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Subject: Old World, New World basics: Euro/exploration/wargame rss

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Wade Broadhead
United States
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Ok the game title is wrong sorry...

Quick rundown of the game.

The world: OWNW is set in a "fictitious reality" circa 1500 AD. As one of four small island nations (Norland, Aberwaithe, Amasia, or Pentaloma) you must find a rumored New World and stake your claim before the great continental powers decide who to back and award an official "colony" and throw in their support. Players begin from a "know" old world set hex based map and explore a large "New World" which in unknown and changes each game. The first set of tiles is “coastal” and contains fewer resources and a few water tiles to allow for island, peninsulas etc. The inland tile sets have more valuable resources, natural wonders, and 4 native tribes. Hexes are pulled and placed as a special explorer or viceroy character explores them. Ships and units move 1-4 hexes per turn: very simple. You must shuttle colonists, characters, and tools to the New World to set up shop!

Mechanics: Simple turn mechanics lifted from San Juan/ Puerto Rico in a way. In Old World, New World the goal is to score the most victory points when the first official colony is awarded by the continental powers. You score points by setting up shipping networks shuttling old world goods to the new world and vice versa, building settlements, exploring, trading with natives, and gaining influence on the continent.
This is done via a role selection process. Their are a number of simple roles like "sail/travel", "Improve Old World", "Improve New World", "Intrigue" "Continental Influence" "Outfitting" "Technological Advance" etc. Then everyone buys units and goods, and then everyone receives their annual income which progresses throughout the game with effort
Sail/travel :everyone moves their limit in turn order.
Improve New World: direct your colonists to build a farm, camp, post, village, city or fort.
Improve Old World: take one ability to build a building that allows for the production of certain characters of enhances certain other roles (like San Juan)
Tech Advance: Each player has 4 simple tech paths with 3 levels. The tech help your ship, economy, manpower, and engineering. Take the role advance one space.
Outfitting: Take 2 goods or tools for free.
Investors: Take $5 for free
Continental Influence: Take one space of influence on any continental nation. each nation has 9 spaces when 3 of the 4 nations are filled the game ends and everyone gets 3 pts per space, and 10 for a majority.
Intrigue: Move someone’s influence space or take 2 action cards.
Diplomacy: A la Caylus-pay a buck and choose roles first next turn.

Each player chooses a role in order. After each player has chosen 2 roles, all the roles are conducted in turn order, sailing/travel coming first. On many turns the roles can be conducted simultaneously, making for rapid play. Other times movement and choices will affect later choices. Of course the roles are limited. There are always enough sail roles for the players, but only one tech advance role, one continental influence role etc. If players are frustrated by not getting the tech advance they can grab it first but may lose their movement role to another. Getting 2 movements in a turn is huge, but the payoff in tech or continental influence may make it worth it.

Game ends when all influence spaces are filled in 3 of the 4 nations; in a sense a scoring game clock. Kind of like playing El Grande in the middle of the game, but New World investment scores most of the points, although complete abandonment of the Old World, usually means doom. The "influence clock" moves when anyone grabs the influence role and players receive 1 influence per each 2 return trips from the New World. So you can make shorter trips and speed up the game, but someone may stay longer and score numerous points by building villages ,posts, and exploring more.
Anyway more to come.....
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