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Subject: Easy Campaign System rss

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Martin Vetter
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I want to share how I play the campaign adding a simple overarching threat to the campaign and a conclusion.

The first mission in a campaign is always Basic Mission 1. After each town stay the heroes are assigned a random mission (all having equal chance, and no mission is played twice). In that way, the heroes play 18 missions before descending into the Brimstone Mine.

If you only own one game play all basic missions twice.

After each mission roll one peril die. The result is added to an ongoing pool of shadow points.

If the heroes failed the mission, roll an additional peril die and add to the shadow point pool.

If the heroes won the mission, each hero gains XP equal to the amount of shadow points currently in the shadow pool (this is in addition to any reward from the mission, and is done after rolling the peril die).

Before each mission, decide the difficulty of that mission.
Instead of the normal posse level we use the shadow points to determine the difficulty of the mission:

0-15: Normal Difficulty. No monster bonuses.
16-30: All monsters gain 1 elite ability.
31-45: All monsters gain 2 elite abilities.
46-60: All monsters gain 3 elite abilities.
61-75: All monsters are Brutal.
76-90: All monsters are Brutal and gain 1 elite ability.
91-105: All monsters are Brutal and gain 2 elite abilities.
106+: All monsters are Brutal and gain 3 elite abilities.

Roll for initiative: At the beginning of every fight each hero roll a D6 and add it to his initiative score. This will be the heroes new initiative until the beginning of the next fight.
Add 3 initiative to all monsters to compensate for this rule.

No reset of town day track: Do not reset the town day tracker when an event occur.

No duplicate passages (if you own both games and combined the mapdeck): If you draw a passage card that is already on the map, discard it and draw a new card.

In order to win the campaign the players must successfully seal of the Brimstone Mine. The final mission is played out like Basic Mission 3 with the following exceptions:

- Each time an exploration token is revealed subtract 3D6 shadow points from the pool.
- If the exploration token has a clue symbol subtract an additional 20 shadow points from the pool.
- Each time a fight is won subtract 10 shadow points from the pool.
- The first and second clue does not automatically trigger the finding of the book and the final gate fight. Instead, the book is found as soon as the number of shadow points in the pool drops below 50 and the Final fight is triggered when the pool drops to 0.

Otherwise the rules for the mission is as normal (so creatures still spawn and the heroes must kill everything on the tile and seal the gate in the end to win the game.)

If the heroes successfully seal of the Brimstone Mine they win the campaign! If the mission fail they lose.
If the shadow point pool ever reach 150 the players automatically lose as the darkness overrun the lands.

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