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G'day all,

Just a few alterations to the FFG spell cards our group will be trying out. As always, feedback appreciated

These revisions are intended for use with our group's house rules, in which 'big blue' energy cards can't be used to boost speed, and some counterspells are removed (mostly the duplicates and the ones we consider annoying, like Negate Neutral).

EDIT: After originally posting this, I've played some more games and revised some of our proposed tweaks.

Lifestone: Gain 1 life when you reduce another wizard or creature's life by any amount, rather than on each turn.

(Less overpowered than the standard card and encourages you to get stuck in.)

Invisible: You cannot evade attacks if you are carrying a treasure. (It's too big and obvious, giving away your position.) Also see Flood below.

(I'm still uneasy about putting Invisible back in our deck - I think it's overpowered - but we'll see...)

Flood: Added a clarification - while Flood is in effect, Invisible cannot be used to evade attacks. (You can see their splashing footsteps...)

Full Shield:
Stays as is.

(In my original post, I had a silly idea about turning this into Full Reflection from the old game, but I've since had second thoughts. We're leaving one Full Shield in each Cantrip deck.

However, the Full Shield in the Thaumaturgy deck will either be removed or turned into Full Reflection, because that deck also contains Anti-Anti to counterbalance it.)

Teleport: Now teleports you a random number of squares (1-4) in a straight non-diagonal line. If used as a counter, the direction in which you teleport is random as well as the number of squares.

(We took the standard Teleport out because it grants too much movement. We're hoping a bit of unpredictability will tone it down and make it funnier when you get yourself trapped after teleporting.)

Wall of Earth:
Changed to create an actual 2-crack wall on the board, on your own border line. In theory, this should make it easier to work out how it interacts with the attacker's spell.

(I've started a separate thread for this with more details. Currently experimental!)

Shield: Now only decreases damage by 2, not 2 plus this spell's energy.

(Most reasonably strong attacks will still get through and do some damage, so it's less frustrating to us than the pseudo-Full Shield it normally is. At the moment we have two of these in the deck--one in Conjuring and the other in Mentalism--though I'm considering removing one or the other.)

Negate Neutral: All of these have been removed. (I really dislike this seemingly innocent card... such a party pooper.)

However, we've repurposed a couple of the cards for a new counterspell: Spellopause.

Trap 1 target spell targeting you in a bubble of paused time. You evade the spell. Then, place a hat token of the enemy caster's colour in your square. The next wizard or creature to enter that square is immediately targeted by the paused spell.

(The hat token is so that we can tell who originally cast the trapped spell, in case it's something like Mental Force, and for victory point purposes. We have one of these in each Cantrip deck at the moment, pending playtesting. If it works, we might add another one in Thaumaturgy, although that deck is already counterspell-heavy by our standards.)

Whoops, there goes our set's resale value whistle

Master Key: Replaced by Portkey*.

When you open a door while carrying this item, you may choose to have LOS through the door and out of 1 target portal, instead of to the square on the other side of the door. Wizards and creatures also have LOS through the portal to you. You may pass through the door and emerge from the portal, but once you stop holding the door open from that side, the portal reverts to normal. Portkey cannot unlock a door by itself.
*with apologies to JK Rowling

(Master Key never seems to get used by us much--there are plenty of Pick Locks around--so I've repurposed the card for another experimental item. It's a bit hard to word clearly, though...)


I was going to clarify Lightning Bolt, but I noticed a nonchalant little sentence on the back page of the Malefic Curses pamphlet stating that 'any wizard or creature affected by an attack is a target'. So that sorts that out... I think!

Finally, we're experimenting with the assumption that 'Mundane actions cannot be countered' should really be: 'Mundane actions cannot be cancelled.' I saw the latter suggested elsewhere on this forum (sorry, can't remember where) and it seems to make more sense than the former.

Our current deck for the base game

For the record, we usually build our deck using the FFG rules. Currently we have a total of 1 Dispel per game (2 if the Conjuring school is used)... and zero, yes zero, Negate Neutral. Any more than that and people get stroppy when their clever card combo is rudely slapped down for the umpteenth time.

We're currently hovering around a counterspell ratio within each school to no more than 1 per 7 cards (so 3 or less in a deck of 21+ cards), although oddball ones like Fool's Gold get a free pass.

We've also removed a few duplicate counterspells and speed-boosting cards: 1x Speedstone, 1x Pain Link, 1x Wall of Earth, 1x Featherweight, 1x Windrider and 1x Shield.

We used to have fewer counterspells to encourage combat. However, we found that limiting speed boosts went a long way toward this by itself. Also, big-damage spells became more common since the energy couldn't be used for movement as much as before, so we had to add a few counters back in to compensate. And then the expansions threw everything out of whack, but that's another story...


Create Wall of Text
Neutral LOS
Create a multi-paragraph-long wall of text in 1 target subforum. Any user passing through Wall of Text suffers mental TL/DR damage equal to half of their busyness value. Wall of Text may be countered by Troll, in which case any user passing through suffers magical fire damage.
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Jordan S.
United States
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zenshrugs wrote:
Create Wall of Text
Neutral LOS
Create a multi-paragraph-long wall of text in 1 target subforum. Any user passing through Wall of Text suffers mental TL/DR damage equal to half of their busyness value. Wall of Text may be countered by Troll, in which case any user passing through suffers magical fire damage.
Permanent (until Deleted)

Best part of the whole thread! Thank you!

It's neat to see some of your ideas and I love that you're digging in neck-deep to tailor the game to your group's experience.

I love the total modularity of Wiz-War and that it presents itself as an open canvas for making it your own. Don't like something? Take it out or change it. You won't break the game. Have a really super-nifty spell idea? Throw it in! Have a different way you want to draft spells? Sure. Respawning wizards? Why not?

I suspect I'll be doing some butchering of my own once I've gotten my friends to play it often enough to give me some feedback.
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