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Subject: 2nd Slice Lite rss

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Danny Stevens
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Games: Design 'em, rewrite 'em, play 'em!
Zombies!!! is a game that seems to invite variation. Its rules "as writ" are not great (although some people like them). I wrote the variant Zombies!!! A Second Slice to make this into the game I like.

However, Second Slice is a larger set of rules and requires modification of the event cards. So this set of changes to the rules is a minimal set that I like as a comprehensive variant with less impact. Unless otherwise specified the official rules govern.

Set up
Players get 5 life, 5 bullets and no event cards.
Place the Town square and four adjacent tiles. Populate the adjacent tiles as per normal.
Count of 4 town tiles, add the helipad to them and shuffle. Place the five cards on top of the tile stack. Draw off 6 tiles from the bottom, shuffle in any expansion front doors and place them all on top of the stack.

Drawing Tiles
If you are on a tile with exits that a new tile could be attached to then draw a tile for each road/corridor exit where a tile can attach and try to attach them to your current tile. If you draw the helipad then attach any other tiles first before following the normal helipad placement rules.

Draw Event Cards
Only draw one if you have less than three and a helipad is not in play.
If you draw an event card that requires you to be in a location in order to place in front of you then put it face up in the general play area immediately, instead of in your hand or your face up inventory.

You can move life tokens + 3. Entering a space with a zombie requires an extra move point.
If you are in a location and there is a face up event card in the general play area that is for equipment in that location then you may spend a move point and move that card to your face up inventory. Only one card may be gained this way per turn.

Moving Zombies
Move exactly 3 zombies.

If a player enters the centre of the helipad and there is another player there then they fight. Roll a dice each, add automatic combat bonuses, including +1 for the player in the helicopter already. If there is a draw then re-roll until there is a winner. The loser may now add optional weapon effects and bullets to become the winner. The new loser can do the same. This continues until the current loser concedes defeat.
The loser loses 2 life and if still alive is moved to an adjacent space by the winner. The current player's movement is now over.
Instead of the normal Helipad victory condition use this one: If a player starts their turn on the centre of a helipad and there is no zombie in the same place then that player wins.
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