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Subject: Team v Team 2-8 player variant rss

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david kennedy
United Kingdom
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I've been working on a variant to allow more than 5 players since my group is usually 6 players
However I wanted to keep the same gameplay style. And this is what I have some up with. It's taken a lot of thought and requires custom maps but I have made 5 so far and will continue to support it for a long time

I'm play testing it a lot tomorrow so I can sort out the balanceing.
This is mission 1 and contains set up rules and mission rules.

Please let me know what you think the more input the better. I hope to make the perfect team v team variant.
Ill post all the rules here when I'm finished.

Unfortunately the 5 maps I have made so far require lair of wyrms and manor of ravens. However if interest is high enough I shall work on some none expansion maps.
I also have shadow of nerekhall on its way so will add that soon
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david kennedy
United Kingdom
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Pre-Game set up

Hero set up

Team select - Players draft their heroes between their team's, there must be an even number of heroes if necesary a player may need to control 2 heroes and there must be between 4 and 8 heroes. For this draft pick the starting team randomly. From this point on the team with the Lowest total speed will be Team 1.

Once the heroes have been picked players draft their Classes in the same method. After each hero has a class they may spend 1xp on a skill any xp not spent is carried over. Tip; keep the skill secret from the opposing team until everyone has bought their skills.

Team 1 will decide wether they are the Blue team or the Red team and will remain that team for the rest of the game

Overlord deck set up

Take the Basic deck and remove any single cards and remove them from the game. Then give one of each card to each team (each team should have the same deck of 6 cards containing no doubles)

Teams now may draft up to 2 XP of overlord cards, they can only buy 1 card at a time and may NOT buy duplicate cards, they can buy from any class.

a team may not draft a 2xp card unless they already own ONE 1xp card from the same class, and must own ONE 2xp card to draft a 3xp card.

Any XP not spent is carried over.

Draft - The draft mechanic for this game mode is as follows T1, T2, T2, T1 repeat again in this order until drafting is done. At any point a team may Pass the draft to the other team, If the other team passes back then the original team cannot pass again.

T1 = Team 1, T2 = Team 2

Setup up the search deck by removing secret room and nothing cards.

Game play rules

The winner of the previous mission decides who will begin the new mission, for the first mission Team 1 will decide.

Turn Order - Team 1 hero turn, Team 2 overlord turn, Team 2 hero turn, Team 1 overlord turn


To counter the very tough additional enemy a team must face (enemy heroes), each hero adds the brown defense die to their defense.

Heroes may attack enemy heroes but not on the first turn.

All other rules for heroes remain the same


Teams start a quest with overlord cards equal to the number of enemy heroes minus 1. Teams can only play overlord cards on their own monsters or enemy heroes. and follow the normal rules of overlord cards.

Mosters follow all normal rules and may attack enemy monsters.

Neutral Enemies

Neutral enemies are a tough new enemy type on neither team and are controlled by the following rules.

Neutral enemies remain inactive until a hero enters its line of sight within 6 spaces OR is hit by an attack.

When active neutral enemies take their turn at the END of each teams overlord phase.

When not adjacent to OR within 5 spaces for ranged enemies an enemy monster will move closer to the nearest target. (Ties broken to hero with the lowest ∂)

When attacking pick the closest target (ties broken to hero with lowest ∂) in case of tie all possible targets roll an attribute test highest becomes target.

When attacking a hero the opposing team rolls for the neutral monsters attack and makes all decisions on skills or surges spent.

Neutral enemies will not attack monsters and cannot be attacked by a teams monsters.

Neutral enemies are very tough as they may have 2 attacks on a single target the additional brown defense die that heroes get for this game mode should help.
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