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Subject: Contest inspired Rules Questions rss

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Patrick Christenson
United States
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Here are some questions we recieved so far after the start of our give away contest. More to come, I'm sure.

Can a potion, that has been equipped to make a Hunter a champion, later be used thus making that Hunter no longer a champion?
-No, once a potion is equipped to a Hunter, it no longer has its normal affects and cannot be removed unless by another item or ability.

What happens if you are supposed to place a share back on a hunter, but have no free shares with which to do so?
-If you cannot recover shares by disbanding or some other method, you must Party Disband.

Can you give items to a fatigued character?
-Yes you can

If you change the Enchantress' gender does she still target males or would 'he' then target females?
-‘He’ would still target males.

Does the Shadow count as a "Dark Agent”?
-No, the Shadow is not a “Dark Agent”

Does the opponent's hero count as a "hunter?" (Can I put an equipment on the Ranger to make him "cost 1 more share" forcing him to disband a character?)
-Yes, a Hero is a Hunter, but you cannot force a Hero to cost one more share.

If I use the Thief's ability to steal an item from one of my characters, does it get equipped by the Thief or does it go to my hand?
-It goes to your hand.

Can I disband a fatigued party member (fatigued by use of ability, not by hunting)?
-Yes, you can.

Can I move an item from one Hunter to another?
-No, after an equipment or potion is on a Hunter, it is stuck there unless removed by another item or ability.

If you use the Knights ability to disband to provide an extra fighting skill, I assume he also continues to provide his Melee fighting skill, even though he is no longer in the Party. Is this correct?
-Yes, that is correct

Additionally, I assume that if you use this ability, his shares will be back on your Hero before the Dark Agent is defeated, and thus you will get the gold for the shares that were on the Knight. Is this also correct?
-Yes, that is correct.

Does playing a potion on a Hunter count as equipping that hunter (I assume not)?
-No, when potions are used, they must be played from your hand and are discarded to the bottom of a Market stack.

Can I disband a Hunter in response to my opponent playing the Demagog’s Potion on him to add another share.
-No, it is against the rules to disband a Hunter in response to an action. The only time something can be done in response to an action is if the item or ability specifically responds to that action. For example, the Arch Mage’s Counter Potion can be used in response to another potion because it directly affects that potion. However, the Marauder’s Potion of Demon Wine could not be used in response to an opponent using the Witch Hunter’s Potion of Rust.

If you disband a character who has equipment, what happens to the equipment?
-The equipment goes to the bottom of the Market.

Can you give a hunter the same skill more than once?
-Yes, a Hunter may have multiple skills of the same type.

Does the Monk's champion ability allow you to disband other Hunters for silver, or just him?
-The Monk's champion ability allows you to disband any of your Hunters with silver rather than gold. It is very powerful if used definsively.

In a recent game a player had chosen the Gladiator. So for his ability to go first, does that mean he goes first, and then hiring procedes clockwise around him, or that he just goes before the person who initiated the hiring?

The hiring would proceed clockwise. However, when I have played the Gladiator, I didn't always want to go first when bidding so it doesn't totally screw the guy to your right. Plus, going last is sometimes a good thing.
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