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Subject: My first book! rss

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Eric Engstrom
United States
Mount Prospect
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I design games on my own (although no company has wanted to purchase any of my ideas yet), and I wanted to create the best Dracula game ever made. That's when I discovered this game, which is better than anything I could have hoped to make.

I was playing the first game with Claudia and Glenn, both of whom had never played before either. We've all played Scotland Yard before, though, so we figured this game would be similar. Heh heh.
I was Drac; Claud. took Seward and Helsing, and Glenn took Mina and Arthur (Lord Godalming). They all decided to start in western Europe. I wanted to start Drac in England, but seeing how this was the first game, I decided to be nice and started in Genoa instead, to give them a chance to track me down like in Scotland Yard. My opening encounter hand revealed two fogs (crud) and one new vampire, one rats and one saboteur.

The first turn was relatively uneventful, with the hunters moving around to get items and events. Van Helsing drew for me the Evasion event right away. I laughed, since it seemed so funny, and placed Prague face down as my new location, and placed a saboteur on it. As the game went to dawn and then dusk on the subsequent turn, I went to Berlin and then Hamburg. They drew newspaper reports and revealed Genoa, which did them no good, until the second newspaper report revealed Prague.I put desecrated soil on Berlin and a gypsy on Hamburg.

The hunters began to head north, and I did something that may not have been that great of an idea, I put out to sea (spending one blood). Glenn immediately deduced where I was. All the hunters moved by train to the north, with mina reaching port first. I then landed in Edinburgh, and placed a new vampire. The next turn, all the hunters put out to sea except seward, who was lagging behind.
My next move took me to Manchester, where I place rats. Mina and Seward eventually landed in plymouth, and Arthur landed in London. As Mina landed, I played customs search and made her discard all her items, and I sent Van Helsing all the way to Cadiz using control weather. I have lost track of the turn order a bit, but know that then I went to Liverpool and placed a bats encounter. On the next turn, as they closed in on me, I played Feed to regain the one blood I had lost on the ship.
Unfortunately, this was my error, for I had matured my Desecrated soil. And the new vampire was now the 4th card in my trail, so it got wiped out! The young scottish lass did not survive the transformation I guess.

Things heated up when Mina, who had gone to London the turn before, rolled a 2 on the train die, and came to my location. She played forewarned to dissolve my bats, and then encounted me! How fortunate for her this was during the daytime! (I had scored my one point for surviving a whole cycle)
We exchanged blows with fist, claw and knife, before finally stalemating with three continue results. I had dealt two damage to Mina, and she has damaged me enough to remove two of my blood. With Edinburgh, Manchester and Liverpool occupied, and Helsing in the ATlantic ocean, I had no choice but to put back out to sea. I set sail into the Irish sea, for one blood.

The hunters were happy with their victory, and put out to sea as well in their respective seas. I advanced to the Atlantic, and the hunters advanced to the atlantic and north sea. At this point Claudia started getting silly and took a trip to Eire. Meh, whatever. Then I fooled them all by playing Unearthly Quickness, which I had been saving for turns, and sailed to the Bay of Biscay (costing another one blood, as my 3rd sea movement), then put to port in Bordeaux. The hunters were absolutely stumped, and they had used all their Newspaper reports. They decided that I had probably gone to Marseilles.

I had to get to nighttime soon, so I travelled to Clermont-Ferrand, drawing a new vampire encounter after placing another saboteur. using the Excellent weather cards, the hunters made it to southern europe very quickly. So, to throw them a screwball, I turned into a wolf (expending one blood), and ran to Milan. Van Helsing randomly landed in Bordeaux and took two damage from my wolves there. They had my trail yet again!

While Mina came in from northern Europe, Seward and Arthur ran east towards Romania, thinking I was headed there. I moved to Venice and place the new vampire encounter there, thinking how nice it would be to have a new Italian bride. On subsequent turns, I moved to Rome and then Naples. Then tragedy struck. It was just turning to dusk, when Arthur discovered my new bride to be incubating, and slew her! That's the 2nd new vampire I had failed to bring into this world!

At this point, it was getting late, so we called it quits. But what an amazing game! I had two points (or vampires), they had two resolve and varying HP, and I had 10 blood remaining. And it was like the book, since I went to England, and they drove me out to sea, sending me fleeing to my castle in the carpathians!!! We need to play again very soon!
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Alexander B.
United States
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I love this game too.

The components are really amazing and the rules are quite brilliant.

I try not to go to sea though. Between stopping the clock, the blood cost, and making it so easy to follow me around (or find me if I have lost them).

I tend to just keep running on land, dropping encounters, using bat form, hide, and wolf form to buy a turn here and there. If it is night, and one of the hunters seems low on items, and they are low on health, I might attack, but it is pretty easy for good players to keep track of drac nearly always after finding him within a handful of turns, then press him hard by placing their highest health character in attack position with the best items while those who need it rest.

They only need one hunter with garlic and stake during the day and it can be over in one fight.

Fun game!!

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