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Subject: Pimp my ride rss

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bruce connal
United Kingdom
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Formula de mini has always seemed a passable game to me; its intuitive, has a mechanic that fits with the theme and appears to achieve its goals of a quicker, simpler Formula De. A Renault Clio compared to A Renault FI. But through stripping Formula De down to its basics they have seemed on some points to have thrown out common sense (a bizarre pit stop system, a disadvantageous starting sysyem, a competition to see who can stay in the 5th gear the longest etc). On the few occasions I play FdM it seems ripe for alteration - a 101 class on game varients. As you will quickly see I would not be the teacher of the class but I would greatly appreciate your feedback - some of these ideas have come to me on the trip to work and havent been playtested.

Possible changes

Basic set-up

1) Number of players 2 - 4; each player gets two cars. Its horrible having just one car trailing at the back of the pack, two cars mean that there is a greater chance of being competitive right to the end.

2) Starting Life Points are reduced to 15 (this has been suggested on several occasions and has been written about by Greg Schloesser)

In a league system maybe the winner of the race can get one extra LP as prize money (to use in future races)

3) The board - Change the longest corner to a 2 stop corner this is wonderfully illustrated and suggested by Chris Malme

Course Rules

4) Straights - Zigzagging unless an overtaking movement is as the game still forbidden. However the line in the rules

'In all cases, when moving in a straight, drivers must follow the shortest possible route (in number of spaces) to the next corner'

feels too automatic - removes a lot of choice from the player - and ignores the reality of racing when drivers search for the best line and often enter a corner wide. Therefore I suggest a player if following all the rules of the game can move to the outside lane but as before can then not choose to zig zag back.

5) Corners - you cannot overshoot a corner. In racing when you overshoot a corner you invariably go wide onto a poor surface - a real disadvantage. At present there is no facility for this in FdM (until someone designs a FdM course with sandpits)and you continue on the course ... except for the paying of LPs it can be an advantage and a legitimate tactic (stay in the highest gear for as long as possible). My version you stop at the furthest point of the corner following the rules of the black arrows and pay the amount of LPs that you would of overshot by e.g. If the furthest point is a five and you roll an 8 you would move 5 places and pay 3 LPs.

6) The race - Flying Start & Bad starts. If you are on the fourth row of the grid and roll a bad start potentially, as the rules stand, within one turn you could possibly be 12 spaces behind the leader (if they have thrown a flying start) and still in first gear. Its a roll and move game and you should embrace the dice but this seems harsh. I propose therefore if you are in the front row (Pole position and second spot) if you have a flying start you roll your 1st gear die and add 1. If you are in the second (positions 3 & 4) and get a flying start roll your 1st gear die and add 2, add 3 for the third row (positions 5 & 6)and add 4 for the fourth row (positions 7 & 8). This will then not punish two consecutive dice rolls. You may want to overule any bad start roles on the back row if you are feeling generous.

7) The race - Pit Stops. The most obviously flawed part of the game and possibly the hardest to explain without graphics. I propose a pit stop consisting of two lanes and three sections. The first section the entry corner into the pit (first 2 squares on the curve of the pit lane), the pit section (two lanes - allowing cars to overtake in the pit lane ... first in is not always first out) and the exit corner out of the pit (the last 2 curved squares on the exit from the pit).

The pit system will consist of two distinct moves.

Part 1 As before you can enter the pit on any gear - once you have passed the 2 squares on the entry corner you have reached the pit. Turn over.

Part 2 Roll 4th gear (3rd gear if playing hardball) to ascertain how many LPs you have gained and exit in 2nd gear. If you are not happy with your dice roll for LPs you can stay wait for your turn to come round again (risky but might be rewarding).

With the two lanes in the pit stop a car that enters the pit second can exit first which is common in F1 when a bad pit stop for a leading team occurs.

Also in the round of turns where you are in the second phase of the pit stop you roll last irrelevant of your actual position in the race - every car on the course goes before you - even if they are behind you in race position as you are temporarily out of the race and the cars on the track are moving quicker than you. It then becomes a race to see if you can get out of the pit before your opponents overtake you.

I hope some of this makes sense and I would greatly appreciate your feedback as I do enjoy FdM but think I could enjoy it more.



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