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I played this for the first time at the Dice Tower Convention 2014. Luckily, it was the single day my wife dropped by for a few hours and she was able to play this game with me. This is just the sort of game she likes and I sort of like. I'm not a wordsmith (evident by these reveiws) and I don't really have interest in sitting around and spelling words with my friends. I feel like Scrabble and most word games (there are exceptions like Word on the Street) are just about memorizing special words that score a lot of points. Paperback (mostly) is able to keep this from occuring.

At its heart, paperback is Dominion with words. You will spell words to create a currency which you use to buy other cards that will help you build bigger and longer words (thus worth more currency). If you played Dominion, then you have a leg up in this game.

The components are good for a self published game and everything looks professional. The rules are good and I didn't have any issues playing. People with better vocabularies will likely do better. Yet, you still have to be able to play the game. It isn't all about spelling words, but it does help. A lot.

Even so, if I am going to play a word game I think this might be my favorite (Word on the Street is the other). I'm not really into word games so I'm not exactly the target audience. If you have fans of words, but not games (maybe they like Scrabble), I think this will be an easy sell.



This is a self published game, but the components are really good. You get some wooden cubes and a bunch of cards. The cards are good quality and the game lacks art work (except for the scoring cards). The majority of the cards have a letter on it and some information around the corners. Everything is orgainzed well. The art work on the scoring cards are fantastic. They look like movie posters from the 1950's and are really neat. The game has zero theme, so they don't really serve a purpose, but they exist.

Rule Book:

The rules are presented in a good manner. They are easy to read and explain the game well. The books is sparse on the pictures, but what they do have are good. The game is simple to play so there are not a ton of rules. There are some optional variants included. You could literally sit down and read the rules as you set up. If you have played Dominion, only a scan of the rules are needed.

Flow of the Game:

The game ends when 2 Fame piles are empty or there are not any more common cards. The player with the most Fame Points wins the game.

Like most deck builders, you will begin the game with a number of cards in your hand. You will shuffle these cards and draw 5 cards. This will be your hand for the round. You will use these cards to spell words and then buy other cards.

Like Dominion, there are stacks of cards you can purchase from. They are stacked according to price. You also have cards that are wild that score more FP at the end of the game, but they do not have purchasing power during the game.

On your turn:

1. Draw 5 cards from your stack.
2. Spell a word with those cards (they may allow you to draw more cards, etc).
3. Buy cards.
4. Discard all cards.
5. (see #1) - Next player goes.

* Cards will allow to do any number of things: it may have two letters on it, draw more cards, double word score, etc.

Should I buy this game?:

Yes, if you like word games. This is one of my favorite word games, but that isn't saying much. This isn't a game I would choose much, but you can likely get your wife to play it. You can also get non-gamers to play as many people like word games. It isn't going to blow you away and you have likely played a game like it, but if you like word games this is a must buy.

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Brian Perry

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Played it for the first time today and had a lot of fun. I am not a wordsmith either (not great at Scrabble) but found that to be no problem at all. I am looking to buy this one now.
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