of rar-events.
I will not use this

13)Modify Search rule:
Approach is okay, but i would handle this diffrent:
You can also drop equipped equipment (without getting cheese) but you have to spent an free equip action to equip the new items.
I will not use this

14)Mice/minions only roll for defense if they attacker rolls a "hit;
A Standard rule
We play it that way

15)Minion Movment:
A Standard rule
We play it that way

16)Trading with multiple Mice and other actions:
We stay with the standard rules:
1)Trade between two mice multiple items and 2)using a card counts as free action (includes spells) if the card don't tell some diffrent rule means multiple diffrent cards multiple free actions 3) 1 ability per turn.
I will not use this

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