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Subject: new player guide to Vegas Showdown rss

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Joe Maiz
United States
New Jersey
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Hey all,

I wanted to make a contribution to an excellent game - Vegas Showdown.
Something that we do is use real poker chips, and it seems to make the game a bit more 'vegas' like . A few basic thoughts:

A: Always try and make the other guy pay. This is a key to the game. Making the other guy pay more for his/her tiles allows you to get what you want and force em to pay more for it. Sometimes, players just go 'oh well..' and just bid on what they want the first time on thier turn. By bidding on what the other guy wants can backfire, but usually they outbid you, allowing you to go elsewhere.
B: MONEY EARLY, FAME LATER: Try and get a base of income early game. Anything works as long as that income goes up. At some point in the game, shift your tactics and look for that fame.
C: Bargin hunt: Anything that reaches halfprice is a good deal. Anything lower is an excellent deal.
D: You need a Fancy Lounge: Get at least one Fancy lounge at some point. Dont allow players to get more than 2 without paying for them.
E: PLAN AHEAD: Make sure you look at your placements for the future; think of walkways and sizes of tiles when parking them down on the hotel. The last thing you want to do is use 2 turns to re-arrange it so it becomes functional.

START OF THE GAME: After the game is set up, look to see whats on the board for the initial bids. Assuming that you cannot afford an item at cost, here are some decent tiles to look at early on:

1- Slots: Everyone wants one of these at 5bucks, but the bottem line is that you want others to pay for them early game. Make a bid and look elsewhere. Then move your marker to another tile..A few turns later is when you want your first Slots

2- Table Games: If I see one of these early game, I usually go for it by the 2nd turn. They make an excellent entrance into your Casino side of the hotel and have all but one entrance (see Lounge). For the $2 early on, it will pay for itself; the plus is that you are a shoe in for the high roller table, and that is an excellent $$ and fame tile for the game.

3- Lounge: Yes, lounge- by taking a lounge early, you can set up your Blue side of the hotel by placing it lenght wise at the entrance, leaving you with a 2x2 squares on ether side of the entrance. This allows you to park a restaurant or night club there later in the game. Usually you only need one to get going, but two sometimes can help connect the walkways later inthe game. Also, at the start, most players are looking at the money tables, so go the other way.

MID GAME: Mid game is when you have about 5-7 tiles on the map, you should be making about $8-10 a turn and tiles are starting to appear on the B side. This is when you need to make a choice as to tile preferance.

The random tiles is what will set your strategy up. The last thing to do is to save up for the Theater and loose. There are several tiles you wanna look for here.

1- Dragon Room: Well, its the best bang for your buck tile in all cases. for a 1x1 tile, you get fame and $$ for it. Since it starts at a high cost, plan to go back to the starting price when the bidding starts. If you cannot use it, make a starting bid on it if you know the other guy has the cash and requirements for it, thus forcing him to pay for it; If you get it, cool. You might be able to use it later, but at least the other guy doesnt have it

2- Fancy Lounge: As I mentioned before, get one. Get two if there is a bargin and everyone else is outbidding on the Primere tile that comes around turn 8 or 9. There will be more good tiles later as well, so keep that in mind.

3- High Roller Table- Another gold tile, this one give you a good profit turn mid game if you have the table game tile. Get the other one if it drops, and you are set for cash. Start saving for..

4- Night Club: Probably the #2 tile overall in the game, the night club is an excellent filler for the Blue section (you did put the lounge up/down from the entrance, right??) and allows you to get good fame. Get the other and only the Thrater might knock you out of the game.

END GAME: This is around turns 13+; Try and get your corners ready and look for the walkway bonus. Otherwise, get what you can. Everyone will be going for the Theater, so there isnt much to say about that. ITs the best tile for fame in the game. The other gem is the Spaceage sportsbook, and only if you have the basic Sportsbook.

I hope this helps !!

PM me for any issues, corrections.. so on.
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